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What is?--- "Askari and the Letters to Angola - Africa"

This Astonishing, True story will walk you through the lives of two young men, one growing up in Cuba and the other in Apartheid, South Africa.
Both were thrust into a forgotten African Bush War, that would slowly eat away at their souls. This is their journey of friendship and final healing brought about by letters found on a battlefield two decades earlier. This poignant story is a Hot House of emotions.

The need to heal one's life is an ongoing struggle for any soldier; this story will grab your psyche like a vice grip and show you how a simple letter can heal the mind, heart and spirit. This Saga will involve you in the lives of these men, both soldiers from different backgrounds, seeking and finding healing after a life time of mental anguish perpetuated by war.

This Book will, stir emotions in You.---If there was to be only one book you would read this year --- Buy and read "Askari and the letters to Angola - Africa" --- Read this Book, then read it again.

Contact e-mail address: [askari.letterstoangola_africa@ymail.com](mailto:askari.letterstoangola_africa@ymail.com)

$12.98 this book can be downloaded instantly in PDF format
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