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Let's Develop Some Potty Training Skills NOW!

Sooner or Later
Everybody Learns!
Start the Potty Training Now!

Can you imagine the day
when you won't need to buy

From the Desk of Jennifer Greene

Dear Friends,

Yes, sooner or later everybody does learn - it's one of those
"rights of passage" that we all go through! But, it's a right of
passage you probably don't remember going through, and now you have
your own little one to help...it would be nice if you could remember,
but you can't. So you'll have to find another way to help your little
one...and keep yourself outside of that diaper aisle at the grocery

We've all heard the stories from the older generation...

* Well, it wasn't that hard, I just...
* Oh, all we did was just sit you down and wait...
* No, your aunt had all kinds of problems with her little ones, but
* Don't make such a big deal out of it. We all went through it with
our kids...

And, especially helpful are the comments from your maiden aunt who,
of course, never had her own children and now has all the answers!

Spare Us!!!

All joking aside. This is an important time for your little one. You
don't want it to be traumatic, embarrassing, tense, OR SLOW!

You want to help your child

learn the controls needed

and be happy.


You want guidance; you want help; you NEED information; you want
someone to give it to you all in one place!

And, that's what we've done for you!

We've pulled the information together and made it useful.


By answering many of the

questions you have right now!

Look at some of the topics we've covered:

* When is your child ready?
* What kind of potty chair...is there a difference?
* Can diet make a difference?
* How should I praise or reward?
* What about a special-needs child?
* What about nighttime training?
* How can I handle regression?

And, that's just a small sampling! Obviously, this is a big subject.

You need a lot of information, and you need to know how to put it to
use, not just to get out of buying diapers (although that's a GOOD
thing) but for the good of your child!

What do you need to

know Right Now?


This comprehensive 128-page ebook is more than a primer on potty
training. We give you the introductory information, of course, but we
also answer many of the questions about special needs. We answer the
questions you just read plus many more.

This ebook is full of tips and suggestions. It's full of facts and
advice (if you're really looking for more of that!) that will help you
and your child through this right of passage with as many smiles as

Now, that's a lot of timely, useful information, but we don't stop

We've included a FREE BONUS!

"Potty Training - What Else Do You Need to Know?" complements the
information in the main ebook "Let's Develop Some Potty Training
Skills Now!" This BONUS ebook is loaded with tips from pre-potty
training to potty training toddlers to how to mess up with little

Why do we include the second ebook full of tips?

Because, you just never know where the one tip you need will show
up...although it probably will NOT come from that maiden aunt!

How Valuable is This Information?

First, think about your little one...

* This can be a time of successes or frustrations
* Smiles and happy sounds are the signs of a happy child
* No one wants to see their child being stressed
* Learning the right useful tips increases your child's sense of

OK, the effects on your child are important, and the value can't
really be measured in dollars and cents. We all know that!

But, what about the cost of diapers?

How much are you spending

on them per week?

Per month?

If you can take yourself out of that aisle at the grocery store
three or six months sooner, how much will you save in real dollars?

Wait a minute, maybe I should be raising my prices!!!

Well, here's the really good news!

First, I'm not raising my prices! So, you're going to start saving
money as soon as you start putting this information to use. You might
not save the money today, but by starting today, the days of saving
money WILL come sooner!

Here's what you'll get!

128-page guide on potty training is full of tips and suggestions. It's
full of facts and advice! This is a $47 value, and it's available
today for only $27!

You'll save that much money in diapers in no time! But wait, we have

FREE BONUS: Potty Training - What Else Do You Need to Know?
complements the information in the main ebook. This 47-page BONUS is
loaded with tips to help you through your journey! We should be
selling this ebook for $27, but it's included for you at NO extra

Add that up!

This package could easily save you

months worth of diaper costs,

and it's yours for only $27!

No one can match this offer, especially with the unbelievable bonus
included at NO COST to you!


We know these ebooks are going to be a valuable resource for you! In
fact, when you think about using it for your second, third,
fourth...child...well you add up the savings!

We are so sure you'll be happy that our satisfaction guarantee is
not just 10 days; it's not just 30 days!

If you're not completely satisfied, we'll return your purchase price
for up to 60 days!

60 days?

Yes, 60 days!

The ebook and the special bonuses may contain links to other
resources available on the internet. Although we guarantee these links
as of the publishing date of this ebook, we cannot guarantee that
these other sites will not change their links in the future.

The ebook and the special bonuses are all delivered to your computer
in PDF format for easy use. Just use your normal PDF viewer to use the

I understand I'll have the ebook immediately after clicking the "Buy
Now" link below:

Only $27

Warm regards,

Jennifer Greene

P.S. Remember, you pay nothing unless you are totally satisfied! You
have a full 60-day guarantee!

P.S.S. If you order now, you get 175 pages of in-depth information
for only $27!

P.S.S.S. Remember, this package is going to make a big change in
your life...but think of the change for your little one!

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