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Warning: Brand New Hip Hop Teaching Series Contains Explosive Raw Choreography and Never Before Seen Nu Skool Dance Moves!

Recommended Viewing By Extreme Audiences

If You Think You're Too 'White' To Dance Hip Hop Or That It is Unrealistic For You To Be Rockin The Dance Clubs, Then You Are About To Discover How Steve Kelly Transformed Himself From Street Kid With No Dance Experience To Hip Hop Dance Legend Who Now Has Crowds Hysterically Cheering For Him Every Time He Walks On Stage!

By: Mike Leembruggen
Thursday Morning: 9:00 am

If you have always wanted to dance hip hop but never actually managed to work out any of the moves or even the fundamentals of popping or ticking then you now have an opportunity before you to take a shot at something that could make the difference between you cruising along like you are now and never actually being any good OR you starting to develop your skills now and in 6 months being good enough to start competing in dance comps and impressing your friends.

Imagine yourself 6 months from now at a friends party or at the club and no one has a clue that you can dance. Imagine the look on their faces when someone invites you to the dance floor and you start pulling out moves that make everyones jaw drop. Would that be the best feeling in the world or what?

Even if you don't plan to shock everyone with your new dance skills this video series is perfect for you whether you are just starting out and want to learn with your friends or if you are proficient in another style looking to expand your repertoire or whether you are a teacher looking for inspiration and new choreography ideas.

You can watch and learn in the comfort of your own home as Steve walks through the fundamentals of Hip Hop Dancing and how to break down complex moves and add your own style.

Urban Hip Hop 101

Inside Secrets From A Real World Street Dancer

Available For Instant Delivery

Compatible with PC & MAC

"I Guarantee You Will Get Something Out of These Videos"

"I have unleashed everything you need to know to get started with Hip Hop in this video series. Even if you have already been dancing Hip Hop for years there are new techniques and moves in this series that you can start adding to your repertoire plus I can guarantee that I am not like any other dancer you have seen. If you are looking for something original and nu skool then definitely check this out."
Steve Kelly , Queensland, Australia

Here's just some of the topics covered in this series...
Discover How To Get Started With Hip Hop If You Have Never Danced Before Learn The Best Way To Improve Your Technique While Developing Your Own Style Use This Technique To Make Your Moves Seem So Much Larger Identify Exactly Which Areas You Are Having Trouble With and How To Correct Them The One Most Important Aspect of Hip Hop That You Need To Know The Quick Solution To Making Your Footwork Look Effortless How To Improvise Without Even Thinking Learn The Fundamentals to Krumping, Breaking, Six Step, Top Rocking, and More The Secret to Sliding How To Get The Best Emphasis on Your Hand Movements When To Use Your Lower Body To Accentuate Your Upper Body About Ticking and How To Practice How To Avoid Looking Boring When You Dance Little Know Methods of Hip Hop Technique How to Start Choreographing Your Own Routines Discover The Difference Between Good Technique and Bad Technique What Causes Your Body To Look Robotic The Truth About The Wave Technique How To Integrate Different Styles into Your Routine About Floor Work and How To Pull It Off When To Make Adjustments To Your Style Advanced Techniques and Tips
Are You Ready To Put Steve's Advice Into Action And Take An Active Approach To Your Hip Hop Dancing?

If you've already made the conscious decision to take an active approach to getting better at Hip Hop, then I congratulate you. If you've read this far than you are obviously someone who knows when they want something bad enough and takes action.

Now you can sit back and let Steve do all the talking as he walks through Hip Hop fundamentals with you step-by-step. The best part is, you can learn everything right where you are without being embarrassed in front of your friends... everything you need to know is right here and you can learn it in the privacy of your own home!

Warning: If You're Interested,
Don't Waste Another Second...

Here's why: I am offering a reduced introductory discount price tag of $27 on this incredible guide but it will only be offered for a LIMITED-TIME. The regular price of this entire package is set to run at $47 very soon, and in the near future I may try selling it for the original price of over $70.

If you're interested in getting started on this program I would strongly suggest taking action now. I make no promise as to how long this incredible discount will run for, and I guarantee that you won't find a better deal anywhere else.

You may very well return tomorrow to find that the regular price of $47 is in effect, and there will be NO exceptions past the deadline... If you miss out, please do NOT ask for the sale price!
As if it couldn't get any better...

If You're Still Skeptical Or Unsure, Let Me Completely Eliminate Any Shadow Of A Doubt You May Have...

Don't Say Yes Right Now... Just Say "Maybe" And Try It Without Any Risk For A Full 8 Weeks

Urban Hip Hop 101 : Inside Secrets From a Real World Street Dancer comes with an unconditional 8 week money back guarantee. This means you can try it out for a full 2 months. If for some reason you're not happy with it, you'll get every penny of your money back. No questions asked. There are no sneaky gimmicks or fine print to this offer - like I said, this 8 week money back guarantee is unconditional.

"Use The Program Risk-Free For An Entire 8 Weeks. If You're Not Satisfied... It's Yours For FREE!
"You Are Fully Protected By My 100%, 8-Week, No-Questions-Asked Money Back Guarantee!"

And a check is on its way to you - for the full amount.

Keep the entire package. It's all yours FREE forever!
I can't be any fairer than that.


How Can Something Like This Possibly Come
With Such A Bold Guarantee?

Simple. It's because this program works. If it didn't work, then obviously no one would want to keep it. The only way that this program will not work for you is if you don't follow it properly. The principles and methods outlined here have worked for hundreds of people already. They will work for you too.

At This Point You Have 2 Options...

1) You can leave this website and continue to look for alternatives. You can give in to laziness and keep on dreaming about one day being able to dance hip hop rather than actually doing something about it. You can continue pulling your hair out in frustration, keep on searching for a better way that doesn't really exist, or simply give up altogether.


2) You can take a stand, right here, right now. You can put all of the excuses aside, make a change, and start taking an active approach to this TODAY. You can watch through this program risk-free for an entire 8 weeks, start applying the principles and watch as your hip hop dancing continues to get better day after day.

If you chose option #1, then I wish you all the best and thank you for giving this website a read-through... Being a mediocre dancer is something some people choose to live with.

If you chose option #2 and are ready to experience the satisfaction that Hip Hop Dancing will bring you...

Here's What You Need To Do Right Now...

Click the order link below! You'll be taken to a secure order form that uses the strongest security and anti-fraud features available in the world. You can safely use your credit card, paypal account or online check to order. Your card details are safe, encrypted and are not stored online.

You will then proceed to a secure, members-only download page where you'll gain instant access to Urban Hip Hop 101 : Inside Secrets From a Real World Street Dancer. The video is available in FLV format and is compatible with both PC and MAC computers. You can watch everything directly from your computer or burn it onto dvd to watch in your dvd player.

This system runs 24 hours a day, so you can still gain instant access even at 3am in the morning!


I Want To Start Improving My Hip Hop Dancing Today!

I understand the price of this product is just $27 and that I have absolutely no-risk thanks to your no questions asked, unconditional 8 week money back guarantee

I also understand this product is available as a digital download. Immediately after I place my secure order, I’ll be provided with easy-to-use download instructions so I can be viewing this information just minutes from now.


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