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Instant Muscle gains or Fat reduction Now! Read this before spending
any more time

_Struggling to see any Progress? Is everything just going Painfully
Slow? Then get ready to hear about something that will Make You Reach
Your physical Goals, Fast! You will.._

MUSCLE, STRENGTH ">Without Expensive Supplements
or Long hours in the Gym!"

Hey Friend!
I want to tell you about a new Simple Tool that will help you
transform Your physical body with lightning like speed.

_It's not a new fancy supplement or some bizarre steroid
alternative. And it's definitely not a new comical piece of exercise
equpiment from The Shopping Channel I'm talking about here! _

_It's a program called "MuscleCalc". That will help you reach Your
physical goals Now, not someday! _

_If you find it difficult to getting Ripped or even Build new Muscle
Mass and Strength, then take 2 minuttes of your time to read about The
MuscleCalc here.._


Tired of working out without seeing any real measurable result.

Tired of dieting according to some new bizarre plan you've heard
or read about in some magazine or online.

Tired of swallowing expensive supplements that only make your
wallet flat.

Confused on how to calculate your body's accurate needs?

Confused about what to do next to reach your goals?

Then let me tell You.. You have come to the right place!

Read what some users say about MuscleCalc:
(Translated from Danish)

"Hey guys, I have been working out like a mad man. When I decided to
try MuscleCalc I was skeptical, but I must say that your little tool
is in use every day keeping me on track toward my goals. So far I have
reduced my bodyfat from 19%-10% without starving myself. Also my
weight is still the same so some serious muscle must have been added
in the process"

"I gotto tell you, MuscleCalc is so basic and simple that it's a
joke. I use it every 2-3 days to calculate my needs and plan my meals.
And it WORKS! It's like putting my goals on autopilot. Thank you."

"Dear Friends , I have read books about dieting for bodybuilding and
trimming down and how to calculate food ratios etc, but its just too
complicated and time consuming. I always ended up eating the same
meals over and over again, or I just went back to random eating. You
know how that works! Appreciate your quick customer service, thank

"Hi MuscleX Team, You have previously used my testimonial in Danish,
please go ahead and use my words about the MuscleCalc on your website.
I have used both the MuscleCalc and the built-in MealPlanner. In only
3 months I have been able to reduce my bodyfat levels to my all time
low of 8% without losing any muscle mass Thanks again!"
Anders Nygaard

"If you keep doing what you've always done,
you'll keep getting what you've always gotten."

I'm not gonna insult you. Nobody needs to tell You how hard it is to
GAIN NEW MUSCLE. You might have the best workout program and the best
motivation. You train hard, diet hard and take the latest supplements
on the market, but you still feel that you are getting nowhere! Trust
me, I know where You come from.

When it comes to WEIGHT LOSS, no one will have to explain to You how
difficult it is to shed that ugly unwanted fat, especially when you
don't know exactly how to do it.

Doing a lot of CARDIO TRAINING is not very effective alone. Even if
you were FIT and kept your pulse at 130-140 bpm generating 150w for 1
full hour, you would only burn approximately 1 oz (30 grams) of fat.

To lose about 2.2 pounds (1kg) of FAT you would then need 1 hour
every day for 30 days!! That's 30 hours for 1 kg (2.2 lb)! It's just
not worth it!

Trying one DIET SYSTEM after another is time consuming and You often
end up frustrated, sometimes in a worse shape than before.

The problem is NOT Your lack of information, but having the right
kind of information and applying it correctly.

There's lots of programs out there telling You what to eat and how
much to eat and when to eat it. But _NONE OF THEM SEEM TO WORK_ long
term. So what do You do, what is the solution?

"Can You Honestly say you Look much better than last year?"

Now! Forget about the past and ask yourself: "HOW DO I REALLY WANNA
LOOK?" "What kind of body do I DREAM OF ACHIEVING?"

If You continue eating at random can You really expect anything but
a Random Result?

Supplements are NOT necessary and often worthless: Save Your Money!

You know they say that all physical developement is 90% diet and
only 10% working out!

I'm _NOT _gonna tell you how to workout, most people know how to
workout or can find someone who gladly will show them.

I'm gonna give You that edge. It's a simple yet effective tool that
produces massive results.

What If....

You could have Your Own Personal Coach helping you achieve the
body You want?
Someone who knows how to determine your body's exact needs 24/7?

And someone who could design Your Perfect Diet according to Your
goals, but more importantly; make a meal plan You like?

This is exactly what MuscleCalc(tm) is! A computer program that
works like a personal coach!

Yes! You will see be able to se Instant Results Now!

You can LOSE FAT and BUILD MUSCLE with less effort! Get more ouf of
your workouts in less time! Increase efficiency and Save time and

With MuscleCalc(tm) you will easily:

Calculate your Muscle's exact needs to build Strength and Mass!

Calculate your body's needs to shed unwanted fat!

Fine-tune your intake for Optimum Results!

Plan your Perfect diet, meal by meal!

Eat the correct food ratios!

Avoid overeating!

Achieve your Goals!

OK, what exactly is MuscleCalc?

MUSCLECALC(tm) is a simple and complete tool for calculating your
needs, plus planning all your meals, whenever you want!

With MUSCLECALC(tm) you will calculate your body's Precise
requirements for PROTEIN, CARBOHYDRATES and FAT.

With just a few clicks you will instantly know your daily needs, and
your nutritional requirements for each meal. You decide what you want
to eat, and also how many meals you prefer to eat per day!

No guessing, No hoping, no tasteless standard food plans. You decide

MUSCLECALC(tm) will help you optimize your diet for both MUSCLE

Whether you are a man, female, young or old, based on your inputs,
MUSCLECALC(tm) will calculate everything for you in a matter of

With the built in MEALPLANNER(tm) you will tailor your own diet,
meal by meal! No more primitive counting or performing complicated

_CLICK, CLICK, CLICK.._ and you have a properly constructed diet
based on your goals and taste!

It's literally that simple! No complex software. MuscleCalc is SO
EASY to use!

When you use MuscleCalc, you will always know what to do next to
reach your physical goals.


"Random diets only provide Random results"

Stop Wasting Your Precious Time!

MuscleCalc NOW and get started!

"MuscleCalc(tm) will show you the simplest way to a fit, lean and
even muscular body... Guaranteed!!"

MUSCLECALC(tm) is an effective yet simple tool that will help you
achieve your physical transformation faster than ever. Whether your
goal is to achieve a fit, lean or even Muscular body then MuscleCalc
is it. Download the program and try it out for 60 days. If you for any
reason are not completely satisfied, I will be happy to give you a
full refund. No questions asked!

MUSCLECALC(tm) "is a Super Simple User Friendly program Perfect for
anyone trying to achieve their physical goal."

MUSCLECALC(tm) is developed by the people behind the succesful
Danish Bodybuilding Program called MUSCLEX(c) used by thousands of

MUSCLECALC(tm) is suitable for both men and women. Also suitable for
Vegans and Raw Foodists.

MUSCLECALC(tm) is aimed at people leading an active lifestyle.

NB: This product (MuscleCalc) is only available by electronic

PC with an Internet Explorer browser
* 486-66 (Pentium 75 or better recommended)
* Windows 9x, ME, NT, XP, Vista
* 16MB (32MB recommended)
* 28.8k (or faster) Internet connection
* 3 MB free HD space

* Compatible PC Emulator
* Mac OS 7.5.5 or newer
* 3 MB free Hard Drive
* 28.8k (or faster) Internet connection


EXTRA BONUS: (Limited time only!)
FREE! Premium Version Updates!!


Purchase the program using the "ORDER NOW " button below.

Right after completed payment you will be directed to our special
download page where you will receive MUSCLECALC in zip format, plus
your unique PIN CODE to activate the program.

Only $39.00

If you have a few unanswered questions, please drop me a line

From now on you will ALWAYS have your own DIETICIAN at your finger
With MUSCLECALC you can even help friends and family design their
diet plans!

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