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A Limited Time Offer From: Janet Ford - eHow Authority

Re: How to eHow - The Ultimate Guide to Writing on eHow

Dear Internet friend,

I am an Authority level writer for eHow. You may say, "So what? eHow has a LOT of Authority level writers!"

To this I would have to ask you "How many of those writers are able to make enough money to replace a part time - or even a full time - job just by writing articles online?" I do.

Sure, that isn't the instant thousands or millions promised by all those get rich schemes out there by supposed 'gurus'. What I know is real, the money I make is real. I work to earn it but it isn't hard. I enjoy it very much. My friends and family would attest to the fact that I am a certified eHow addict. I love to write and eHow gives me the most profitable platform I've found to date on the web.

I do need to note up front that, currently, eHow's Writer's Compensation Program is only open to residents of the United States. However, I do reveal other methods of monetizing your ehow articles in this ebook in which I, myself, make a great deal of income from and I share with you how to do it as well.

Maybe you are in a similar situation that I had found myself in before discovering the power of eHow:

My husband demanded that I go out and get a real job to help pay our bills but I was reluctant to leave my role as a stay at home Mom.
As a former website designer and SEO expert, I knew full well that the power of the internet could reap tremendous financial windfalls but I hadn't found any. All I had managed to find were demanding clients taking up time that I'd rather be giving to my family.
I didn't want to answer to a boss! I wanted to be my own boss!
I wanted the ability to take off for a weekend or a week and still have residual income coming in during my absence.

eHow was my answer! I'd finally discovered my own financial windfall.

... and it's my intention to share all my secrets to turning the simple act of sharing step by step instructions into a solid, residual income EASILY!

Janet Ford is certainly the ehow queen. She knows everything there is to know about writing articles on ehow. With over 250 articles, Janet has shared her knowledge of how to be a successful writer on ehow, in this ebook.
This ebook covers the must have information on setting up your ehow account, how to use ehow, promote your articles and of course how to make money from them!

Janet has put together an incredible guide. This is far and away the best resource I've ever seen, full of how-to tips and step-by-step instructions that will literally help you get starting writing articles for ehow immediately.

I learnt so much from this ebook: how to use the forum on ehow, adding friends even where to get photos for my articles! My favorite is the huge section on how to promote your articles. What a great resource!

This is one eBook I won't hesitate to recommend to anyone thinking about writing articles for Ehow.

"Janet is known for her imaginative approach to writing and that's reflective in this book. Janet tells it all, from how to register, to the truly valuable section on how to market your own eHow articles. This book covers it all!"

Janet Ford's "How To eHow, the Ultimate Guide to Writing on eHow" is a must have for anyone who wants to use the eHow web site. Everyone, from novice to experienced veteran eHow authors, can benefit from the knowledge contained in this ebook. Every aspect involved, from registering with the eHow site to advanced marketing and article promotion techniques, is explained so clearly it's like learning from your best friend. If you want to make money on eHow, you can't afford to not read this book.

17 Million visitors each month equal a HUGE opportunity for instant cash flow!

eHow currently generates an average of 17 million visitors each and every month to their site.

Why? Because the number 1 reason people surf the internet is to discover how to do stuff. eHow's entire site is "How To" focused.

eHow is Google and Yahoo ad supported. They make money when those ads are viewed. When you sign up for the Writer's Compensation Program, they split the revunue generated by your articles with you.

But the most important ingredient to making money by writing online anywhere is getting traffic. With over 17 million viewers surfing their site each and every month, eHow has become a traffic super power!

You can take advantage of their hard work and traffic numbers... today!

After I disclose my secrets to you, you will turn that into EASY CASH!
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"But I'm already writing for eHow and I'm not making anywhere near what you are, what's your secret?"

Honestly, I have been asked that a multitude of times already but there is more than one secret involved to achieve the amount of success that I have. I continue to have better and better results on a monthly basis. Many times my earnings have been known to double or better in just one month's time.

That is because I never stop seeking new ways of making every article count. I don't just keep writing on just any old subject. I've learned what types of content and style of content will gain me money.

I'm willing to share this information, and so much more, with you today... right now!

If you have been on the eHow forums or looked at my articles, you will see for yourself I do not believe in holding anything back. There is room for everyone on eHow and I sincerely want to see everyone succeed.

When you invest in my ebook, you will discover SO MUCH MORE than I've ever shared with anyone before. Things I had intended to keep to myself... closely guarded secrets!

No gimmicks, no fancy sales pitch - just the answers you need to know to begin making money NOW!

If you would like to see earnings like this from YOUR eHow account, you need this guide!

Note: This screen shot only shows a small section of the first of 11 pages of articles I have written. Do you see the earning power here?!

Some of what will be revealed to you when you claim your eHow Guide today;

Why choose to write for eHow over other writing platforms.

(page 2)

13 methods for seeking out great article niches.

(pages 64 - 67)

How to check potential traffic for an article BEFORE writing it.

(page 45)

How to make friends on eHow and why they are important to your success.

(Chapter 6)

4 places to find royalty free photos for your articles and how to choose the right ones to help land you on the front page of eHow.

(page 33)

How eHow figures your earnings.

(page 72)

I dissect the typical article section by section and reveal the importance of each.

(Chapter 8)

A HUGE section of promotion ideas. Traffic = $

(12 pages!)

Picking a username if you haven't already.

(page 5)

Adding video. How to easily create your own and when to use it.

(page 36)

Other ways to monetize your articles besides eHow's Writer's Compensation Program.

(page 74)

Sprucing up your profile for success.

(Chapter 3)

How and why your avatar you choose can help or hinder you.

(page 9)

Harnessing the power of social bookmarking, in detail.

(Chapter 9)


And that's far from all.

My book, How to eHow - The Ultimate Guide to Writing on eHow is ready for you right now (by instant download). The whole process is as painless as can be...
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If you have been wanting to make money online with a legitiment business opportunity, eHow is your answer. e How is registered with the Better Business Bureau so you can be confident in who you are doing business with. Making money online truly doesn't get any easier than this!

Claim your copy today and I'll see you on the other side!


Janet Ford

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You will then be granted a special link where you can download your 'How to eHow' ebook INSTANTLY in pdf format.


P.S. - You don't need to spend weeks, months, or years trying to sit down and write your articles with a hit or miss fashion! Believe me, that's what the majority of eHow writer's are doing.

Trying too hard may even work to your detriment. I'll tell you why.

I have known about the social article website ehow for about one year now and have ignored it!
After reading Janet Ford's 'How to eHow' ebook I realize that was a silly mistake!

I have a website and blog which are doing quite well. They bring in a little over $1000 dollars each month. I'm well aware of all the main social sites that we can use to promote our articles and writings and I use them all each time I have new content.

One of the greatest strategies I learned early on was the need to have a group or network of people to help promote your site content. Without this your articles simply get lost in the avalanche of articles released onto the web every single day. So, I'm very active in tagging/voting for/rating and generally 'loving' (a term we webmasters love to use) my group's articles just as they do for mine.

I have visited Ehow what seems like hundreds of times to give some 'loving' to my friends articles there. I have often wondered if I should create some articles and post them at Ehow simply because all my 'traffic savvy' friends use ehow all the time. They can't all be wrong! I put it on the back of my mind; on the 'must get to do' list.

Then, 3 days ago I came across Janet Ford's 'How to eHow' ebook. I read through the whole thing in one sitting! That's because it's super easy to read and covers everything imaginable about creating ehow articles. By the time reached the end of it I had already visited Ehows homepage and joined up.

I had no idea how extensive Ehows coverage was. The size of their forums are amazing. Anytime you can reach and converse with this many like-minded people your site is absolutely going to benefit. I also had no idea how popular Ehow articles were with Google.

You see, one of the reasons we tend to make mistakes like this is due to the time you need to devote to the learning curve whenever you join a new social site. You just want to get on with your writing. And that's where Janet's ebook captured me straight away. In 40 minutes I knew all I had to to begin creating ehow articles. My time investment was 40 mins and another 5 mins to sign up. That's it.

Join ehow people! But get your hands on Janet Ford's 'How to eHow' ebook first and cut out all the unnecessary noise. Janet's no nonsense descriptions and tips give you a complete ehow education so quickly that you're up and ehowing in no time at all. My first ehow article is on its way to the first page of Google ranking as I type this. It's so easy! Janet and Ehow - an awesome combination for greater website traffic and income.




Copyright 2008. All Rights Reserved. Janet Ford

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