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Heres the ebook youve been waiting for!

"Finally, the First Practical,
Step-By-Step, Roadmap
to Better Nutrition for
Victory Over Cancer...
Satisfaction Guaranteed!"

Give me 8 weeks and Ill prove you can be on your
way to feeling better and working toward recovery...
or Ill refund every penny you paid and let you keep
all these valuable bonuses for your trouble!

My Dear Cancer Surviving Friend,

Yes, whether you have cancer or you just want to avoid getting it,
you really can have total victory over cancer by the way that you take
care of your body and your determined attitude.

And Im so sure of it, Im willing to put my money where my mouth is.
But first, let me share a story with you...

There was once a little girl named Lisa and, at about 8 years old,
she decided to surprise her Mom and bake some cookies. It couldnt be
that hard, after all shed seen Mom do it a dozen times or more. Lisa
got out the milk, eggs, sugar, flour, chocolate chips and just about
anything else in the fridge that looked good. And she just started
throwing it together with no rhyme or reason.

You can just imagine how they turned out. It wasnt a pretty sight.
Lisa ended up with a big mess that tasted terrible and she couldnt
even call them cookies.

Now that Lisa is grown she knows to follow a recipe. She follows the
recipe exactly and her cookies turn out fabulously--she even gets
great compliments on every single batch of cookies she makes.

Okay, but what does any of this have to do with getting me healed of

Actually lots!

You see, getting healed of cancer without a proven plan is a lot
like trying to bake cookies without a recipeyoull only end up making
lots of mistakes, a big mess and waste a bunch of money.

The truth is, Ive found more people confused, perplexed, puzzled and
just plain baffled about getting healed of cancer. And who wouldnt be?
There are more self-proclaimed gurus and "wannabe"gurus out there than
you can shake a stick at. Most of them won't even tell you to change
to a healthy diet plan.

The problem is--who can you believe?

Everyones running around telling you they have the "secrets" to
getting healed of cancer. There are so many hyped-up "get healed
overnight" schemes floating around--it drives me up the wall!

Everyone in a position to help seems to be pitted against one
anotherthe doctors tell you one thing and the people that use a
natural approach tell you something else. The doctors say the natural
healing experts are nuts and the nutritional experts say that all
doctors are just polluting and killing your body _and_ taking your
money. So, how can you really tell who to trust.

I say, "Show me the proof!" Let me see where you have had cancer and
used your own methods to get healed. Show me where youve tried
different herbs and methods and where some of them made you sick from
going too far.

If a doctor wants to give me some kind of harsh treatmentshow me
where hes taken the treatment himself, puked his brains out, lost all
his hair, paid a half-million dollars for it and come out with the
health and vitality of a 20 year old. (Isnt there something wrong with
that picture?)

I dont think youll find many takers there.

And yet, thats exactly what Ive done. In only a few short months, I
went from having only 6-18 months to live, to the doctor scratching
his head in wonder. He was trying to figure out how I faced certain
death, but actually achieved total victory over liver cancer. And now
its been 10 magnificent years without any sign of cancer and I've felt

You can start by first educating yourself
about eating the proper diet and detoxifying
your body! I did, and Ill teach you how!

Since my victory over cancer in 1995, Ive shown many many people how
to overcome cancer through prayer, stress elimination, detoxification,
building the immune system, easy cooking methods and proper nutrition.

One thing you should know: This resource is unlike anything youve
ever seen.

Actually, youll think of this as your "manual" to living free from
cancer and having a quality of life that is second to none. You simply
follow the step-by-step, instructions for the rest of your life and I
guarantee your life will never be the same.

Ive taken all the guesswork out of it and it doesnt matter whether
you are experienced in health and nutrition or not. So that means...

In a few days--your friends wont be laughing at
your silly ideas about getting healed of cancer naturally

Honestly, I couldnt make it any easier for you if I triedand the
best part is you can start right now!

Now, Im not saying this doesnt require work. Of course it does.
Anything worth achieving does.

But, if you simply make a commitment to spend the same time you
normally do in front of the TV working my system I guarantee youre
overall health will drastically change in a relatively short period of
time (Ill tell you about my extraordinary guarantee in a moment).

Heres What A Few Of My Clients Had To Say
About This Program When They Used It:


After being diagnosed with colon cancer, surgery and the
reappearance of more cancer in my liver, I had more surgery and chemo.
After two years of treatment, I started praying looking for answers
for health. The Lord sent Magalie my way. She started to counsel me
and my family on how to eat, what to eat and how to prepare food. With
the help of prayers, Magalie's nutrition plan and counseling, I began
to feel better and became stronger. Thanks to God I am cancer free.


When our 8 year old son began vomiting whenever he had a cold or
minor illness, we tried to find out what was going on. From the trips
to the emergency due to dehydration to the batteries of tests, the
doctors couldn't find anything. Corbin was losing weight from the
vomiting and then he had a seizure-type episode. After calling our
Pastor for prayer, the Lord brought Maggie's name up to him. We began
our journey of restoration together. Part of Corbin's healing had to
do with handling emotions correctly and part had to be rebuilding his
physical health. Maggie was able to counsel us on both areas. He has
gained 25 pounds and has grown 4 inches. Because of the Lord's
faithfulness and Maggie's obedience, Corbin is a healthy and happy 14
year old boy today.

Rebecca and Corbin

After being diagnosed with breast cancer and having surgery and
months of chemo, I began searching for ways to live healthier. When my
husband and I saw Magalie on TV, we learned that she would be teaching
a class at our church--we quickly signed up. We learned so much
important information about how our bodies work, what we need to eat,
and how food preparation is imperative. Magalie has been such a
blessings to our lives! I give God all the praise and glory f or my
healing! Magalie is a wealth of knowledge and I would recommend her to
anyone with health challenges, or to anyone who simply wants to live


I wanted to have a second baby, since I would be turning 38 soon and
my five year old was sibling-less. I got pregnant, but miscarried
after 8 weeks. I had substituted soy products for dairy, since dairy
seemed to make my issues with colitis flare up. I did have another
flare up and on top of that my hormones were raging. Then, God sent
Maggie to my rescue. She put me on a simple plan to clear up the
colitis and had me get my hormone levels tested. I found out I was
estrogen dominant. Maggie counseled me for that as well. Within 2
months the colitis was cleared up and a few weeks later I was
pregnant. Praise God, I now have a healthy baby boy and he has a
healthy Mom! I've been colitis free for over 2 years, which is the
longest period of time since being diagnosed 14 years ago.


Dear Ms. Maggie,

I just wanted to thank you so much for all your help. The
supplements and vitamins that you suggested gave me more energy,
stamina, and strength. I was able to think more clearly and continue
working for much longer without fatigue setting in. This changed my
life. I can't thank you enough for all the help you have been to
myself and to my family. I believe that through the wisdom the Lord
has given you in helping others, that you and your family are blessed
even more.

Pastor Stan

After seeing Maggie on Daystar giving her testimony on overcoming
cancer, I went to her website to enlist her help. I had severe pain in
my feet, weightgain, yeast problems and my eating habits were poor.
She contacted me within 24 hours and my life has never been the same
since. Maggie has taught me the importance of eating healthy and she
took the time to share with me what foods were good for me and which
weren't. As a result of these changes I feel great. I have lost weight
and have gone down one size. I no longer feel any pain in my feet. My
energy has increased and my stamina is better. I thank god for Maggie
Hall. The Lord has used her to help me in the most profound way and I
believe He will continue to use her for many other people.

La Tanya

If youd like to see why theyre so excited and if you want to watch
your overall health soar, "My Victory Over Cancer"is for you. Whether
youre a complete nutritional newbie or a seasoned veteran thats
already taking preventive measures against cancer, this guide will
work for you.

You simply click open the ebook and it walks you through from day 1
to the day you get that good report from the doctor that youve been
waiting for. Each chapter is laid out for you in complete detail.
Nothing is left out.

And it doesnt stop there. One of the biggest problems most people
have with all the books and courses available is that they tell you
about the misery and struggle they went through in the process of
overcoming cancer, but they dont show you exactly how to do it and
make sure you understand it!

Not here! After explaining what to do, I give you recipes and show
you the proper tools to help you eradicate cancer from your body.

And if youre thinking youll have to spend hundreds of dollars each
day for the tools, suppliments and other products--dont worry. If I
make a suggestion for a resource, its only because it will speed up
your success and I would never tell you to use anything I havent
personally tried myself first!

But, what about your time commitment?

Look, I know you live in the real world and you cant devote every
waking moment to studying about how and what to do. Thats okay because
Ive designed this e-book so you can read it and get started quickly. I
also made it short and to the point so you wont have dig to find the
information you need.

Some books are loaded with a lot of fluff about the author's own
experience and thats why I kept my personal experience to a minimum.
The last thing a person with cancer is going to feel like doing is to
sit there and read 100 pages of fluff just to find the 10 pages of the
nitty gritty stuff they bought the book for in the first place.

How much would you pay to get in depth
instructions from a nutritional expert that has
actually been through what you are dealing with.

So it all adds up to this: For less than the price of a meal for two
at your favorite restaurant, I will take you by the hand and push you,
prod you and whip you into shape until you have your victory.

Youll never again have to spin your wheels and run around in circles
trying to figure out how to cleanse your body, what suppliments to
take and what foods to eat to maintain optimal health. You wont have
to settle for less than maximum results once you commit yourself to
using my, "Total Victory Package."

Get Started Instantly

All you need to get started is the decision that youll commit
yourself to following the plan Ive outlined in this course. Your
entire investment is just $49.95. I think youll agree this is a
tremendous bargain compared to anything else out there. In fact, I
originally planned on selling this information for $199.00, but I
wanted to make sure that nearly anybody could afford it and wouldnt
have an excuse not to get it.

The regular price for "My Victory Over Cancer" plus the two bonuses
is $49.95. However, for a limited time, we are running a Market Test
and you can have it at a discount for only $19.95. Thats almost 50%
off - but you must Act Now!

So click here now to grab it for just $19.95 [4]

But theres still more. Lots more

Free Bonus For Acting Right Now

I want to make saying, "Yes," even easier by including three
powerful bonuses that make this the total package for victory over


Never again will you wonder what you can cook that will help you
fight cancer and feed your body the proper nutrients at the same time.

Not only that, there are many other reasons why you will love
"Victory Recipes":

You will learn how to make dishes that are power-packed with
nutrition and tastes great all at the same time.

These dishes are not only delicious and nutricious, but they are
full of beautiful colors that will accent any table setting.

Is this a great deal or what?

Now, I need to mention something up front and Im sorry to be so
blunt--if you are spending your last dime to get the "Victory Series"
of ebooks--you probably wont get the desired results. Frankly, you
will have to invest some time and money to get going, not very much,
but it will help your success to have a little extra to buy better
quality foods and a few tools to help you do more faster.

Now, on the other hand, look at it this way--what other business
would be honest and tell you that there will be expenses after you buy
this ebook series? I havent found one.

In fact, a juicer, water distiller, surgical stainless steel
cookware and some of the suppliments can be pretty pricey. On the
other hand, have you priced what it will cost you for traditional
medical care for this problem? If you get free medical care have you
thought about the harmful effects of some prescriptions and

Now, I'm not saying to ignore what your doctor tells you. However, I
will say to type the drug or procedure name into a search engine to
find out what the side effects are. After all, it's your body and you
need to make an informed decision. My program is designed to be used
with or without the use of conventional medicine. That is a decision
you will have to make for yourself.

Okay, not that we have that out of the way, it's the moment of
truth. The only real question to have to ask yourself is this:

Are You Willing To Commit Yourself, Wholeheartedly, & Follow My


If youve honestly answered "yes", then please consider this a
binding contract with yourself right now. This could be the decision
that changes your life. I promise to do my part, if youll do yours.

In fact, Im so absolutely positive of this--Im willing to give you
one of the most daring guarantees youll see anywhere.

Heres the Best Guarantee
Youll Ever See!
Guarantee: This new program comes with a no-questions,
no-squabble, 8 week money back guarantee. If for any reason (or no
reason), you decide this information isnt right for you, just email us
at any time within 8 weeks, and well buy it back from you for every
penny you paid. Thats 2 FULL Months to put me to the test--all the
risk is on me!

Now, the only way you can lose is by missing out on this deal.

Many people think I'm certifiably nuts to offer such a great deal
and incredible guarantee. I cant promise I wont be raising the price

Think about it, you could keep stumbling and fumbling around trying
to figure out what to do on your own or you can have a coach that has
already overcome cancer for just $19.95.

So what are you waiting for? You deserve to get better ASAP!


Click Here NOW to download your copy! [7]
It doesnt matter if its 2:00 a.m. in the morning!

Your Cancer Surviving Friend,

Magalie Hall

P.S. In just a few days from now you could be on your way to
fighting cancer with an advantage or... you could be in the exact same
spot youre in right now. Its your choice! Order Right Now [8] LEGAL
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