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Attn: Health Seekers and everybody who wants to
become better looking WITHOUT doing anything extra...

WARNING! Don't spend a single penny on cosmetics and plastic surgery
until you read this shocking confessional.


From: Yuki Shoji

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f you are ready to:
Look and feel better Ignite your sex life Increase your energy Be healthier and live longer
Then hold on to your seat because you are about to discover a guaranteed, easy, life-changing system that will inspire your family and make your friends jealous!

"Yuki, You have captured the essence of everything that a person could want and need all wrapped up in one place."

Thank you for your research so that now all, I'll have to do is read what you've written, and follow your directions to get back on the road to good health both inside and out of my body.

Reaction to food and the elements in our lives and, how they cause various problems have always been particularly interesting to me. My skin is sensitive and dry and I have allergies although, they are unknown until I have a reaction to something I've either eaten, drank, breathed or put on my skin.

I know that your book will be used by me because, it is very well written and is in a language that can easily be absorbed by the reader. Great Job!

-- Cynthia Purnell


Dear Friend,

     Look in the mirror…do you see any flaws?  Are you happy with how you look?  Chances are you have expensive creams, serums and other products designed to keep time from destroying your skin.  You may have even thought about procedures like painful Botox injections and high-priced plastic surgery.

      Plastic surgeons, drug companies and beauty companies are lining up to take your money!  They don’t want you to know what I am about to reveal because it will hit them right in their pockets!

Are you suffering from:
Sagging lifeless skin Fine wrinkles Dry, itchy skin Acne Dark circles under the eyes Puffy eyelids
Or maybe you just want to prevent your skin from going downhill.


What If I Told You Preventing and Reversing These
Problems Can Be as Simple as Knowing
Which Foods to Buy at Your Local Supermarket?

     It’s true.  Have you ever heard the saying you are what you eat?  Think about it…your skin is the largest organ in your body.  It is nourished by the foods you eat.  If you fuel your skin with the right foods, it will respond by looking healthy and vibrant.  In fact, the same goes for your hair!

     Eating the right Super Foods goes deeper than your looks, too.  You can prevent and reverse many diseases just by picking the right foods and eating the optimum amount. 

And to prove it, check out what world renowned expert, Dr. Perricone has to say:


“The foods we eat are of critical importance because they either create or prevent free-radicals and inflammation implicated in aging and disease…”

“Free-radical damage and inflammation is apparent in our appearance with each passing year.  It manifests in very visible damage to the skin, resulting in the thinning of the skin, deep lines, wrinkles, sagging, and loss of tone, texture and radiance.”

Dr. Nicholas Perricone
Nutrition Expert


     Do you follow me so far?  You can actually eat your way to healthy, good looks and better health.  I know, you’re probably skeptical, right?

Your Appearance & Attractiveness by Eating"

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     My name is Yuki Shoji and I have worked in the U.S. food industry for many years.  I worked as a distributor, producer and importer.  Thinking and researching about food was my job.  I’ve seen the good and the bad of the food we eat. 

     I then started to really focus on the people who eat the food more than the food itself.  I observed a shocking gap between what we should eat versus what we actually eat. 

     I truly believe food is here to make you happy.  I love eating and I don’t want to push food on you that doesn’t taste good.  Instead, I will show you how to enjoy eating while getting the most benefits from every bite. 

     This is why I wrote the book Eat and Look Good!.  The book provides you with a road map to better eating.  If you commit to following my system you will see an improvement.  I guarantee it! (more on that later).



The "Eat And Look Good!" Ebook

Your "Autopilot" Secrets To
Look And Stay Attractive![


     Just imagine your entire family wanting to join in so they too, can reap the benefits.  Better yet, your friends will be wondering what you’ve done to look so good.  They’ll envy you and they’ll be begging for your secret!

     It’s time to take charge of your life.  It’s time to say no to the poison you have been putting into your body. 

     Maybe you lost out on that perfect job.  Could it have been your looks?  Or maybe your skin problems robbed you of the confidence you need to attract the perfect mate.

     Perhaps you simply want to hang on to your youthful glow and will do anything to stay young looking.  Whatever reason you have for wanting to heal yourself from the inside doesn’t matter…it’s the fact that you are willing to make a commitment that counts.

      When you purchase my book, I will divulge the secrets that you need to prevent or reverse the conditions that make you look tired, aged, sallow, wrinkled and more. 

In my book, I reveal information such as:

This common ingredient is an addictive chemical that actually causes you to crave it and stay away from healthy eating foods…page 15.

A deficiency of this little known vitamin can cause dry skin and thinning hair and the foods you can find it in…page 30.

A deficiency of this critical mineral can cause dry skin and acne so discover the delicious foods which supply this mineral…page 43.

Tired of ugly white spots on your fingernails?  Find out which mineral you need to erase those spots…page 48.

One of the most important ingredients you can add to your diet to look more attractive and live longer…page 49.

This common beverage can be a key part in helping you feel better and look younger…page 50.

The 18 Super Foods that will help you look younger and more vibrant, feel better and live longer…page 52.

These 6 Super Foods will help you lose weight…page 54.

The essential ingredients for healthy, vibrant skin…page 56.

5 vital foods for healthy, strong hair…page 58.

Soaps and creams can’t cure acne alone.  Find out the important foods to help heal acne from within…page 59.

Detox your body with these essential ingredients…page 61.

Want to build collagen for firmer skin?  These 10 Super Foods will help you do just that…page 62.

Eat these 5 Super Foods to fire-up your sex life…page 63.

Got stress?  Then I will show you the 4 foods you should eat…page 65.

Is your brain feeling foggy?  Help it out with these 7 key ingredients…page 66.

These 6 Super Foods can help boost your mood…page 67.

This simple formula can help you determine how much water your body needs per day (it may not be what you think)…page 72.

Eating this secret ingredient with carrots greatly increases the nutrients absorbed, thereby decreasing your chance of cancer…page 75.

And a lot more!

Hold on Yuki

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