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The Art & Science of Magickal Creation reveals how to...

"Take conscious and deliberate control


over your personal universe and


create more wealth, happiness


success and vitality - today!"

Dear Friend,

People today are fascinated by Wizardy and Magick, but few people really understand what Magick is and how it works. That is unfortunate, because the truth is that Magick - genuine Magick - is something that can enrich the life of anyone who cares to study and use it.

Genuine Magick (as opposed to conjuring for entertainment, which is called magic, without the k), is the art and science of taking deliberate and conscious control over your personal universe through the power of will.  It is essentially a very practical philosophy, and this means that it provides real-world results. 

You can use Magick in all sorts of ways to increase your personal wealth, enjoy more vitality and experience a constant state of joy and happiness. You can use Magick to make yourself vastly more attractive to members of the opposite sex, accelerate your career progress and to increase your power of influence.  On a more mystical level, you can use Magick to explore alternative universes, experience normally unseen dimensions, and much more. In short, genuine Magick can transform every aspect of your life quite dramatically.

Magick itself is not something which can be described as being white or black, positive or negative. It is not a force, per se.  It is simply a system of using your power of will to take deliberate and conscious control over your personal universe.  It is therefore the responsibility of each individual practitioner to use Magick in ways that are both wise and constructive.

Anyone who cares to look at history with an open mind will see that genuine Magick is nothing new.  Indeed, Magick has been around since the beginning of time.  When the people of Shamanic traditions explored their dreamtime worlds, they were practising Magick.  When Jesus turned water into wine, he was practising Magick.  When tribal peoples danced in order to encourage the rains to fall, they were practising Magick.

The same Magickal principles which made all of these things possible in times past are still being used very effectively by modern practitioners.  The only real difference is the way in which they are being applied.  Today, people are using Magick to help them improve their relationships, become more charismatic, manifest greater material wealth, overcome personal problems and so on.

Magick Can Be Used By Anyone

Contrary to what many people assume, Magick is not something which is reserved for a chosen few. The fact is that anyone can study Magickal principles and use them to improve their lives. All it takes is enthusiasm for the subject and a willingness to study it in a properly structured way. If anyone has these two things then they can learn to live a more Magickal life very quickly indeed.  So all you really need is reliable tuition.

Once you have a working knowledge of the principles of Magick, your whole life will be transformed. You will become a person who has the remarkable ability to take conscious and deliberate control over your personal universe. This means that you will be able to increase your income, improve your health, solve problems, enjoy greater happiness, make real progress in your career, enjoy truly satisfying relationships, and much more!

In addition to all of this, when you start using genuine Magickal principles, you will automatically begin to develop an aura of quiet strength, self-control and silent power. This will affect the way other people react to you, because all of a sudden they will perceive you as being more charismatic, influential, attractive and unique than anyone else they know. Of course, they won’t be able to pin down exactly why they associate all of these things with you, but you can be sure that such perceptions will make your life even more enjoyable!

The Art & Science of Magickal Creation

In times past, the only way to learn the principles of genuine Magick was to study a wide range of texts both ancient and modern, filter out all of the deliberately complex hyperbole and then try to apply the true core principles and techniques that were left. Unfortunately, only a few very serious students were willing to invest that amount of time and effort, so the majority of people have never been able to discover first-hand the truth about genuine Magick and how to use it. Fortunately, there is now a better way to learn...

The Art & Science of Magickal Creation is a complete and self-contained home study course in Magick which takes you from Neophyte to Adept levels (from total beginner to highly skilled) in an enjoyable step-by-step way. It does not rely on any traditional system of Magick, but is a brand new system in its own right - a system which can be applied by anyone regardless of their religious beliefs or spiritual persuasion.

To this end, the course is non-dogmatic throughout, and encourages true independence. The course consists of six comprehensive levels, and all are presented in sequence in one large electronic document so that you can work through it at your own pace.

Here are just some of the things which The Art & Science of Magickal Creation discusses in depth:

~ How and why Magick works, and how you can prove it to yourself in a matter of hours.

~ The Seven Basic Principles of Magick and why it is essential that you understand them.

~ How to create your Place of Power to focus your energy and achieve the best possible results.

~ Magick and Mental Will, and how the two are connected.

~ How to use Magick to transform yourself with the Vibratory Sphere.

~ How to create Thought Forms and use them to manifest desirable situations and conditions.

~ The Feedback Loop - what it is and how to use it effectively.

~ How to create and use Tulpas - organic thought forms that exist to do your bidding.

~ The Art of Universe Switching (referred to by some Adepts as Universe Creation).

Each section of the course provides lots of information on how to apply your knowledge in a practical way, along with specific instructions.  For example, when you learn about manifesting with Thought Forms, you will learn how to use this powerful technique to increase your wealth and material prosperity. When you study the subject of your Vibratory Sphere, you will learn how to beat bad habits, develop good ones, become more attractive to members of the opposite sex and positively influence your superiors at work.

In other words, The Art & Science of Magickal Creation is not merely a course in theory. It is, above all, a course in how you can use genuine Magick in your daily life in order to achieve real-world results! This means that you will not have to believe in anything in order to get results. You will simply have to apply what you learn and the results which you get from doing so will speak for themselves!

Common Questions Answered

Is Magick a religion?
It is important to understand from the outset that genuine Magick is a world apart from the type of thing you see in Hollywood movies or read about in thrillers. Magick in and of itself is simply a system of using your power of will to bring about one or more changes in your life. The people who practice Magick come from all walks of life and have all sorts of different religious beliefs - or no beliefs at all! This is perfectly acceptable because Magick is not a religion and it does not involve any form of worship or adherence to any kind of dogmatic creed.

How quickly does Magick get results?
It depends on what you are working towards. If you are using Magick to break a personal habit, such as smoking, you can expect it to work extremely quickly - often instantly or in a matter of hours at the most. If you are using it to change something externally (for example, manifesting more wealth in your life) then results may take anything from a few hours to a few weeks. The more proficient you become in Magick, the faster it will work. An Adept (one who is highly skilled in Magick) can often bring about quite dramatic results in a matter of hours, whereas a Neophyte (one who is just beginning to learn the skills involved) may take days to achieve the same thing. And of course, by the time you complete The Art & Science of Magickal Creation you will be considered an Adept.

Does Magick always work?
Magick is based on a proper understanding and use of certain laws and principles which, by their very nature, are unchanging. It can therefore be said that the Magick which works for one practitioner will always work for any other practitioner in the same way if the same techniques and approaches are used.

Is Magick good for spiritual development too?
Many people have the false idea that they have to choose between spiritual development and enriching the material conditions of their lives. This idea is false because the two things are actually interdependent. You cannot develop yourself spiritually if you are constantly worrying about money, or your career, or your close personal relationships. And in the same way, you cannot improve the material conditions of your life if you do not work on developing yourself spiritually at the same time. The Art & Science of Magickal Creation is a properly unified course of study which is designed to benefit body, mind and spirit in equal measures.

What experience do I need to succeed with Magick?
You need no previous experience, knowledge or special talent to succeed with Magick. Just as the sun shines on everyone regardless of their individual talents or abilities, so the laws of Magickal Creation will work for everyone who uses them in a certain prescribed manner.

Will I need any special tools to work Magick in my life?
No. All you need is the information which is revealed in The Art & Science of Magickal Creation. This means that you can work your Magick in complete privacy and nobody will ever know that you are working Magick in your life unless you choose to tell them that you are doing so.

Your Magical Future Awaits!

Step into the future for a moment. Imagine that you have already developed the ability to Magickally create anything you want in life. What will you do with this ability? Will you use Magick to improve your financial position and manifest more in the way of material wealth? Will you use it to put a powerful new spark into an existing romantic relationship or create a brand new one? Perhaps you will use your knowledge of Magickal Creation to create your dream home, make progress in your career or otherwise improve the external conditions of your life.

And once you have recreated your external life using Magick, how will you use it to change your personal and spiritual life? Will you use Magick to finally break the shackles of a bad habit? Will you use it to experience other dimensions of reality? Maybe you will use Magickal Creation to achieve something else, unique to you.

However you choose to apply them, you can appreciate the sense of peace, personal power, and genuine self-confidence which your Magickal Creation abilities will bring. Never again will you worry about this or that. Instead, you will solve problems Magickally. Never again will you feel threatened by circumstance. Instead, you will use Magick to create the circumstances of your life. Never again will you be concerned about what the future holds. Instead you will view the future as a grand adventure in Magickal living.

Does The Magickal Path Appeal To You?

It has been said that those who are destined to succeed in Magick are actually called to it by an inner voice. These are individuals who - perhaps over many lifetimes - have reached a stage where they are now ready to embrace a Magickal life and thereby work more closely with the deeper laws and principles of existence. The people who answer this inner call within themselves soon discover that the laws of Magickal Creation are more real and practical than most others can ever begin to comprehend.

If the Magickal path does appeal to you, and you recognise that this is something you have wanted to pursue for some time, The Art & Science of Magickal Creation will enable you to answer that calling and start living the Magickal life you are drawn towards.

Get Started Today!

As explained earlier, The Art & Science of Magickal Creation is a complete and self-contained home study course in Magick which takes you from the Neophyte to Adept levels in an enjoyable step-by-step way. The course consists of six comprehensive levels, and all are presented in sequence so that you can work through it at your own pace. Most students will find that the course can be completed in around twelve weeks.

The cost of the entire course is usually $120. We believe that this in itself is exceptional value, because it works out at just $20 per lesson. However, if you choose to get started on the Magickal path today, we are delighted to offer you the complete course for just $59 - that’s less than half the usual cost!

But that's not all...

Request Your Copy Of

The Art & Science of Magickal Creation

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Like The Art & Science of Magickal Creation, this formula is so powerful that no faith or positive thinking is required!  It doesn't matter if you believe the formula will work or not - it will work every time!

Free Bonus 2 - Worth $29.95

One free copy of The Secrets Of Manifestation by Nathan Harper.  This is a unique treatise on the natural laws of the universe, not only does the author define the laws and how they work, he also presents detailed instructions on how you can begin working with these natural laws of the universe to deliberately manifest whatever you desire.


“The Art & Science of Magickal Creation is the most user friendly course I have ever come across.  Anyonewho studies it and applies the techniques they learn will benefit enormously.” –  Cassandra Whiteley.

“Armed with this information, you can magickally create whatever you want in life.  I love it!” – John Reed

“The best non-dogmatic Magickal System there is, and it works a treat!” – Hamil Shantou.

“Incredible!  This is a never-fail course that will work for anyone if they use it as instructed.”  – Natalie Palmer

Total Value Of This Package = $199.90

Only $59 If You [Order Now](http://1.copeco.PAY.CLICKBANK.NET)

Once you have received the course, all you have to do is make time to study it and use the Magickal Creation secrets as instructed. If you do this, you will finally begin to take conscious and deliberate control over your personal universe... and enjoy greater health, wealth, happiness, success and ecstasy.

I look forward to welcoming you to your magickal future!

Daniel Keaton

Author, The Art & Science of Magickal Creation

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This information package is provided in PDF format, so you will need the Adobe Reader installed on your computer to open the files. If you do not already have this software, you will also be provided with a download link so that you can download the Adobe Reader without charge.

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