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Merchants Beware:
Online Fraud Costs Billions. It's Not A Matter Of IF It Will Happen To You, It's A Matter Of WHEN
Don't Be A Victim Of Online Credit Card Fraud.
The Credit Card Fraudsters ARE Coming To Rip You Off!

In 2007 There Was $3.6 Billion In Chargebacks And It's Increasing...


Hi, I'm Don Reid. Welcome to my site. It's designed to give you the information, skills and tools to defend yourself against "carders", "scammers" and "fraudsters" and to preserve your precious merchant account and profitability.

Please allow me to give you a short version of my Internet story.I first began taking credit cards over the Internet in September 1995. I knew nothing and even had to borrow a friends merchant account.

I remember how excited I was to be making money from sales on the Internet. That first month we made sales of $2600. That might not sound like much but when you consider each sale was only $5.00 it was quite an achievement. The next month we hit $9,000!

Sales kept growing, we got more organised with our own merchant accounts and data base to track the sales. Things were good and in the January of 1996 we did over $100,000 in sales. Life was good.

Suddenly we began to get chargebacks!

What was this all about.

Surely the credit card processing company had our backs on this because the transactions were all approved. WRONG!

Surely our bank can help us with this... WRONG!

What about Visa and Mastercard, they'll get these chargebacks sorted out for us right? WRONG!

The Merchant Carries 100% Of The Risk In ALL
Online Credit Card Transactions

I discovered the hard way that in an online transaction the only party at risk is the merchant. It's simply down to the fact that you do not have a signature from the card holder authorizing the transaction.

You have no leg to stand on!

Not only have you lost the money from the sale, plus any shipping and transaction fees, you are now going to get fined $25 for the chargeback plus you're going to get hit for another set of transaction fees for the transaction to be reversed.

In addition to all those costs, you won't get the merchandise back either.

Hmmm....life was not so good anymore.

Over the next 5 years I had sales of over $18,000,000. The amount that eventually was charged back was approximately 40% or $7,200,000 so I think its fair to say I have a reasonable claim to some expertise in the online fraud field.


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Watch A Hacker Get The Data Off A Credit Card In Seconds - That's How Easy It Is For Fraudsters
You Don't Have To Be A Vicitim


Over the years I've seen thousands of online transactions. Because of this I learnt the patterns and the telltale signs of a fraudster at work. I know how to spot them before the transaction goes through (in most cases). If you have been the victim of chargebacks then you already know how much that tip alone would save you. Considerably more than the investment in this book.

If you are just starting out making sales on the internet with your own merchant account then you need to be armed with the information in this book. It's rock solid, real information that will save you many times over. If you're a veteran of internet sales then I'm probably preaching to the choir! You of all people know the risks and how the disruption of chargebacks places heavy toll on your online business.

Here's what you are about to discover in the next few minutes:

How To Detect Warning Signs Of Fraud at The Point of Sale
How To Spy On The Fraudster To Discover Where On Earth
They Really Are
How to Void A Fraudulent Transaction
How To Prevent Legitimate Customers Filing Chargebacks
How To Set Up The Same Traps I Use To Catch Fraudsters
How To Do Business Without Even Using Your Own Merchant Account
The "Merchants Beware" ebook is full of real information that really will lessen your risk. The book has amazing information you can apply to your procedures today.


Yes! I Want To Get The Secret Information and Techniques Needed To Protect Myself From the Fraudsters!

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I understand that I'll also get instant access to the special video Don made showing exactly how to deal with a real fraudster.
I understand that I'll also get instant access to ALL your techniques for trapping and exposing Fraudsters.
I further understand that this I will be given Don'r famous "Challenge Email" which really makes fraudsters run for cover.
Finally, I know that anyone who passes on this amazing deal is going to be ripped off by fraudsters!

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This book has been 13 years in the making and is the most up to date and easy to understand resource of it's kind available anywhere. I know because I searched for help fighting fraudsters. I could never find anything very useful so I had to develop my own system.

My entire step by step process for detecting and voiding online credit card fraud is totally revealed in "Merchants Beware"

I'm convinved it's everything you need to reduce your risk of fraud substantially which is why I'm happy to offer you a 60 day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Rock Solid, No Nonsense, Risk Free, 100% Money Back Guarantee

I Guarantee "Merchants Beware Is The Most Amazing, Effective Way You Will Ever See To Lessen The Risk, And Reduce The Number And Costs Of Chargebacks Against Your Business... Or I Will  Hand Back Every Penny You Spent... All Of It. 

[Order "Merchants Beware" Now And Get Instant Access](http://1.etranz1.pay.clickbank.net)

All the risk is on me, there is nothing to prevent you ordering "Merchants Beware" today and applying all the techniques I reveal. All you have to lose is the risk of fraudsters ripping you off

See you on the inside!

Don Reid
Merchants Beware

PS: The choice is yours, you can do nothing and be an easy target for the carders and fraudsters or you can click the link below and get instant access to the one source of information which is going to save you from the bad guys.

PPS: You literally have nothing to lose, give "Merchants Beware" a try today.


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