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* Comprehensive eBook Guides to RV Dump Stations for RVer's



This ebook will pay for itself the first time by

* Save fuel cost. Just saving you 50 miles of unnecessary driving
to hunt for a RV dump station would pay for this ebook at the current
price of fuel of $3.00/gallon when you are RVing.
* Reducing wear and tear on your motorhome or tow vehicle by
emptying your tanks at the first chance you get. Extra weight puts
burden on the engine, drive train, tires and RV frame and suspension.
* Save time by avoiding RV dump stations that are Closed. Imagine a
motorhome finding a RV dump station only to find out it is not big rig
friendly. Now you have to disconnect the tow vehicle to back out and
reconnect wasting your time.
* Save dumping fees that can be as high as $30.00 or more. Saving 6
dump fees at $5.00 each pays for this ebook. This could be all in one
* Be safe and legal on the road by keeping the weight down.
Transportation statistics show over 50% of the RVs exceed one of their
legal weights (GWVR, GCVR, Tongue weight, etc...) limits. Some
insurance companies have denied payout on claims when the RV is found
to exceed weight. Imagine carrying 150+ gallons of water that weighs
in excess of 1200+ pounds or more that is constantly shifting...

Each guide contains detail information about each dump station, such

* Location with nearest major town/city
* Driving directions
* User fees if any
* Seasonality (open & close dates)
* Special conditions (buying fuel, camping, etc.)
* Big rig friendly
* Rinse " align="center">


"As full time RVers we have found Sanidumps.com to be a great source
for finding up to date and accurate information on RV dump stations
and fresh water locations. It's not only saved us money by providing
directions to free RV dump stations but also saved us many hours of
time and fuel".

T.C. M.

"I have looked at numerous other sites and find yours to be the most
inclusive and easy to navigate. I fully intend to utilize your site to
complete my 'BOOK' so that I do not have to rely on other or outdated
material. Thanks for the great functionality of your site. Good show."


"What a treasure this site is. I will make a point to get back to
you if I notice any closures, etc. Keep up the good work."


"I have seen your website mentioned over and over on various RV
sites and blog's over the last couple of years and it is great that
your list has now become of such critical mass that is it almost
downright authoritative. Great work!"

All editions work on both PC's and Mac's.

The ebooks are in Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF) format. If you need
Adobe Acrobat Reader this link will , a free product from Adobe.


Order now by clicking on the one you need.


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