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Core Muscle Stabilization Using the Exercise Ball

Safe, Effective Exercise for Everyone (Fit, Unfit, Pregnant, Elderly)

Getting to the Core
A Guide to Core Muscle
Stabilization Using
the Exercise Ball


Fully Illustrated with
Studio Photographs
Simple, Easy-to-Follow
Safe Exercises
Used by Health-Care Professionals

Stabilizing the core muscles has been used in many cultures for centuries, and is used in dance, yoga, Pilates, and certain martial arts, such as Tai Chi. You probably know that the exercise ball is now one of the most commonly used pieces of fitness equipment, but do you know that this is because it works the stabilizer muscles? The ball is compact and versatile; its unstable surface causes the stabilizer muscles to engage (to stabilize the spine). Therapists have been using the ball for rehabilitation for 4 decades, and now the exercise world has caught on to the benefits of its use!

As a registered nurse, I know that good health and physical fitness go hand in hand. Using the exercise ball built up my core strength and dramatically improved my overall fitness.
Denyse L'Anglais RN, BN, M.Ed
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Stabilizing the core muscles is the important first step of any exercise program. Every time you move any part of your body, you are using the mobilizer muscles. To prevent—or to recover from—injury, you must learn to stabilize the core muscles before you attempt any type of exercise! Getting to the Core is the book that shows you how to safely become fit, and how to move your body the way it is designed to move!

As a health care professional who has worked in the field of rehabilitation for the last ten years, I have witnessed the effectiveness of strengthening the core muscles to prevent different types of injuries and safely improve your overall condition. This book makes such complex information accessible, simple and enjoyable to read and easy to apply in every day life.
Lara Serapian, B. Sc., Registered Occupational Therapist
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Getting to the Core describes core stabilization techniques that I use to assist patients who are recovering from injury, and (as a professional trainer) clients who want a safe and effective exercise program, as well as professional athletes who seek to excel in their sport. Getting to the Core also includes tips and exercises for the elderly, for pregnant women to use during and after pregnancy, and for infants.

Through the use of the exercise ball as part of my regular workouts, I successfully developed my abdominal and core muscles and dramatically improved my lower back flexibility, mobility and posture!
Ted Duskes, Cardiac Patient
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Based upon my 10 years of experience as a personal trainer and physical therapist, Getting to the Core simplifies core recruitment strategies so that you can learn them and use them without a physical therapist or personal trainer. Clear, step-by-step, fully illustrated exercises (and exercise programs) make up more than 75% of the book. These are the same exercises that I use professionally on a daily basis. Regardless of the shape you are in, or your level of experience, there are exercises for you!

I work in an outpatient department of a rehabilitation hospital and know that ball exercises are an excellent tool to retrain core musculature, improve sitting balance and tolerance, postural re-education and flexibility for my post-op back patients. 'Getting to the Core' is very comprehensive book, ideal for all fitness levels and ages and would be a great asset in any fitness program.
Brian Smith, Physical Therapist
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Please browse this website for sample exercise and program pages directly from the book, plus basic anatomy, major muscle groups, and the complete table of contents, to give you the full picture of what you can expect from Getting to the Core. Built upon 112 basic exercises, plus their variations, you will have several hundred exercises to put together into your personalized program of fitness through movement. Remember to look at the sample fitness program that is also here.

Getting to the Core is one of the most complete exercise books about the fitness ball on the market today covering all major muscle groups in the body. This book makes the concept of core training a piece of cake owing to the clear illustrations and step-by-step instructions. As apersonal trainer and proprietor of my own fitness center, I highly recommend this book for people of all ages and fitness levels!
Robert Godina, B.Sc. ISSA Certified personal trainer
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

My name is Allen Sadi, and I am both a licensed physical therapist and a certified personal trainer. Your health and fitness are too important to be left in the hands of “trainers” who promise you a 6-pack or sudden weight loss.

Finally, if you are not completely satisfied with Getting to the Core, I will gladly refund your purchase.

Allen Sadi, B.S., physical therapist,
Author of Getting to the Core

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