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Today (9/05/2008) I witnessed a man lose an opportunity because he did not buy the Golden Interview and I did not have a chance to visit with him prior to his interview. He was on his second interview and he made a huge mistake. If he would have purchased the golden interview he would have possibly avoided this terrible mistake. PLEASE, do not lose your opportunity for the job you want. This is a tough job market. GO TO THE INTERVIEW WITH AN EDGE!

You are a very talented person that deserves the Job of your dreams. Goldeninterview.net will help everyone from a High school Graduate to a Senior Executive succeed in  the interview process as well as succeed once the dream job is obtained. The person with the best skill set does not necessarily get the Job (many, many times the person with the best overall skill set DOES NOT GET THE   JOB!)   Candidates that understand how to interview have a much better chance of getting the job of their dreams. In todays market if you do not know how to interview you are almost guaranteed to NOT get the job you are interviewing for. MASTER YOUR ABILITY TO PERFORM THE "GOLDEN INTERVIEW" by purchasing our manual!  [CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE](http://1.1106727.pay.clickbank.net/)

  My name is Glenn Pack.   I have 20 years of combined experience that includes   managing recruiters,   managing account executives,   Southwest Regional Director for a professional staffing firm,   entrepreneurship, full desk recruiting , coaching and mentorship. I absolutely know what will add to your chances of getting your dream job. I can not guarantee that you will get your dream job, but I can for sure help you have a much better chance. I have decided to share with everyone the mistakes that are made in the interview process. I have also decided to offer a Virtual Animated Fitness Coaching Program for Two weeks FREE,   from [www.bodyofconfidence.net](http://www.bodyofconfidence.net) when you purchase the "Golden Interview" manual. Why? Because I believe that fitness (feeling great about yourself) helps everyone succeed in everyday life. I also like to save people money. Instead of you going to a gym and paying $80 an hour for a fitness coach I want you to enjoy the possibilities for FREE! Think of it as an early Christmas gift!

  I have conducted many interviews and coached many on the interview process and it has become apparent that most people do not understand the true value of the interview process.   This month,   I witnessed a man lose two chances to take the next step in the process because of the way he sounded on a phone interview. He had the skills but   both companies that interviewed him felt he was not   that interested in the opportunity. Obviously he was interested   in both jobs! The problem was simple! He did not know how to conduct the   "Golden Interview".   Most people do not know how to set themselves apart. After they visit with me it is amazing how they light up and say "Thanks! that has really helped me!"   [CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE](http://1.1106727.pay.clickbank.net/)

Those who do understand how important this process is have the ability to conduct. what I call ,The Golden Interview . It

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