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De-Clutter your desktop ! Turn this... Into this : Without quitting any program ! DeClutter is a utility that helps you keep your desktop tidy and uncluttered, and allows you to focus on the task at hand. Why would I need that ? When you are working with many different programs at once, things can get seriously cluttered, with many windows open, many icons on your taskbar and in the task-switching window (the window where you cycle through open programs with Alt-Tab). But at any one time you are working on only 1 or 2 programs. The rest are simply getting in the way ! I can just minimize them ! You can minimize the ones you don't need right now, but they will stay on your task bar, cluttering it up, and they will still be in the task-switching window. You will often have to hit Alt-Tab many times to get round to the program you need. I can terminate them ! If you terminate them, you have to spend a lot of effort getting back to where you were, when you restart them. All those websites in your browser that you will have to find again !
So, what to do ?

Enter DeClutter :
With DeClutter, you can hide any window or windows completely (they won't be on the taskbar, and won't be in the task switch list either).
But they are still there, waiting in the background. And any time you need them back again, you simply hit a hotkey, and a list of all the windows you have previously hidden is shown.

By clicking on any one in the list, it is instantly back where it was, as it was before. You can even bring them all back together, with a single click, if you want.

Screenshot :
The left pane shows windows that are currently visible

The right pane shows windows that you have hidden before

With a click on the window's icon you can swap it from one pane to the other, simultaneously hiding or showing it. When you have finished, press Done, or Esc, and this window itself will disappear, but will re-appear when you press a Hotkey.

FeatureBenefit Optional password-protection If you want to stop other people seeing programs you have hidden. It will ask for a password before showing previously hidden windows. View in three different ways - Icon, List and Details Adjust things to suit your own working style, needs and speed. Select what to show in each View - Any combination of program shortcut name, program file name and window title (The above screenshot shows Icon View, with only the shortcut name being shown for each window) Keep different window settings for each View If you swap between the different Views a lot, you can choose to have each one with a different program window size, position and relative pane sizes Five different hotkey-combinations you can select from Choose what you feel most comfortable with, for instantly getting back to DeClutter from anywhere

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