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Serious Internet Marketers! Ignore this advice at your peril: Don't Buy Another Article Submission Software Until You Read This...
"5 Well-Kept Secrets Most Article Submission Software Don't Want You To Know..."

Date: Saturday, 11th October, 2008

From: Dominic 'Domination' Tay

Dear Internet Marketer,

Many people who are using Article Marketing as a means of driving traffic to their wordpress blog have fallen into a trap, both harmful and expensive. After writing an article, they either resort to painfully submitting it manually to different article sites, or they waste money investing in a lousy article submission software that doesn't work.

Read these 5 secrets very *carefully* to make sure you don't make the same mistakes...

Secret #1: Most software submits to 'useless' article directories
Most software submits your articles to hundreds of unknown sites of little or no impact on your traffic building. They have poor rankings in search engines, low traffic and no credibility.
Can you imagine how many people will question your credibility when they see your blog being listed on those dubious sites?

On the internet, credibility is everything. Gain credibility and you gain a customer. Lose credibility and you'll lose your sales. It is that important. Know what I mean?

Secret #2: Most software submits to 'cheater' article sites
Research into most article submission software also reveals that most of them submit to 'cheater' sites which literally 'steal' your content and harm your blog traffic.

These 'cheater' sites publish your submitted articles on their site but cunningly, they add a 'nofollow' tag behind all the links pointing to your blog.

Imagine these 'nofollow' tags as road signs that read 'STOP!'.

Links with 'nofollow' tags tell search engines to ignore them and you lose back links unknowingly.

Back links are crucial and important because the search engines judge the importance of your blog according to the number of sites linking to your blog.

The more back links, the more popular your blog appears to be, the better the rankings on search engine. And the better your search engine rankings, the higher chance people will find your blog online.

Will you continue allowing these selfish and cunning cheater sites to 'steal' your content even further?

Secret #3: Most software fail to operate automatically
I realized that many software's claim to submit automatically to article directories. However, some of them require you to click the Submit button on each article site, and others require you to manually select article category on each article site.

None of the them have reached the peak of Complete 100% Automation until now. More of that later...

Secret #4: Most software make your article look like spam
I also realized that some software even does a bad job in formatting articles, submitting articles looking like spam to article directories. Obviously most human-reviewed article directories would reject them. Do you know what I mean?

Secret #5: Most software fail to work after a few weeks
Most article directories change their programming codes once in a while to prevent article submission spam. However, most article submission software developer rarely updates their software.

This is why most article submitter software you buy will fail to work after a few weeks.

So is submitting manually to article sites the solution?

No! No! No!

Why Manual Article Submissions Will Literally Kill Your Blog Traffic And You

Ask any experienced article marketer and they will tell you it takes at least 5 minutes to manually submit one article to one article site. To achieve this amazing speed, they would say, the secret is to copy-and-paste mercilessly.

How much time would you need to spend to submit one article to just fifteen article directories? 5x15=75 minutes, more than 1 hour of ultimate boredom!

Not a big deal after all, right?

But imagine after writing an article, you spend more than an hour trying to get it submitted to a handful of article sites, will you do it again? How much more boring can it get?

You get what I mean?

Now, think about the amount of time you throw out of the window in a month. 75x30=2250 minutes, which is about 38 hours! Just imagine how many more articles you would have written with that time saved.

Moreover, more and more article marketers are resorting to semi-automatic article submission software to accelerate their article marketing results. Relying on manual article submissions is like you running on your legs in a Formula One Race. You are bound to lose!

You know what I mean?

So does it mean you have to buy another semi-automatic article submission software to compete against one another? No!

Here is some really good news:

"Finally! You Can Now Submit Your Articles to Highly-Trafficked Sites Easier And Quicker Than Never Before...With  100% Full Automation!"


The incredible Auto-Submit Article Machine (ASAM) online tool. This tool submits your articles faster and easier than never before using the power of Wordpress!

Wordpress is a free publishing software that makes publishing your articles a lot easier...and faster! And the best part?

Just like Auto-Submit Article Machine (ASAM), Wordpress is continuously updated by users worldwide. What does that mean to you?

Each update makes wordpress easier to use, publish posts faster, and make your articles look more professional!

Gain your unfair advantage with 100% automation - You no longer need to manually click on Submit or manually select your article categories on every article submission - you publish a post and Auto-Submit Article Machine takes care of the rest. It is the Modern Article Marketer's perfect lethal weapon.

There are many software that claim to submit automatically to free article directories but fail to deliver results of excellent quality like Auto-Submit Article Machine. The problem with these software is that they either hang halfway or like most article submission software, fail to submit the articles under the right categories.

At last, a solution...

"12 Reasons Why Other Article Submission Software Can Never Match Up To Auto-Submit Article Machine..."

Reason #1: Auto-Submit Article Machine submits to highly-trafficked article sites

Auto-Submit Article Machine avoids submitting to 'cheater' or 'useless' sites by hand-picking  FIVE Update: FOURTEEN highly-trafficked leading article sites to market your articles to:
- EzineArticles.com - ArticleDashboard.com - SearchWarp.com - GoArticles.com - IdeaMarketers.com - AmaZines.com - ArticleAlley.com - ArticleCity.com - ArticleCube.com - ArticleSet.com - ArticleTrader.com - ArticlesBase.com - EasyArticles.com - uPublish.com  

See for yourself how highly-trafficked and ranked these  5  14 article directories are...

Courtesy of vretoolbar.com

Imagine how much traffic you will generate by submitting your articles to these top article sites.

Reason #2: Auto-Submit Article Machine submits All Your articles 100% Automatically

Auto-Submit Article Machine demolishes the need for manual article submissions. Every time you publish an article on your blog, the article is automatically submitted to  5  14 high-trafficked sites for you - Ezinearticles.com, Articledashboard.com, Searchwarp.com, Goarticles.com, Ideamarketers.com and much much more - Leaving you free to focus on other more important things, such as writing your next article, or enjoying your cup of hot coffee!

No more double, triple or quadruple work! You no longer have to submit your article to your blog. Then separately submit it to different article sites.

Every time you publish an article on your blog, you will be thankful for the time-saving convenience of this incredible software. This blue Machine submits your article to highly-trafficked article directories - and it submits without any additional effort, all at once!

In fact, you'll forget about this software after a week and you'll probably surprise yourself when you see your written articles magically appearing all over the article directories and the internet, driving massive amounts of traffic to your blog!

Reason #3: Auto-Submit Article Machine automatically formats your articles

In contrast to other article submission softwares, Auto-Submit Article Machine carefully runs your article through a series of preset filters with high precision and accuracy, keeping your article within the stringent formatting standards set by article directories.

These special filters empower the blue Machine to take care of 99.9% of formatting mistakes commonly overlooked even in manual submissions.

Now quit reviewing your articles over and over again, painfully picking out formatting errors in your post. Auto-Submit Article Machine guarantees to keep your article free from formatting errors!

And that's not all...

Have custom codes, texts or images in your blog post you don't want them to appear in your article submissions? Set up custom filters in the options page to remove them automatically from your article submissions!

Reason #4: Auto-Submit Article Machine constantly upgrades it's Submission Power

As I build Auto-Submit Article Machine, EzineArticles.com changed their coding at least once. Unlike other article submission software which rarely gets updated, Auto-Submit Article Machine adapted to the change immediately and it continues to work like a charm.

I don't know if other article submitter software have been updated, but my guess is that most are not and have not been for a few months.

In July 2008, I purchased a software which claims to automatically submit articles to Ezinearticles.com. However whenever it attempts to submit my articles to Ezinearticles.com, the software hangs and terminates automatically.

Ever had the same experience? Then you'll appreciate the Auto-Submit Article Machine monthly updates. You will also appreciate the in-built auto-update feature of ASAM so that the above scenario will never happen to you again.

Reason #5: Auto-Submit Article Machine Gives You The Most Flexibility In customization & Personalization

Auto-Submit Article Machine understands that different article marketers have different needs. This is why this blue Machine will do it's best to meet all your needs by allowing as much necessary customization as possible.

Ever need different author resource boxes for different topics of articles? Auto-Submit Article Machine wordpress plugin saves up to 3 different versions of author resource box, allowing you to reuse them whenever you want.

And let's not forget this Machine's ability to set up your custom filter to remove unwanted codes, texts or images from your submitted articles.

Reason #6: Auto-Submit Article Machine Saves You effort and time to set up

As compared to other article submission articles that submit to hundreds of junk sites, Auto-Submit Article Machine submits to 14 carefully hand-picked article sites. This means you will spend lesser time setting up this wordpress plugin and gain more time to generate massive results for your blog.

Just like other set-up-and-forget wordpress plugins, take one hour to set up ASAM and it silently submits your article in the background the next time you publish the article on your blog.

Reason #7: Auto-Submit Article Machine Submits Your Articles Even While You're Asleep!

Using the inbuilt scheduling function in wordpress, you can now schedule your article submissions. Simply edit the timestamp for your article publication in the 'Write Post' page.

The moment the virtual clock in the internet hits the time you specify, Auto-Submit Article Machine automatically submits it, even while you sleep and your computer is switched off!

Reason #8: Auto-Submit Article Machine Gives You More Return On Investment (ROI)

Auto-Submit Article Machine carry only one low price of  US$59.97 Prelaunch Offer: US$49.97 for Three Months of unlimited submissions, and it can cost as little as what it would to submit 15 articles using some submission services over one year period.

Look at how much the other article submission services cost.

Article Submission Software/Service Cost (USD) ISnare $719.40/Year, averaging
$119.90/2 Months SubmitYourArticle $444 for 48 Articles/Year, averaging
$74.00/2 Months Article Marketer Service $99.99/3 Months, averaging
$66.66/2 Months
Some of these software or services might not seem expensive to you if you can readily put aside huge marketing budgets. Unfortunately, most of us are small business owners with small budgets. We need to keep our blog marketing costs down so that our profit margin will increase.

As a small business owner (blogger) myself, I totally understand it. That's why I only aim to keep a reasonable profit while ensuring you get a high Return on Investment (ROI).

Reason #9: Auto-Submit Article Machine Allows You To Submit Your Articles Anywhere, Anytime!

Unlike offline softwares where you have to spend unnecessary time installing the program and you can only run on one computer, Auto-Submit Article Machine allows you to submit articles anywhere, anytime, just by logging on to the members area.

Suddenly got an inspiration to write an article while you're travelling? Just walk up to any internet-enabled computer around the world and submit your article there and then. It is that simple!

Reason #10: Auto-Submit Article Machine Allows You To Format Your Text Professionally Without Having To Deal With HTML Tags

Using the wordpress text editor, you can now write your articles with different styles and colors as you desire. using the in-built spell-checker, remove any misspelled words from your articles to make it look more credible, professional and understandable.

With the wide range of text editing tools at your disposal, you'll never have to deal with sophisticated HTML tags again!

Reason #11: Auto-Submit Article Machine Directly Publishes Articles On ArticlesInAClick.com

Unlike other article submitter software which only syndicate your articles to other article sites, Auto-Submit Article Machine also ensures the articles you submit are displayed directly on ArticlesInAClick.com.

ArticlesInAClick.com is a membership-based article directory only available to ASAMachine members. From more than 50 categories to choose from, you'll not have to scratch your head thinking of what categories to file your articles under.

If you're thinking, "Why would you want to submit to ArticlesInAClick.com?"

How about thinking the exact opposite question, "Why wouldn't you?" Well, you wouldn't mind an extra backlink to your site, do you?

Reason #12: Auto-Submit Article Machine Submits Your Articles To The Correct Categories Everytime

Many internet marketers have complained that most article submitters do not seem to submit their articles under the correct categories. Some have complained that article submitters do not contain all the categories supported by the article directories.

I agree.

That's why I designed Auto-Submit Article Machine to submit to all the categories available in the article directories not just accurately, but correctly...

And if that's not enough...

With Auto-Submit Article Machine, You Get...

1. One-click Fully-Automatic Submission. All you need to do is to click Publish Once to submit your articles to all the article directories you choose
2. Auto-Features-Update - you will always have latest added functions so that your article submissions will be easier, faster and more effective!
3. Monthly newsletters on tips and tricks on online marketing of your site through the power of articles
4. Around-the-Clock support from dedicated customer service officers who will be glad to answer all your questions
5. Complete ASAMachine User Manual - guides you step-by-step on how to get ASAMachine started to take care of all your article submission immediately

What more do you ask for?

US$59.97/2 Months
Pre-Launch Special! US$49.97/2 Months!


Here's How Easy Auto-Submit Article Machine
Is to Use
Write your post in your 'Write-Post' Page as usual Choose article categories you want to post to or leave it to select the custom categories you pre-selected Click Publish Button. Auto-Submit Article Machine runs in the background and your article is submitted to the different article directories...With no any additional effort!
You think I'm exaggerating, don't you? Here's what happens when I click Publish:

'Magically', my article instantly appears in...






I can't imagine more convincing proof.

The bottomline is that Auto Submit Article Machine works! And it works so well you'll be dazzled by the results!

What Auto-Submit Article Machine Will Do For You

If you get your copy of Auto-Submit Article Machine, you won't get rich quick. You won't drive tons of massive traffic after you submit your articles the first time using this online article submitter. (You will benefit from the ease and convenience of submitting your articles quickly but that's all. The power to drive traffic is a gift no software or people can bestow upon you.)

And should you achieve massive traffic after using Auto-Submit Article Machine, you'll have your own persuasive writing to thank for - not Auto-Submit Article Machine.

What, then, can Auto-Submit Article Machine do for you?

The answer depends on what type a person you happen to be. Understand that article marketing, like most other marketing methods, require a considerable time and effort to succeed. If you allow your impatience get the better of you when you do not see immediate results from article marketing...then forget Auto-Submit Article Machine. It can't do a thing for you. You know what I mean?

On the contrary, if you possess the patience, determination and sincerely believe that article marketing will work for you given some time, you will find Auto-Submit Article Machine to be a valuable tool. You write an article as persuasively as possible, passes it over to Auto-Submit Article Machine, and it takes care of the rest.

Frankly, I don't know what type a person you are and what Auto-Submit Article Machine will do for you. But I would like you to try Auto-Submit Article Machine for 1 month - Use it the next time you submit an article - See how time saving, how convenient it is.

Compare it with article submission software you have paid $97. And then tell me what you think of it.

You don't have to take it or another moment.

Just your name, contact information, and a investment of  US$59.97 Pre-launch Sale Special! US$49.97 will instantly bring an Auto-Submit Article Machine to you to try out for two months risk-free. After 2 Months from the date of your purchase, you will be prompted to continue your subscription.

Now here's the kicker...

Your US$49.97/2 Months subscription fee will never increase (even after this pre-launch) as long as you stay with us!

Let me spell out for you...

100% No-Fluff, No-Bluff Guarantee

You have 60-days to check out everything - watch ASAMachine submit your articles automatically while you sit back, schedule ASAMachine to submit articles while you sleep, enjoy lifetime traffic from the articles submitted etc.

And if for any reason you don't feel you're saving time and effort using ASAMachine - just drop me a message telling me what you think about ASAMachine for a prompt and courteous refund. No tricks. No risk. It's that simple. (We follow [ Clickbank's Refund Policy](http://www.clickbank.com/refund_policy_faq.html))

If, however within the first 60-days you don't want to use ASAM anymore, send me an email saying what you think about it, and I'll refund you the full US$59.97 Pre-launch Sale Special! US$49.97.

Naturally, this special guarantee holds good only if your investment comes in at once, while your advice will still be of value to us.

Won't you, therefore, send in your investment, name and contact information by clicking on the button below and submit it now? You will be automatically redirected to the registration page after your transaction is completed. I thank you for your time.

US$59.97/2 Months
Pre-Launch Special! US$49.97/2 Months!



Gratefully Yours,
Dominic 'Domination' Tay

P.S. Whether or not you invest in Auto-Submit Article Machine to save time and effort, I want you to have the new report, Three-Step Article Marketing Secret Blueprint. It is a present from me, entirely free of charge.

[ >> Save PDF File As <<](http://www.autosubmitarticlemachine.com/ArticleMarketingSecret.pdf)

Take it as a return for your time in giving Auto-Submit Article Machine a chance and giving me your opinion about it. Simply put your name and email address in the form and submit it. Your copy of my new report will be delivered to your email address immediately.

P.P.S Will this software work for you? You'll never know unless you give it a shot right now, before it's too late.

US$59.97/2 Months
Pre-Launch Special! US$49.97/2 Months!



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