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Every Xbox 360 Is A Ticking Time Bomb, Its Just A Matter Of Time Until It Goes Off!

"Fixing Your Xbox 360 Just Got A Whole Lot Easier!"

Problem Difficulty Supported Estimate Time 3 Red Lights Easy YES 1hr 2 Red Lights Easy YES 1hr E74, E73 Easy YES 1hr Audio No Video Easy YES 1hr Graphic Glitches/Freezing Easy YES 1hr Disc Tray Sticking Super Easy YES 10mins Disc Read Errors Medium YES 45mins

Video and Textbook/Picture Tutorials to show you how to easily fix EVERY Xbox 360 PROBLEM with common house hold tools! No special knowledge is required and you can try our guides 100% “RISK-FREE”. Get your love back within an hour! If you only have one of the problems and don't care for the extra guides, let me assure you that one day you will get to those other problems. These systems are just like cars, they require maintenance over time!

A simple effective solution easy enough for complete newbs.

99.9% success rate.

Don't send your 360 to Microsoft for a 4-6 week repair where all they do is replace it with a refurbished system that will get the problem again.

Start playing your favorite games again within 1-2hours in just 5 simple steps and never worry about the 3 red lights coming back, guaranteed or your money back!

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Or... Get Both, With Bonuses For $34.99

When you order the FULL bundle you get:
Full Membership That Includes: Video Tutorial - High quality video starting from taking the 360 apart to performing the repair, to putting everything back together. You can't go wrong with this. Text Book Instructions With Crystal Clear Images That Covers EVERYTHING A Bonus, Slightly More Advanced Technique In Text/Picture Format for enthusiasts!
That's not all, Also included are the following guides:
BONUS 1: how to permanently fix your disc tray getting stuck BONUS 2: how to fix disc reading errors by tweaking the laser BONUS 3: how to install a new laser and where to get one from for $10 BONUS 4: Kei Atsuko reveals how he makes over $1000/week buying and selling broken xbox 360s.
All For Just $34.99


The Cause Of 3 Red Lights, No Video, E74, E73, Graphic Glitches And Freezing?
The motherboard has hit temperatures so high that it has caused it to warp, breaking and cracking solder joints. Now it is not only overheating that causes the warp. The way Microsoft has the motherboard mounted inside the case sets it up for failure right out of the gate, its just a matter of time. The FixYa360 method will deal with this very important issue from the core and change how the motherboard is mounted inside the case, and that's not all! What good is remounting the motherboard if its already warped with cracked solder joints? Well the FixYa360 method also reveals a very unique and effective way of un warping the board and reconnecting the solder joints WITHOUT SOLDERING ANYTHING!

In some cases the broken solder joints will be in different locations, like under important chips. Kei reveals his secret method to fix these trouble areas

Here's What Microsoft
Doesn't Want You To Know
Microsoft says the Xbox 360 failure rate is below 3%. Everyone knows that is an outright lie. They have done everything in their power to avoid recalls. The actual failure rate of Xbox 360s is estimated between 20-30%. With 10+ million owners, that's 2-3 million problems. So when those 2-3 million people phone Microsoft for support, they tell them it will cost $140 + shipping to fix it if its not under warranty. Just think of all that extra money Microsoft is indirectly pulling out millions of peoples pockets.

How does Microsoft fix your Xbox 360? They don't fix it, they replace it with a refurbished one. A once broken system that will one day break again, I can promise you that. They just keep repeating this cycle until your warranty is up and then you have to pay. I know people that have sent over 5 systems back to Microsoft during their warranty period. Three months after their warranty ended, their last refurbished system they got back died again! Don't enter this cycle! Learn to do it yourself to fix it once and for all.

Be careful About The Other Guides, They Are Missing Some Very Important Steps!
Kei would like to inform you to be very careful about some of the other guides available on the net. He states that some will actually get your system back up and running but not for long, often only a few days to a week or two, then you either have to do it all over again, or it could be completely pouched. He says they are missing some very important steps that will give you that long term permanent fix. Also keep in mind, that doing some of these repairs multiple times to the same system can drastically decrease their life expectancy. Especially if you are not comfortable taking it apart and putting it back together. Doing this over and over fixing it every week, something is bound to break off and screw it for good.

If you are someone who has already attempted multiple repairs to your system, do not worry. Chances are it still has life in it, and with the FixYa360 method, it will give you every last minute of life out of your 360

Some feedback I received about the FixYa360 User Guide


BONUS 1: A guide to show you how to permanently fix your disc tray getting stuck. This is a very common problem with the xbox 360 dvd-drives. Kei's method of fixing it does NOT require you to open your 360 and takes only 5 minutes. Its so simple its genius!

BONUS 2 & 3: A guide that shows you how to fix disc reading errors by tweaking the laser or replacing the laser. Every time your play your xbox 360 the laser gets weaker and weaker. It is inevitable that it will one day die and not read anything. How long it lasts depends on how clean your discs are. If you are having disc reading problems 99% chance that your laser is dead and needs replacing. Do NOT pay someone to install a new one or send it to micros ft you will be charged $140 + shipping. Kei will show you where to buy the laser for $10 and how to install it within 30 minutes and be back up and running like it was a brand new xbox 360.

BONUS 4: Kei reveals how he makes over $1000/week buying and selling broken xbox 360s. He will show you what to look for, what to avoid, and how to sell them. This is not something Kei willingly wanted to give away but we convinced him to. This is a very high demand, low competition market with room for even amateurs to make an easy $500 a week.
Selling 2 xboxs a week = $300/week Selling 5 xboxs a week = $750/week
60 Day, Iron-Clad, 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

If within 60 days you are not satisfied with the product, simply contact us at [Kei.Atsuko@fixya360.com](mailto:support@FixYa360.com) explaining your issues and we will do our best to help.

If you are still not satisfied, we will promptly and immediately refund you every single penny you have paid.


Kei Atsuko
Computer Scientist, Computer Engineer, 360 Insider
FixYa360 Consultant and Founder
of FixYa360.com

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