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Rapid Hypnosis Collection


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Rapid Hypnosis

What Is It?
complete collection of our educational products

Basics DVD
(in the mail)

Hypnotic Talker
(e-book instant download)

Hypnosis Toolbox
(e-book instant download)

Imagine Learning Hypnosis

Easy Way!



Now On DVD
For Your Viewing Pleasure


"So nice.
Can't wait to get some family over and practice the rapid

"After using Hypnosis Basics DVD I have been using your Rapid
Induction and after 20 years as a hypnotherapist I am now saving
myself time and getting deeper depths of trance. If you are a
hypnotherapist using the slow, tried and trusted methods, then STOP
and watch this DVD, it will revolutionize your practice."  R.
Wilkinson, Great Britain

Learn The Fundamental Basics Of

Right From Your Own Television


Formatted For Both USA &
International: NTSC/PAL

This 2 Hour DVD Includes:

The Instant Induction - Learn to induce
hypnosis quickly and effectively, in less than 3 seconds. WOW! That is
super fast. Can you imagine?

The Rapid Induction - A fun and gentle way
to induce trance in 3-4 minutes. This induction is quickly becoming
the new standard in successful practice.

The Progressive Relaxation Induction - Total
and complete mind and body relaxation. Move your way, from head to
toe, relaxing the body oh so deeply.

3 Effective Trance Deepening Techniques -
Take your clients even deeper than you thought with these 3 trance
deepening techniques. Counting Down Trance Deepening,
Fractionalization Trance Deepening, Visualization Trance Deepening.

How To Do An Efficient And Effective Pre-Talk
- The Pre-Talk will teach you what hypnosis is, how hypnosis works and
how to gain rapport with your client, so that everyone is

Each technique has an introduction which explains
how and why the technique is used.

Each induction, deepening technique and pre-talk
come with its very own script for you to read and follow, making
hypnosis easy!

Bonus Footage -
A complete weight loss hypnosis session, starting from the very
beginning, moving through the suggestions and ending with the emerging
from hypnosis. This will give you a clear image of what a session can
be like.

A total of 2 hours of video footage for your
viewing and learning experience.

Everything you need know to perform effective

equal to certified hypnotists.

The latest techniques and approaches in advanced

Learning has always been proven to be
more effective when visual demonstrations are provided!

The Hypnotic Talker

Instant Download E-book

first one of a kind product, that actually reveals truth about
influence and persuasion, to lead you into the
true knowledge of
covert and persuasion language... armoring you in this incredibly
competitive world!


E-book created By Certified Hypnotherapists: Jesse Berg, CHT.
and Steven B. Schneider, CHT.

Why read this book? Well, that is a
good question. Time is an
important thing these days and I sure would not waste your time

book has inside it knowledge that
will open your eyes
to a completely different perspective of communication and thought

This book is a collective of highly
effective materials used everyday by the most persuasive
people in the world. The people that are selling million dollar
homes, the people that are running the biggest corporations, the
people that instantly make friends with everyone they meet, and
even the healers and motivators use this knowledge to make
things happen within their environments. Some know what they

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