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Your product and membership will be immediately available upon payment completion, via digital download. The download is .pdf format, and the site membership is included in the download. You will require Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the download -- a free copy of this is available on the Download Page if you do not already have it installed. eBook updates are delivered by email in the 1st week of every month -- this includes all new recipes and content for the month and new links from the aforementioned to the new video content on WokVideos.com.
Your payment will show up on your account as Clickbank*com.

Contact us....
Enquiries                    : [cheft@wokvideos.com](mailto:cheft@wokvideos.com)
Membership Support  : [cheft@itts.co.za](mailto:cheft@itts.co.za)
Technical Support      : [wokvideos@itts.co.za](mailto:wokvideos@itts.co.za)  


( and $39.95 each year anniversary of your subscription to a maximum of  99yrs )

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