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"How To Fix Your Xbox 360 In Under 90 Minutes Without Having To Spend $140! An Easy And Fast Repair Guide With VIDEO Instructions!"
Don't Miss Your Chance To Be Playing Your Xbox 360 In Under 90 Minutes

   Repair Manual And Repair Video Both Yours For $47 $32 SALE!!! NOW ONLY $27! 

Instant Download! 24/7
   Clickbank Return Policy 


If you are unhappy for ANY REASON with your purchase  [ Contact us](mailto:admin@1hourXbox360repair.com?subject=Xbox360RepairGuide) for a no questions asked refund.

Anthony Uccello

Site Adminstrator


Doubting Gamer Fixed Xbox 360!

I was not going to buy this guide. I thought it was total B.S. How was I going to fix MY xbox when I don't know anything about repairs? I bought this on a whim...AND IT WORKED! I can't believe it, I actually repaired my xbox myself! I did it! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Your guide helped me save my xbox, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!! I'm going to play it right now!

Alex, Waterloo, Canada

"Can I actually get my Xbox 360 working again with this guide? I am very nervous about taking my Xbox 360 apart..."  

YES! This is the same repair method tens of thousands (yes, tens of thousands) of gamers have used to get their Xbox 360 working in less than just 2 hours!  This guide is guaranteed to get your Xbox 360 working or your money back!

"I have only 1 red light (not 3), will this work too?"

1 red light means there is a hardware problem with your system. More than likely, this will work for you as well.


Brothers Get Xbox Working In Just Over 1 Hour

I was so happy when I found your guide. My Xbox was only a week old when it got the ring of death! A WEEK! I was screaming mad, there was no way I was going to wait 6 weeks sending it in. I grabbed your guide the instant I found it, and it worked like magic! I was playing again with my brother in just over an hour! Me and my brother thank you man! This guide rocks!

Neil, Orlando, USA


"This seems really complicated. I don't know anything technical...would I understand the instructions?"

You bet! This was made with the average gamer in mind! This is designed to be simple and easy to follow. Just watch the video, and follow along with each step, and you will have your Xbox 360 working in less than 2 hours!


"How long will this take me?"

This should only take you about 1.5-2 hours. The actual repair video is only about 47 minutes, but you need a 1 hour cool down time as well.


"Is this repair permanent?"

It is a permanent fix! You are going to fix the hardware problem that is causing your Xbox 360's red lights. Once you fix it, the problem is solved PERMANENTLY! 

How long are you going to wait when you could be playing your Xbox 360 again?

Another Happy Gamer With A Working Xbox 360

Yea it worked. Thanks.

Craig, Austin, USA


7 Reasons To Buy This Guide

This is the only repair guide that actually uses a red light Xbox 360 to fix

Never worry about repairs again, this repair is permanent

This repair is so simple you can do it even if you are 10 years old!

You will get your Xbox 360 working today in under 2 hours!

You don't have to spend $140 sending your Xbox 360 in to Microsoft for repairs

You don't need to know anything about Xbox 360 repair; every step is fully explained!

This guide is guaranteed (repeat GUARANTEED) to work, or your money back!


Proud Texan Girl Fixes Her Xbox 360

This is sooo fantastic! I wanted my Xbox to work again so bad! I got your guide and it worked like a charm! I am so thrilled to play online again! Thanks for making this guide!

Amy, Houston, USA 

8 Reasons Why This Guide Is Perfect For You:

It's not complicated and it has simple video instructions

It uses basic tools to fix an actual red light Xbox 360

Step-by-step instructions

Video instructions for the whole process

Made by a gamer for a gamer

Instant delivery 24/7

Play with your friends again (online and off)

You get instructions in both an eBook and a full color step-by-step Video


Dad Saves Sons Xbox 360

My son was crying so loud when his xbox broke. I really wanted to cheer him up so I started looking for a way to fix his system and I found your guide. I was very hesitant at first, but I decided to try it, and it was way easier than I thought. I was able to fix my son's xbox in no time thanks to your guide. Thank you (my son is so happy now :))

James, Toronto, Canada

You could be playing Xbox 360 live in under 2 hours! What Are you waiting for?!

"How safe is this repair? I don't want to damage my Xbox 360?"

This repair is safe (unlike a lot of other guides out there right now). Unless you knock your system off your table, you won't be breaking anything. This is a straight forward repair, and you don't need any practice to follow along with the videos.


"Can't I just send my Xbox 360 in for repairs?"

That depends. If your warranty is still valid, you can send it in for free. If that is the case, do so. The only problem with this is that it can take 4-6 weeks.

Your warranty has probably expired by now however, and it will cost $140 to send it in. This guide saves you over $100 and you get your system working almost instantly!


"Why is my Xbox 360 giving me 3 red lights when I didn't do anything?"

It's a design flaw caused by Microsoft. They made a cooling unit too small, and your motherboard is overheating. We are going to fix this problem fast, and make it so your Xbox works like new again!


"Will these red lights stop if I just leave my Xbox 360 alone?What happens if I just leave it?"

Well, it only gets worse if you keep trying to use it in this state. If you can manage to get it working the rare time, then freezing becomes more frequent each time it works, and the time you can play will shorten. 


Tony Hawk Fan Get His Xbox Working Again

Yo man this guide was siiiick! I was like "nooooo" when my XBOX died. I love Tony Hawk, so I only got this so I could play it again. I guess it worked because now I'm playing Hawk on my XBOX again. Thankz, you rox!!!

Todd, Sydney, Australia 

Fix your Xbox 360 in less than 2 hours!

The Xbox 360 red ring of death is a hardware problem, and it won't go away on it's own. Whether you use my guide or not, don't get desperate and do something foolish (like trying the towel fix). Breaking a $400 system and having to buy a new one, over something you could fix for less than $30 is just foolish.  

I take your situation very seriously, which is why my video actually uses a red light Xbox system and I repair it step-by-step for you to see clearly. I will walk you through the whole repair on a red light system, and you will see for yourself that it works at the end. And, if you follow along with the instructions, you will see YOUR Xbox 360 working again---TODAY!

Get your Xbox 360 up and running in less than 2 hours! What are you waiting for?

  Instant Download! Repair Manual And Repair Video Both Yours For Only $47 $32 SALE!!! NOW ONLY $27!

Instant Download! 24/7
  Clickbank Return Policy 

If you are unhappy for ANY REASON with your purchase  [ Contact us](mailto:admin@1hourXbox360repair.com?subject=Xbox360RepairGuide)  for a no questions asked refund.

Anthony Uccello

Site Adminstrator


One Sastisfied Gamer

Amazing! This morning I had the red ring of death and was pulling my hair out over the cost ($140) the Microsoft repair staff quoted me. I was surfing online to see if anyone else had this problem when I found your site. I wasn't even considering fixing it myself, but you said on your site that this repair was easy and simple, and it used basic tools. Since my Xbox was broken, and it was going to cost me $140 if I didn't fix it myself, I decided to try your guide! I got it working by lunch time! Ahaha this is amazing! THANK YOU! I was half way through Gears of War, now I can finish it!

Jeff, Berrie, Canada

This repair guide uses a safe and simple repair. I have personally bought all (yes ALL) the other repair guides online and...I feel sorry for people who buy them. They offer tricks like "wrapping your system in a towel" (which you must NOT TO FOR ANY REASON) or give you brutally unclear instructions. This guide is the only one that offers safe, simple, video instructions for the whole repair, and I actually use a red light system and show you it working after (no other guide does this!) 

8 Year Old Girl Fixed Her Xbox 360

I got this guide for my daughter so she could fix her xbox. She was really nervous at first, and she was too scared to watch the videos! So, I watched it with her, and I helped her follow along and she did it! Not bad for an 8 year old ya?

Jane, Paris, France

PPS If you need contact me: 
Email me at: [admin@1hourXbox360repair.com](mailto:admin@1hourXbox360repair.com) .  I should reply within 24-48 hours. 

This guide is guaranteed to get your Xbox 360 working in less than 90 minutes or your money back! 94% systems with red lights are easily fixed, so there is an extremely high chance that you will get your system working again with this guide, or your money back! 
How long are you going to be waiting when you could be gaming! Get your Xbox 360 fixed right now! How much time are you going lose waiting to decide what to do? You can fix your Xbox 360 right now, this is solution! Act on it now and start gaming again in less than 90 minutes! 

Relieved Gamer Fixes Her Xbox 360

My boyfriend  got the rrod (red ring of death) and we found out a lot of other people did too. I helped him look around and someone referred me to your site. I'm glad they did, because I got your guide, followed the instructions, and it worked! I got my boyfriends Xbox working in exactly 1 hour and 34 minutes! Not perfectly 90 minutes, but I think I took a 5 minute break, so I forgive you! Great guide, thanks for everything!

Cheryl, New York, USA

Happy Gaming 
PPPPS I WANT YOUR TESTIMONIAL! [ Tell me how this guide has helped you and send me your picture!](mailto:admin@1hourXbox360repair.com?subject=Xbox360RepairGuide)  
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