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Attention Arthritis sufferers -- this could change your life . . .


How To Eliminate Your Arthritis Pain In Minutes, Without Taking Pharmaceuticals With Possible Unpleasant Or Dangerous Side Effects...

New Research Reveals Closely Guarded Insider Secrets To Controlling -- And Even
Eliminating Your Arthritis -- That They Don't Want You To Know About!

Act Now And You May Avoid Joint Replacement Surgery Or Polypharmacy!


"All I can say is WOW!

I've suffered for quite a few years now with
arthritis in my hip and sometimes is was

I honestly never knew there were so many
natural choices for pain relief and I'm so glad
to be off those pills.

Thanks so much!"

Roy Nelson - Louisville






From The Research Desk Of Ben Woods

Dear Arthritis Sufferer,

If you have been suffering the agony of Arthritis, then this will be the most comforting and exciting letter you've read for a long time -- maybe ever!

You see, you're not alone in your suffering, because this debilitating disease affects over 40 million people in the USA alone. Nor is it confined to old timers, because Arthritis can strike at any time.

When you are young, a simple joint injury -- perhaps when playing sport -- can sow the seeds of a lifetime of agony. Then, as we grow older, the wear and tear on our joints, particularly the knees, naturally begins to add up. Average age for the onset of Arthritis? Just 47 years young.

So, almost before you know it, you're a fully paid up member of the unhappiest club in the world: Arthritis sufferers.

Then you normally have two choices -- each one pretty unattractive.
You can "put up" with the pain. At least this way, you'll be aware of what causes your pain and make sure you don't overstress the troublesome joint. You can take the risk of putting yourself in the hands of the medical profession.
With choice number 2 you'll undoubtedly be prescribed expensive medication, which you will have to take -- and probably pay for -- for the rest of your life. No wonder the medical profession, and the pharmaceutical manufacturers in particular, are rubbing their hands with glee, when you get Arthritis, because you then join the ranks of the cash cows that can be milked for life for Arthritis relief medications.

But it gets worse. If you are prescribed some form of painkiller -- consider this. Pain isn't simply a nuisance . . . it's a vital part of your body's defense radar.

Let's imagine your hand accidentally brushes against the hot stove. Instantly, a signal is fired to your brain. And equally fast a message is shot back from your brain to the motor nerves in your arm, which instantly stimulate the muscles to rip your hand out of the way, before any serious damage can be done.

Now imagine if you had been given a painkiller so powerful it would stop the production of that initial warning signal to your brain. What would happen?

Nothing . . .

. . . in fact, the very first you would realize something was wrong would be when you smelt the burning flesh of your own hand.

Yet that's exactly what you are doing to your joints, if you succumb to normal practice and take painkillers, which effectively switch off your body's vital warning mechanism in the joint. Yes, it stops your pain, but without the pain to guide you, it's easy to inflict further damage to your already damaged joint.

In short, taking painkillers for Arthritis is about as smart as taking out the battery from the smoke alarm, because when it went off in the night and saved you from being burnt alive, it interrupted your slumber!

"Thanks Ben,

Just thought I'd drop you a line to tell you how
much I enjoyed your book.

I printed it off as I can't sit down for too long
due to my arthritis but I'm going to follow
your advice now and hopefully I'll be able to
sit down pain free soon!

Thanks again."

Sue Powell- Telford, Shropshire





And it gets worse . . .

Ever heard the name Voixx? If you've suffered Arthritis for any length of time, it's a name you might be very familiar with. It was a pharmaceutical designed to relieve Arthritis pain. And, like pretty much all pharmaceuticals there were side effects. It was only when the drug had been in use worldwide for a long time (and the manufacturers had made billions of dollars) that the medical agencies set up to protect us, finally ordered the makers to withdraw it from sale, after they were forced to give in to the unarguable and overwhelming evidence of a side effect that wasn't expected, namely its detrimental effects on the heart.

But not before many people, who only wanted some relief from their Arthritis, had their very lives put in peril.

And it gets even worse, because patients are often prescribed further pharmaceuticals, to combat the side effects of the first one. Trouble is . . . combining powerful pharmaceuticals in this way, can lead to further side effects which, in turn, require further remedies. And so it goes on. In fact . . .

It's a recognized condition and it has even got its own medical term . . . Polypharmacy.

Like all medical jargon, it's really not so hard to decipher: it simply means "multiple medications". The insurance companies sure know what it means and they are very quick to refuse insurance if you are taking too many medications, and here's why . . .

They know (because when it comes to correctly assessing risk, they don't fool around) people taking too many medications can suffer additional symptoms from the random cocktail of drugs rattling around inside them and present with symptoms of far more dangerous diseases, such as Parkinson's Disease. One of the symptoms of this horrible condition is an involuntary shaking. Sound familiar? That's the sort of state drug addicts get themselves into.

And, of course -- even if you do get some relief from medications, that's not the end of your troubles. The end usually is when your arthritic joint is so eaten away it has to be replaced with a man-made one. This often happens if you've been on pain killers and so are oblivious of the further damage you've been doing to your numb, but vulnerable, joint.

Now these man-made joints are a triumph of design and engineering -- particularly the knees -- but a surgical procedure that involves bone saws and hammers isn't something any sensible person would relish.

There has to be a better way!

There is!

Let's face it. No other person on this planet is so passionately and deeply interested in your health and wellness than you.

So here's your golden opportunity to put yourself in the driving seat, take control of the management of your Arthritis and no longer be bamboozled by medical jargon like "polypharmacy", designed to add a mystique to the process (and justify sky high medical fees).

You see, I've carefully researched all aspects of Arthritis for you, so you know about viable alternatives that don't involve taking expensive medications with unpleasant -- and possibly dangerous -- side effects or getting to the stage when you need a joint replacement operation.

As Roger Bacon famously said, hundreds of years ago: "Knowledge is power". So here's all the insider knowledge you need to empower you to take control of your own Arthritis -- before it's too late!

Come with me as we flip through the pages crammed with fascinating information, that will amaze you with their simple, but effective pain relief secrets . . .

Secrets like these . . .
What's yours? Did you know there are many types of Arthritis and simply understanding your particular type will be a giant step towards remedying it?

Cutting through the mystery: your quick and easy jargon buster to quickly decode those baffling medical terms.

Diet and Arthritis. Discover simple changes you can make that have massive effects.

The Arthritis little black book of online and real world help for your pain.

The truth about over-the-counter and prescription pharmaceuticals.

When all else fails. An unbiased review of surgical procedures.

Grandma knew best. A detailed review of effective herbal and other age old remedies.

The customer is always right. Arm yourself with this doctor check list and be in total control of your next visit to the surgery.

Prevention is better than any cure. So here's a supercharged bag of tricks to prevent and care for Arthritis.

In case you were wondering. A review of home remedies and their effectiveness.

Arthritis help mates. Did you know certain vitamins and minerals can really help with Arthritis relief? Get the full story here.

How age-old techniques can help combat modern day Arthritis.

The super nutrients you can put to work right away to help see off your Arthritis.

The ancient Eastern techniques you can use today to sooth your pain away.

The simple trio of exercises you'll actually enjoy doing, because you'll be amazed by their effectiveness.

And lots, lots more...

How much would you invest in life-long relief from your Arthritis pain?

Only when you actually suffer the constant agony of a condition like Arthritis, do you realize the truth of that old saying, "Good health is the real wealth.". And it really is true. Even if you were the richest person on the planet, all that wealth would mean very little, if you were in constant pain.

So, if you could get your hands on a complete blueprint that would allow you to rid yourself of the agony of Arthritis, for a lifetime -- for a single investment instead of paying out month after month, year after year, for medications which may well be making you sicker, you'd very likely be prepared to pay a king's ransom, wouldn't you?

Well, if your Arthritis permits, you can jump for joy, because -- unlike the medical and pharmaceutical money suckers -- I don't want to profit from your misfortune, so I'm letting all this carefully researched information go for less than fifty bucks.

And that's quite an amazing deal, when you realize this is a one time payment for power-packed knowledge that will last you a (pain free) lifetime. Try comparing that with the constant drip, drip, drip of prescription payments for medication for the rest of your life and there really isn't a contest, is there?.

But, in order to get this to as many people as possible, I'm currently conducting a test to see if -- by temporarily letting these secrets go at a giveaway $17.00 -- we can get this into the hands of even more of the folks who really need this and yet still cover our research costs and other overheads.

But I must warn you . . .

This temporary reduced price of just $17.00 is liable to be withdrawn at any time and the price will instantly more than double back up to $37.00 -- with no prior warning!


This book is ready and waiting for you to download the instant your payment is processed (even if it's four in the morning), so you can be leafing through these powerful secrets just minutes from now, savouring the sheer elation you'll feel, as you realize your long search for sensible, effective Arthritis advice is, at long last, truly at an end!

And Here's Something You'll Never Hear Your Medical Doctor Say

"Give this a test drive and, if you're not happy, I'll give you all your money back."

In truth, I doubt you'll ever hear that from a doctor -- but you will from me . . .

So . . .

My Personal Handwritten Guarantee



That's the proof of just how confident I am that, once you delve into this treasure trove of Arthritis knowledge, you will never want to part with it.

So now I've taken the risk off your shoulders and placed it entirely on mine, the only loss you are facing -- and it will be a welcome loss -- is the loss of your Arthritis agony. So click the button at the bottom of this page now and prepare to have your entire world take on a rosier glow, as your pain melts away. It really is that powerful.

[Click Here Now To Order - Just $17](order.php)

With my very best wishes for your rapid recovery,

Ben Woods - Medical Researcher

P.S. I stand 100% behind my cast iron guarantee, so the only way you can actually lose out on this is by not seizing your "Arthritis Pain Escape Plan" right now.

P.P.S. Although I guarantee my book 100%, I don't guarantee the price won't go up in the next few minutes, because I have to steer a tricky course between not taking advantage of your pain and not going out of business, by giving away such valuable information too cheaply. So why not guarantee this low price for yourself, by ordering right now, whilst it's so hot in your mind and the price is still rock bottom. You'll be glad you did and what's more . . . I guarantee it!


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