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Curriculum for the next generation !

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This is not your typical e-book


Actually, it’s not even an ebook, it’s a password protected website. I placed it on a website so I can update and add new resources and material constantly, so your curriculum will be automatically upgraded on a regular basis! No outdated editions.


Your real investment is the time and money you put towards your children’s lives. Already you have made so many sacrifices for them, for their education, their health, their character.


Teaching them the basics of how to start a business costs very little and takes only 9 weeks (or less!) of approximately one hour per day....yet could reap them a lifetime of living their dream.


How many people do you know that look back and wish they had done things differently...that they had seized that opportunity, but didn’t have the knowledge that could’ve given them the confidence to try starting a business?


Plain and simple, this is a 9 week “quick start” course that older students can do alone, younger children can do with a parents help, or families can do together!


We take you step by step through the basics to start any home business from scratch....then give you the tools to take it as far as you’d like!  All with a 60 day, no hassle money-back guarantee!


Laying The Foundation

Once you have learned how to launch ANY business from scratch, then any of those other ‘make a million’ e-books can be applied, as well as any other idea you may have been dreaming about!  


You will also learn to develop that “entrepreneurial mindset” that enables you to see opportunities where others see problems!


Learning how to start a home business is the perfect home school class!


You will not only give them a skill that they will have the rest of their life, but it’s a class that most kids are very motivated to learn!

(Extra money has that effect, somehow....)


Best of all...you and your child will have an operating business of your choice in less than 9 weeks....


Think of it as curriculum that pays for itself!

This course provides 9 weekly lesson plans you can use to teach:



































Homeschooling 4 children for the last 29 years with every program you can think of has given me an education on what curriculums work and which ones don’t. I also come from a long line of successful entrepreneurs. My grandfather started a grocery store from scratch in 1930....my mother started a printing business at our kitchen table when I was 12 - and supported her when my father died of a heart attack just 9 years later!


Our family has had several successful businesses, and enjoyed the freedom it gave us for different homeschool projects. Granted, that doesn’t make us an expert, but we can share what we know as well as the years of research to make your dream a reality. Our dream is to equip every person with the skills and knowledge to start a business .... To live their dreams.


 The proof is in the results!

The last few years we have written much of our own curriculum with amazing results. Our third child was a very slow starter and with many classic ADD symptoms. He was definitely not one that was interested in reading, writing, or arithmetic. We knew he had potential (like any parent) but just didn’t know how to motivate him.


It was quite by accident that we discovered that when we gave him an opportunity to earn some money at a book sale by having his own ‘table’, that he had an amazing math aptitude. We discovered that he not only could do math calculations he hadn’t even been directly taught (although we suspected he had been listening in on his older brother’s lessons....) he was doing them in his HEAD! This was a kid we were worried was a little ‘slow’...if you know what I mean.


We discovered that he just needed to connect what he was learning to real life situations - and his learning took off!

Needless to say, adapting his curriculum to something that worked for HIM, using real life situations to learn, helped this “slow learner”  to score a 28 on his ACT, and enter college on a 100% paid scholarship majoring in....you guessed it - business.


My point is that when kids have a REASON to learn, they will learn things they will  otherwise ignore.


However, excelling in school and earning scholarships are only a few reasons to make starting a home business part of your child’s education.


Job Security.  In our economy, it’s anyone’s guess what will happen next. Nobody is secure in a traditional job these days, and any wealthy person will tell you that you won’t get rich working for someone else. Rich Dad, Poor Dad’s Robert Kyosaki recommends everyone should have a small business of some sort on the side  to supplement your income, if not to eventually develop into a full time income.


Better Jobs. Understanding how a business works will also make your child a better employee. Even if your child has no desire to have their own business, teaching them the basics of business through experience, they will be a better employees. Why? Because they will have a first hand understanding of how a company works from the bosses’ point of view. They will never be an ‘average’ employee after having their own business, which will always give them the upper edge in any company!


Leadership Skills. Teens that have started a business has proven to give them more confidence and leadership skills. NFTE is an organization that was started in New York over 20 years ago by a teacher that wanted help “endangered” inner city kids develop marketable skills.  Harvard Business School did a study on these kids and not only was there a significant increase in confidence and leadership skills, but over there was a 32% increase in interest in continuing to college. These were kids that weren’t even interested in finishing high school! Many of these kids run very successful businesses today and/or have college degrees.


Better Money Management Skills. Obviously math becomes much more interesting when they are figuring how much profit they just made!  In addition, having more money to manage will give them more opportunity to learn how to give, save and invest.


Most kids work a part time job at sometime in their life, why not teach them what they need to know to create their own part time job? Having a business will supply that extra money and looks far more impressive on a resume or college application!
















 Raising children is more than getting them to school (or getting them just to DO school!),

swimming lessons, baths and doctors appointments.....

it’s passing on your life views, your values, and giving them skills for life.


Helping them discover their life purpose is part of the journey.

Teaching them how to accomplish it makes it a reality.


The “Nine Week Homeschool Entrepreneur Course”

...is 9 weeks of lesson plans that take you and your child

step by step to starting a home business

...and an entrepreneurial foundation for the rest of their life !

82% of high school students surveyed said they would like start a home business someday....


but only 75% of those had any idea of how to do it.

How to choose an ideal business for your situation & personality!How to research your idea for profitabilityHow to write a simple business plan from an easy to follow outlineHow to choose a nameHow to set your pricesWhere to find customersHow to advertise on a shoestringHow to write a basic budgetWhere to find online videos & websites to learn more in depth business principles (for older kids) and WHYHow to know what you need to keep it legalHow to set up a simple bookkeeping systemHow to write a press release announcing your businessWhere to find suppliersPlaces to find *FREE* resources like business cards, websites, and advertising!Where to find more courses and resources in becoming a successful entrepreneur if you or your child want to take it to the next level 

This is a win-win situation.

You like the course,

you have an entrepreneurial foundation,

a running home business,

an experience of a lifetime

And more...






If you don’t like the course,

You have 30 60 days to get your money back!


No hassle guarantee!


Nothing to lose -






Special Launch Price

(really!) this is our introductory offer. We are offering this at over 72% off!

9 Weeks of M-F lesson plans including worksheets and assignments. Tons of online resources and a goldmine of free business materials

All we ask in return is your honest testimony in return!

Limited time ONLY-


$97  $37!

Immediate Access & Secure Ordering

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"Whatever an education is, it should make you a unique individual, not a conformist; it should furnish you with an original spirit with which to tackle the big challenges; it should allow you to find values which will be your road map through life; it should make you spiritually rich, a person who loves whatever you are doing, wh

erever you are, whomever you are with; it should teach you what is important, how to live and how to die."           – John Taylor Gatto

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Directions for accessing the course will be on the “Thank You!” page you will receive immediately after purchase.  You can access the web page with the password and start your E-Course immediately!


We are available by [Email](mailto:homeschoolbiz@comcast.net) with any questions or problems you might have. We are happy to help any way we can!



You tell me....which looks better to you?

Or on resume?

Entrepreneurial training is emerging as a critical element in the training of the next generation. Twenty four Fortune 500 companies have put in $1,000,000 or more EACH into the educational effort of NFTE’s entrepreneurial training programs. Microsoft, known to be at the forefront of new ideas, alone donated two million dollars to create a business simulator for entrepreneurship education at NFTE.







Unfortunately, there aren’t NFTE opportunities available to homeschoolers.... or most of the US population. Of course, there are other ways to accomplish teaching them how to start a home business. We want every family to be able to do this, we have done everything we can to make it easy and affordable. We’re not offering half a dozen ‘bonus’ ebooks to justify a higher price, threatening to raise the price in a week, telling you there’s only 5 left, so you better hurry, or any other ‘gimmicks’. We give you more credit than that.


Can’t I put together my own course?


Yes! That is where we started, and why we put together a website, Homeschool-Entrepreneur.com, as a clearing house of information for just that reason....for those who want to do it themselves. We’ve obviously hit a nerve, and the response has been overwhelming ....as well as demand for a pre-written course, because homeschool families are busier than ever!


All this at a price that will most likely be earned back before you’re finished with it! How many of your curriculums can say that?!


It’s an easy to follow, step by step, online course with 9 weeks of lesson plans,  each week broken down into 5 daily lessons that you can make part of your homeschool, or do in an average of one hour (or less!) after school, or Saturday afternoons for just nine weeks.


There’s ideas and projects to easily expand it to 18 weeks if you want to go more in depth, or even continue for the entire school year! Of course, once their business is up and running, there are countless ways to make it a learning tool for as long as the business runs.  


It only takes 9 weeks, but they’ll thank you for a lifetime!


Why not take the time out to give this lifetime skill to your child?


It will create a new bond between you, and they will definitely thank  you someday!


You will be at the forefront of the “teaching entrepreneurs” movement....you will be able to help others learn by your experience...

Secure Ordering

with debit or credit or Paypal through ClickBank.

With a 60 day money-back guarantee!


Questions? [Email us!](mailto:homeschoolbiz@comcast.net)

60 Day Money-Back NO Hassle Guarantee!

60 Day


NO Hassle Guarantee!

Immediate access as soon as your transaction is processed!   You could start today!

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