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"What If You Could Have True Love
by Simply Closing Your Eyes?"


Finally. An outrageously Powerful "Do-It-Yourself" Love Spell that is so Quick and Easy, it's as simple as inserting a CD , clicking play and closing your eyes. 
AND ... IT'S [GUARANTEED!](javascript:pop('guarantee.html'))

Claim your birthright to:

Love and Be Loved in Return
Share a Vision of Security and Happiness with Another
Plan an Actual Life with a  Somebody Special
Experience Divine Love Now
Breathe New Life into an Already Existing Relationship

  Cast the Spell to call Forth the Relationship that is Truly Yours
The LoveSpell works. Give yourself as little as 30 minutes


"When my brother gave the the CD of The Love Spell for my birthday …. I never in a million years expected anything like this in my life! .. I'm now in love with a man who is in love with me and he's a good man. Happy birthday to me!"
Kate M., New York"

 ... now this girl has fallen gently in love with wonderful spiritual and smart man who is falling equally in love with her!!"
M.R., Toronto

The LoveSpell can put new sparkle into tired relationships. It can be done anytime you feel you desire a relationship "pick-me- up"
Imagine Your Own "Made to Order" Magickal Journey
Shut your eyes... Listen... Follow along as you are taken Deep into
the Source of your Own Profound Power...Deep into that place
Where You feel the Divine Magick when it Begins to Stir...

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What this is all about

The LoveSpell is a 30 minute audio CD that will take you on a visual journey to connect you with your deepest and highest self - the place where real magic resides. From this beautiful source of divine love, you will meet with your future partner and cast the spell that brings forth this perfect mate into your awakened life. How cool is that? Fantasy becomes reality when You cast the spell!

It's the Law of Attraction in Action!
Align vibrations with your perfect partner See and feel with your heart, body and mind the chemistry with the one that is yours Cast a spell to hurry divine love to you
You Could Be Only 30 Minutes Away From Realizing Your Perfect Partnership

You are "One With All That Is". It is your birthright to experience Divine Love.

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Q: What's a Spell anyway?

There are lots of definitions for the word Spell. Generally, it is thought of as being put into a trance by spoken words that are thought to have magical powers. The hypnotic words and music on The LoveSpell can put you into a totally relaxed state or trance, allowing amazing love to come into your life. The more you allow the words to guide you, the more profound the results.

Q: Why should I know about The LoveSpell ?

You are the one casting the spell. You are the one in control. You will be guided to focus your personal power in order to bring forth that which you desire most.

Q: I have never done anything like this before. Can I really do this on my own?

You are here because you are ready to do something like this on your own. You may be asking yourself why you have been giving your best power away. When you cast a spell , you are the one in total control. You will be guided to connect directly with the Divine Source, to attune yourself with your highest vision of your perfect partner. The resulting outcome is an extraordinarily powerful and personalized one, based solely on your specific needs and requirements. Like a lightening rod you can draw your energy directly from the lightening bolt and point that electrical charge in your chosen direction. What an exciting and empowering experience!

Remember: Only you at your most deepest level can really know what you truly need.

Q: Who can use this spell?

The LoveSpell works for both men and women, all lifestyle choices. The LoveSpell recognizes your individual uniqueness. It can be for anyone who wants to bring a new relationship into their lives, or freshly energize an already existing one. In fact, many prefer to use The LoveSpell to have simple romantic flings. Others enjoy the feeling that comes along with becoming magnetic!

Q: What makes a relationship perfect ?

Everyone is different. Although there are many desires that we all have in common, our unique personalities draw us to different experiences and people. In our innermost hearts we know what we require to feel safe with another. What makes one relationship work, may not work for another. The LoveSpell is designed for you to receive the relationship that is meant for you and for you only.

All relationships require care. You can compare them to plants - let's say a rose. How the seeds are planted ,and the rose is cared for as it grows, will decide how healthy the plant is as it develops. Likewise, The LoveSpell can guide you to bring in your relationship; however, it is up you and your partner to care for it.

Q: Isn't it wrong to bring someone to me against their will?

You can't. Those that arrive are those that are meant to arrive. They've been looking for someone just like you.

Q: How easy is this spell to do?

This Love Spell is so simple it can be done in the privacy of your own home. When you feel relaxed and comfortable, you can be an open channel to The LoveSpell' s guidance and suggestions, resulting in a more potent and exciting experience. Although it' s best to listen to The LoveSpell in a relaxed state, eyes closed, and with headphones, it is not absolutely necessary. You may move about freely, if you so desire. Do not, however, play The LoveSpell while driving your car or while engaged in any activity that requires your full attention.

Q: What are some of the other benefits to using
The LoveSpell?

Excellent question. The LoveSpell can be used anytime you feel your relationship can use a "pick me up".

The LoveSpell can encourage feelings of:
Well being Fun. Joy. Bliss Self confidence Passion Calmness Fulfillment
Only you at your most deepest level can really know what you truly need.

You are the keeper of the Divine Love within you.

The LoveSpell gives you the tools to connect you directly
with your powerful spell-casting self

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About The CD

The quality of the CD is outstanding. Written and voiced by Nanci Pash. Produced and engineered by the multi-award winning Peter J. Moore. The beautiful original music is composed and performed by another multi-award winner Roberto Phillipo! Can it get any better than that? Yup, it can! You have my [guarantee](javascript:pop('guarantee.html')).

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Put Your Best
Kiss Forward!
A Guide To Kissing

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Roberto Philippo's
"Clear Light Visions"
MP3, a $8.98 value
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Almost 30 minutes of beautiful light-filled music for meditating, yoga, energy work and overall relaxation

Click the Play button below for a sample!

Instantly download The LoveSpell with bonus MP3 Clear Light Visions - $39.98

Instantly download MP3 Clear Light Visions - $8.98

CD version of The LoveSpell - $49.98 - includes shipping and handling


This is the journey that will change your love.

Use with Caution! The Love Spell is not a trifle!

Side effects may include feelings of clarity and well being
and the fulfillment of your higher self.

You are "One with All that Is" and it is your birthright to experience Divine Love.

You Hold the Key to your Future – Cast the Spell Now!


Contact: [ inquiries@powerfullovespell.com](mailto:inquiries@powerfullovespell.com)

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