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Warning: Not for the easily offended...

"Discover How One High Roller Went From Nothing To Six Figures In One Year... Mercilessly Dominating Niche Markets By Using Heavy-Hitting Marketing Tactics!"

From the desk of: JD “Spadino” Swanson& Henry Zeng
Don't worry where I am... what are you, a snitch?

Dear Babbo:

All my life, I've been told there are two people - winners and losers.

And there's no way in hell I ever planned on being the latter.

So even before I officially became an Internet Marketer.... I knew I'd dominate the 'Net with the same vigor as a fox in a henhouse.

Because that's the way I do things.

It was no surprise that within a year, I was the Boss of Bosses… Capo di tutti capi and a BIG earner… if you know what I mean.

And because of that... I have the power to teach anybody how to make a LOT of money.

(I'm talking suitcases-full-of-hundred-dollar-bills kind of money.)

So let’s cut to the chase. Listen to to me and you can be a high roller faster than the time it takes to say...

"I'm Begging You... Please Don’t Clip Me!"

Because this is some brain-dead easy sh*t.

But don't take my word for it. Look at what people say about me...

"Some of your ideas have enabled me to pay off $8k of debt in three months."

I first got interested in making money online about two years ago. I did not make money with any consistency until I came across your work.

Some of your ideas have enabled me to pay off $8k of debt in three months.

Looking forward to receiving more of the most useful and profitable advice that I have come across.

It's a lot easier to be motivated when things are kept simple and profits are not too long in coming. 

Nick R.

"$800 in profits in just 4 days!"

What I think of mafioso marketing? It is brutally honest - hard hitting smash on the head facts with simple instructions. You will either love it or hate it but once you read it, you know you are constantly making the choice of being where you are right now. Doing nothing is a choice.

There is no hype here. Excellent report.  I was one of the lucky ones who got an early peek at this report. It made me think and it made me get into action. As a result, I made more than $800 in profits in just 4 days. Amazing. Thank you JD for the report!


 See... while other marketers are sitting around in roundtable discussions... debating about how to increase conversions by .5 of a freaking percent...

I'm clicking a few buttons and watching the thousands come pouring in to my PayPal account.

It's gotten to the point that it's absolutely effortless.

And in just a year, I figured out how to go into any niche and...

"Squeeze It For Everything It's Worth"

I've learned...

How to bulldoze through and dominate any market... no matter how big the niche (Screw anyone who tells you to go for the smaller markets... they're just trying to brainwash you and eliminate competition.)

How to push a button... and unleash floods of customers that that are practically wetting themselves to hand you money...

How to use "taken for granted" Internet Marketing tactics to demolish small niches and turn "little fish" into the Bullies Of The Ocean (I'm positive that even you know about these techniques... but you'd never think to use them the way that I have!)

The "5 Characteristic" formula that will doubtlessly identify every profitable niche... and tell you which ones to stay far away from...

How to become a guru in any niche overnight... and make people trust you so much that they'll throw their money at you (You're going to be shocked at how easy this is.)

And more importantly, there's ...

"A Snowball's Chance In Hell"

...of me ever waiting for my money.

That's why my first order of business was to learn...

How to get I-N-S-T-A-N-T PayPal cash.... there's no way that a high roller waits for money to come in the mail.

And don't think for one second that my motto has been hurting business at all.

Check out screenshots from just one day...

And here's a little something from one of my membership sites (I have 1000 people paying me $9.95 a month for this one site.... on autopilot):

...and that's just a tiny sample of the money that I churn out on a daily basis.


"You Want To Know How I Did It?"

I'm sure you're wetting yourself over there.

But first, let me tell you what I won't do .

I won't...
Work hard. I'm lazy. I like it that way. Create my own products. Nah, I'd rather leverage other people and let them do the work for me (And that doesn't always mean that I pay them for it.) Spend a lot of money. I have entire membership sites created for under $97. There's just no need to spend a lot of money to make a lot of money.) Get stressed. I only use simple and straightforward techniques. Have an office. I can work in my boxers if I want... and I do!

And whenever I think...

"This Sucks!"

...about anything, I just won't do it.

I don't need to. Because...

I have weapons. Weapons such as...

Three specific letters that will make you an absolute killing online (You'll never look at the alphabet the same way again.)

A painstakingly simple wealth-building blueprint...

One precise word to use in your titles when naming products... it'll sell you hordes of copies every single time...

A cloak-and-dagger "X" factor that will make you a guru overnight....(No need to waste any time making wads of cash)

The exact resources that I use to catapult my business and save money at the same time (There's just no need to waste money on high-tech crap when you know about these free alternatives.)

Nine traits that are absolutely crucial to success (Without these, you're destined for failure.)

Precise names and contact information of content creators to use... so no time is wasted dealing with low quality third-world workers...

A super-stealth trick to use if business should happen to plateau.... which gives you more customers than you can handle (Not to mention the extra cash.)

And the best part is... once you know about these things... it's all just so simple.

Stupid-simple, really.

It's better that way, because...

"I Would Rather Gouge My Eyes Out"

...than do a lot of work.

I have more pressing things to do.

(Like drive around in my Aston Martin.)

I use other "out-of-the-box" techniques to provide me with more free time such as...

How to immediately annihilate any competitor... using sheer brute force (Using this tactic leaves your prey absolutely defenseless!)

How to get industry experts to be the "face" of your product... all you do is sit back and collect the profits...

One specific word that will make customers fall over themselves trying to shovel money your way (This word has downright hypnotic powers.)

How to eliminate the guess-work and figure out exactly what your market wants and how to fill it... without wasting one single, solitary second...

How to create sites that funnel scads of traffic to your products... (You'll hit your forehead and wonder why you never tried this yourself.)

Exact domain names that will get you listed high in the search engines... even if your site sucks!

How to get your customers to promote on your behalf... without you lifting a finger! (You'll giggle like a schoolgirl when you read this one.)

How to instantly get top 10 listings on Google, Yahoo, and MSN... for whatever niche you choose...

How to effortlessly create lists of hyper-responsive buyers that have already purchased other products in your niche (This is the quickest possible way to get new customers. Period.)

How to launch any product and have it spread like fire instantaneously...

How to get your customers to create your product for you... without having to pay them (You'll wonder why you ever considered outsourcing.)

After all... my time is valuable. And I want to work smarter, not harder.

Speaking of that... remember how I said that I squeeze niches for everything that they're worth?

You should see some of the stuff that I carry out. It's...

"Downright Evil"

...or maybe ingenious.

(I'm fine either way.)

I've pulled off...

 How to take a one-time product... and package it as a membership site so that you can have recurring payment time and time again (When you read about this, you're going to be stark raving mad... especially if it was done to you.)

  A secret strategy that practically forces people to buy your upsells...

 How to have people practically begging to be on your list (I've considered shutting down lists just to toy with people!)

 How to make your customers feel as if you're offering immense value... even though you're not doing any extra work...

 A simple feature to add to any product that people will immediately pay hundreds for... even though it takes little to no effort on your part (Your eyes are going to widen to the size of saucers when you realize how insane this is.)

 How to make any customer eagerly plunk down money any time you create a new product... giving you scores of customers for life...

 What the perfect upsell for any product is... and why your customers will inhale it (This is a simple maneuver that appeals to basic human nature.)

 How to get the most respected and proven affiliates falling over themselves to promote your product... every time (Do this and it'll be like you've outsourced your own personal sales force.)

  How to create brimming-with-value products for literally pennies on the dollar...

How to get people so eager to visit your site... that they almost break the clickers on their mouses... (This is one of my personal favorites.)

 How to get so much free publicity for your site that people will think you've hired an agent...

 How to take products that you're already offering... but craft them in such a way that you'll double, triple, and quadruple your profit (I smile just thinking about how easy this is.)

 How to  have the same product as everyone else in your niche... but make yours sell 10x more...

 How to take a $97 investment and flip it into the $3k - $5k range... effortlessly (This one boggles peoples' minds.)

So as you can see... every time I turn my computer on, it's the equivalent of holding a pen and a blank checkbook.

And even though I showed you the screen shots...

[Click Here to Get Mafioso Marketing for the Lowest Price Possible](#order)

" If You Still Don't Believe Me..."

...then you should look at what even more people have said:

"After reading Mafioso Marketing, it finally clicked in my head."


I wanted take the time to tell you how much I loved Mafioso
Marketing. It's the first ebook I've come across that really hit home with me on how to create and market my own products.

Until now I've mainly been doing affiliate marketing, as I just
couldn't come up with ways to find markets I could create my own
products for. Creating and marketing products was always for the "big guys", as far as I knew.

After reading Mafioso Marketing it finally "clicked" in my head. Your concise and step-by-step strategy to quickly & easily find hungry markets and create products that sell really opened my eyes. I always thought product creation was a hugely complex process that took weeks, if not months.

I immediately read MM once more, this time taking notes. It already gave me ideas in a dozen markets I will further investigate and two I'm going to take immediate action on and create my first very own product. I firmly believe that this will take my marketing efforts to the next level.

As they say, "when the student is ready, the teacher will arrive". So I guess I'm ready to  finally make my mark, thanks for being my teacher! Mafioso Marketing is my favorite IM eBook in 2007, if not ever!

Tom Borowski
Munich, Germany


"I'm honestly speechless!"

Yet again JD you have totally outdone yourself. I know how good your products are, I am a member of both your IM membership sites and have bought most (if not all) of your internet marketing products so I knew this method was going to be something good.

IT WAS BETTER THAN GOOD!!! I have just finished reading the report and my head is spinning with ideas. I'm honestly speechless. I know these methods can work and I am certain they will earn me several thousand dollars over the next couple of months.

I highly recommend JD's Mafioso Marketing!!

Adam Fletcher

"This is a real value from someone who is the real deal."

I've been working online a writer for the last two years. I kept hearing that I could make more money by writing content for myself, but I just
didn't know how to accomplish it.

Now I finally have the methods to make
that happen.

JD not only lays out how to do it step by step, but he gives you several different ways to get instant profits online. This isn't a one
sizes fits all approach to marketing. Like a championship coach opening up his playbook, JD shows you the strategies that you need to make serious money online.

He also gives you the mindset and the straight talk that you
need to get over fears and just take action! If you need an ice cold bucket of reality about internet marketing, this book is for you.

This is a real value from someone who is the real deal.

-Courtney Ramirez
Sanger, CA


"If you want to dominate, listen to JD."

JD, this is by far the best product you've come out with (I know, because I have all of them!)

For anyone who is still deciding for some reason, I'm that guy who went from writing for peanuts to charging $2,000 per sales letter. It was JD's ideas and advice that helped me go from newbie copywriter to in-demand $2k/letter expert in two months.

Yes, 2 freaking months.

His ideas are applicable to anything you do online...if you want to dominate, listen to JD. He's the man.

Brian McElroy


"You have inspired me to take action!"

JD I just read most of your report and I sure like the way you shoot from the hip.

Your no fluff approach is greatly appreciated and if some folks are offended by it then they are not living in the day to day of the real world.

You have inspired me to take action asap.

As mentioned for those sitting on the fence on this one....

JD does what he says and that is "way overdeliver".

Great stuff!

Bart Rutherford


"I quit my J-O-B in June... and I largely attribute that to what I have learnt from JD."

I read the whole thing before going to bed and boy did I get one
bad night's sleep! I had so many possibilities and ideas running through my mind, I couldn't wait to get up and get started!

JD always keeps it real and pulls no punches. Not only does he write in an entertaining style but he provides a REAL workable plan that any marketer of any level could benefit from.

I'd read hundreds (if not thousands! I do read a lot) of so
called "gurus" ebooks but it wasn't until I started reading JD's stuff that I actually started to believe in myself and "the penny dropped", so to speak! I quit my J-O-B in June to work full time online, and I largely attribute that to what I have learnt from JD. I used to write freelance part time for a few extra dollars, but now I flip websites, create membership sites and sell ebooks JD style! And my income is rising all the time.

After spending over a year online I feel like I'm only really
getting started now and I really believe the information in this ebook is what can catapult me (and anyone else who reads it) into the six-figure earner bracket next year.

I rarely write testimonials unless something is REALLY good but this ebook is worth so much....

Thanks JD - every bit as good as promised!

Hamida Pall


...so if you're still questioning my value... you might as well just leave now.

I mean it... go on, get outta here!

But for those of you who are not...

"Complete Idiots"

...then let's move on.

By discovering this information, not only are you being handed the keys to the vault... you're getting your own personal bodyguard as you shovel as much cash into a van as possible...

It's really that powerful.

With your instantaneous download... you're going to receive:

The package as you know it is going to revolutionize your life. Period.

But I've decided to go a step further and give you the stuff that...

"You're Not Supposed To See"

Some friends that I trust very much told me not to release some of the information in Mafioso Marketing.

"There's more than enough information already", they said.

"Those chapters are just too good to release to the public!"

And for a while, I agreed with them...

But then I decided...


There's a reason why I get glowing testimonials... and it's not because I hold back the good stuff.

So your immediate download will include instant access to Mafioso Marketing: The Lost Chapters.

In all honesty, these could make a second product on their own. These chapters include...

 The Lost Chapters: Easy Product Creation

 The Lost Chapters: Selling High Priced Services

 The Lost Chapters: Membership Sites

 The Lost Chapters: Mafioso Marketing Mindset

 The Lost Chapters: Instant Product Launch Formula

 The Lost Chapters: Outsourcing

There are some power-packed gems of information in here that tell you all about..

 A huge mistake that you need to avoid (There are a certain group of... I'll say it... morons... that people love to hire. Don't do it! It's terrible for your business.)

 How to work with top gurus... and get paid for it!

 How to become a super-affiliate ($10,000 or more a month) in any non-IM niche... using a ridiculously easy and FREE technique (One of my friends read about this and stayed up for 53 hours straight because of all the ideas racing through his head.)

 How to demand any amount of money you want from a niche (This is literally the equivalent of holding a pen and a blank checkbook.)

 How to answer any question in a forum (You'll never again have to think, "I know answering this would give me so much credibility... but I just don't know!")

 What people will pay any amount of money for...and how to use it to your benefit (Try not to get too evil with this one.)

 How to literally glue members to your membership site... and make them never want to leave (This is a little controversial... but it doesn't stop me.)

 How to get top-notch work from any ghostwriter (Follow this and you'll never have to tell a horror story again.)

 What will make you even more money than masses of traffic (And no... I'm not going to tell you to work on your sales copy.)

 ....and so much more!

So I'll bet you're wondering...

"What's The Cost Of Success?"

First... let's take a stroll down down Memory Lane...

I told you before to leave if you were questioning my value.

You're still here.

So you obviously recognize that all of the information that you need to be successful... is one click away.

Now it's time to ask... how much is success worth to you?

For me, I look at it like this...

$497  compared to thousands of dollars on autopilot, over and over again... worth it.

$297  compared to thousands of dollars on autopilot, over and over again... no-brainer.

$197  compared to thousands of dollars  on autopilot, over and over again... are you kidding me?

So to hear that this could all be yours...

For a ridiculously low one-time investment of:




Should make you a very happy person.

But just to make sure that you have no questions at all... I offer you the...

"Do You Have A Pulse? Guarantee"

...I call it this because if you don't take action after hearing it... you must be dead.

I'm propose that you take a full 2 months...  1,440 hours... 86,400 minutes... and soak in all of the information...

Discover a new world through Mafioso Marketing... the reports... the videos... the membership community... the watching as I do everything live... the unedited "Lost Chapters"... all of the unannounced bonuses...

...And if you're not 500% satisfied when you're done.... then I want to give you your money back.

Really, I do.

Because like I said... if you can't succeed after going through everything... there really is no hope for you. You might as well pack up your bags... head back to your dead-end job... and accept my apologies for wasting your time.

And you can keep it all.

So I ask you...

"What Are You Waiting For?"

You have nothing to lose... and thousands of dollars to gain.

But you need to take action NOW before it's too late!

That's because this price is going to be available for a limited time only.

So all you need to do now is sign up right now...


Yes, JD & Henry! I Can't Wait To Get My Hands On Your Incredible Risk-Free Offer!

- paypal & major credit cards accepted -


Option 1) Get Mafioso Marketing Reports & Videos for Just $27!



Option 2) Upgrade To Resell Rights For Just $10 More!

You Can Resell All the Reports & Videos & Earn Back
Your Purchase Price for Just Additional $10!


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Here's to driving off in a shiny black car,

JD & Henry Zeng

P.S. - Remember the "Do You Have A Pulse?" Guarantee. This is fully guaranteed and you are risking absolutely nothing. You can have complete peace of mind knowing that I'm going to hand you over, no-questions-asked, 100% of your money if you decide for any reason that you're not thrilled. I am assuming all the risk. [Click Here To Join Now](#order).

P.P.S. - Please remember that the price is going up very quickly. After the introductory period, the price will be raised to $97 and then higher and higher. You must make a decision now while the opportunity is still on the table. Do you want to pay the lowest possible price... or not? [Click Here To Join Now.](#order)

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