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Discover The Simple 'Site Flipping' Techniques Dave Hermansen Uses To Make Over $263,000 a year.

He will show you the EXACT SAME proven process he uses to find undervalued websites for CLOSE TO NOTHING, Make Them Over, and sell them for thousands and thousands of dollars...

...and all you have to do is follow the steps one at a time to duplicate his success!

Dear Friend,

My name is Dave Hermansen. You may have seen me recently on Fox Business News or read about me in the New York Times article [ "Find an Undervalued Asset. Fix It Up. Flip It."](http://www.nytimes.com/2008/07/29/technology/29flip.html)  However, there's a good chance you've never heard of me before.  Let me take a minute to tell you about a few of my accomplishments, so you know how I became an EXPERT in the area of flipping websites.

5 years ago I was broke and scraping to get by.  Me and my wife both worked full-time, and I was also going to college as well.  Our monthly bills outweighed our monthly income, and it was slowly putting us further and further into debt.  My first 2 years online were just a struggle.  I had 2 failed web stores, and spent a lot more money than I made.

By late 2005 I finally felt like I had the knowledge and experience needed to make some really good money on the web.  From the comfort of my own home in Boise, Idaho, I built a single internet store that made over $400,000 in profit between September 2005 and the end of 2007.  During that same 2 year period I bought, refurbished, and sold 10 other websites as well.  In all, I've made over $526,000 during that short amount of time.  That's not $526,000 in total revenue, that's true profit that went into my pocket.

I've developed a SIMPLE STEP-BY-STEP process that is totally repeatable, and makes HUGE PROFITS every time it's applied!

Here's what is important to you:

You don't have to be a business prodigy to do what I've done.  In fact 99% of the skills needed are LEARNED SKILLS that anyone can learn and apply.

If you've ever been tempted to build or buy a website with the intent to sell it for a profit, then you need to get Dave's book.  Unlike other guys who talk big about selling websites for profit (but actually make more profit from selling their ebooks to you), Dave sells websites for a living and has done so for years. His section on how to find distressed properties alone is worth 5x more than what he's asking for the entire product.  This is a fantastic strategy you can use even if you don't want to sell the website.  Now is your chance to learn from a real master - don't miss out!


-Nancy Andrews

World-Renowned SEO Expert

[ www.liveblueprints.com](http://www.liveblueprints.com/218.html)

Anyone can follow these steps and have the SAME SUCCESS I've had!

It doesn't matter if you're a stay at home parent that wants to make some extra money, or an executive that wants to make a good living WITHOUT working that mind-numbing day job.

Virtually ANYONE can jump on this opportunity and make a GOOD LIVING on the internet using these techniques.


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There are thousands and thousands of websites on the internet just waiting to be 'made over' and flipped for a RIDICULOUS PROFIT.

I have literally flipped websites for 100s of times what I paid for them.

The GREAT NEWS FOR YOU is that I'm going to show you exactly how to take advantage of the situation starting NOW.

The BAD NEWS is that this is URGENT - If you're reading this letter you are one of the lucky ones that have discovered this opportunity - don't let it slip away!

For those that don't jump on this chance - you may be passing up on the best opportunity you'll ever have to make serious money online.

I'm sure you're quite skeptical at this point, but just give me a few minutes of your time to prove what I'm saying is true.

You'll be glad you did!

Here's why it works...

Flipping 'real properties'

We all know about how people make money flipping houses.  In fact, most of us have either done it before, or known someone that has done it with at least moderate success.  At the very least, you've seen one of the many TV shows about 'flipping houses' for profit.  Thousands of people in the US make full-time livings flipping real properties.

 Here's how it works: you find an undervalued home in a neighborhood where the average house is worth far more.  Then you do some basic repairs and cosmetic improvements before throwing it back on the market at a much higher price than you originally paid.

Flipping 'virtual properties'

Flipping websites is very similar to flipping properties in the real world, the biggest difference being that it takes a lot less of an investment of time and money to flip an internet property.  To flip a house, you need to get a loan, hire contractors, pay for materials, etc.  To flip a website, you can overhaul it with free (or very cheap) software.

I went the 'virtual property' route!

Mainly because I didn't have much money to invest when I got started, but also because I wanted to work from the comfort of my own home!

Hopefully my accomplishments thus far prove that I discovered a viable way to make great income doing just that!  And it's not because I'm an Einstein, ANYONE can implement these techniques.

Here are the techniques I've discovered that make this system work so well:
How to find an INCREDIBLE NICHE that you can succeed in. How to buy an UNDERVALUED DOMAIN NAME to do your eventual flip. How to quickly INCREASE TRAFFIC & REVENUE through your website. How to sell your website for dozens (or even hundreds) of times what YOU ORIGINALLY PAID.
...All inside of a 2 or 3 month period!

I've spent two years compiling these tips, tricks, and techniques into an EXTREMELY COMPREHENSIVE VIDEO SERIES that shows you exactly how to do what I do.  No need to leave your home, you can watch the video series right on the very computer you're reading this letter on.

If you know how to surf the web & use basic programs you are ready to get started!  That's really all you need to know how to do to begin working on your own financial freedom today.  The step-by-step instructions on this video series are so simple a child could do it!

Most of the techniques I'll show you on these videos are concepts that are right under your nose, but the untrained eye will miss them every time!  I'll show you how to identify these opportunities, then how to take advantage of them to your financial benefit.  No special skills required, you just need some inside knowledge, and I'm going to give it to you!

Introducing my new videos series:

Make A Living Flipping Websites


I've eluded to what this video series is about, but let me go into a bit more detail on exactly what you'll learn!


The video series includes the following videos:

How To Find The Perfect Niche

How To Find An Extremely Undervalued Domain Name

How To Source Products Without Ever Having To Stock Anything

How To Build A Web Store Using Free Or Cheap Software

How To Maximize Traffic & Sales At Your Website

How To Flip Your Website For Maximum Profit

The final step, flipping your site, is totally optional of course.  If you so choose, you can hang onto the website and keep the monthly revenue for yourself!

The videos listed above just so happen to be in the same order as the steps you should take when doing this for yourself.  In fact, I highly recommend doing each step as you learn about it in the video.  By the time you're done watching the videos, you'll have your first gold mine up & running!

Let me quickly explain each video in more detail so you understand how simple it will be for YOU to do this whole process:

How To Find The Perfect Niche

Unlike what people typically think of when they envision 'flipping a property' we actually find a solid niche to complete in BEFORE we find an undervalued domain name.

I'll teach you exactly how I discover & analyze niches in order to find one I know I'll be able to succeed in!

How To Find An Extremely Undervalued Domain Name

Believe it or not, there are tens of thousands of domain names out there that are worth far more than people are willing to sell them for.  Not because the domain name is extremely 'catchy' or 'cute' but because they are an unmaximized revenue stream within a niche that's very profitable.  Most webmasters are completely 'in the dark' when it comes to making real money using their website.

If you know how to identify these 'distressed properties' you can get one for a fraction of it's 'true market value.'  I'll show you how to identify these properties and get them at unbelievably low prices (typically less than $400).

How To Source Products Without Ever Having To Stock Anything

Most people don't realize that you can offer products on your web store without the need of investing in or stocking products.  This concept is referred to online as "dropshipping" and unfortunately it's gotten a bad name because folks misrepresent it.  However, dropshipping really does work well if you know how to identify true wholesale dropshippers.  You can literally source any product imaginable, sell it on your store for 20-60% more than it costs you, and have it sent directly to your customer on your behalf.

I will show you exactly how to filter out the garbage dropshippers, and find ones that are ready and willing to dropship for you.

How To Build A Web Store Using Free Or Cheap Software

Unlike with real 'home flips' you can refurbish virtual properties for little or no money.  All you need is some 'know how' and good tools that are available for little or no money online.  I'll show you how to use these tools to spice up your website and make it look extremely professional.

How To Maximize Traffic & Sales At Your Website

This is where most web store owners fall short; maximizing traffic & sales.  I'll show you how to quickly get traffic and sales flowing through your website.  Once this is happening, your website is worth A LOT of money!

How To Flip Your Website For Maximum Profit

Most folks simply don't know how & where to sell their website for maximum profit.  Even if they have a website that has a good steady monthly income, they don't know how to get 'top dollar' for it.  I'll show exactly how to get the most you can possibly get for your website.

So You're Probably Wondering If You Could Do This Without The Videos

Sure you could learn all of this a piece at a time over the next couple of years.  But having all of this info and knowledge compiled into a single comprehensive video series will save you from a whole lot of time & effort.  I spent two stressful, exhausting years learning these techniques one piece of info at a time.  Not to mention the thousands of dollars I spent on 'self help' products, and the amount of potential earnings I lost during that time period.

YOU Don't Have To Make The Same MISTAKES That I Made!

Are you ready for this?

The ideas and techniques shared in this video series are used by successful internet marketers that, until now, were the only ones that could truly make good money consistently online.  These secrets and techniques have helped me put 100s of thousands of dollars into my bank account, and you can do the same for yourself.  This knowledge within this video series could change your life forever!

I’ve worked with Dave Hermansen quite extensively over the last few years. His insight into niche marketing is right on! He's delivered on projects we’ve worked on together that has benefited both our wallets. If you are sick of answering to someone else, Dave’s course will allow you to take the first step in calling the shots. Being on entrepreneur is not easy, if you’re looking for a get rich quick scheme, spend your money on the lottery. If you’re willing to work hard, this course will help you be your own boss.


-Ed Shapiro

Owner - [ SensoryEdge.com](http://www.sensoryedge.com/)

But this opportunity isn't for everyone...

If you are expecting this to be a get rich quick scheme, keep your money and move on.  I am only interested in sharing this knowledge with individuals that are willing to do the work needed to succeed.  The info and knowledge on this video series will give you the tools you need for success, but making it happen is up to you!

Rest assured, this video series wont leave you scratching your head and wondering "where do I start?"  After watching each video you'll know exactly how to proceed, but you'll need to provide the motivation required to make it happen!

So How Much Is This Course Worth?

As I mentioned above, I spent 2 years of my life and over $10,000 to obtain this knowledge.  So I would have gladly paid the amount I spent to have it given to me in one easy to understand video series.  It would have saved me from a whole lot of stress & heartburn!  Your income level will literally be up to you after you have this knowledge, and you can't put a price tag on that.

Don't be concerned, I'm not charging anywhere close to that!

The video series is ready to go, but we're not releasing it until August 23rd.  The price for the series is $499.95, but if you preorder it will give you 50% off!
Regular Price:  $499.95 Special Offer:  $249.98

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Sure, website flipping will probably be a viable way to make good money for a long time, but not at the margins you can make now!  Until webmasters and businesses have a better idea of the value of web properties we will continue to MAKE A KILLING flipping websites.  The goal is to make as much money as possible before the WORD IS OUT!


You may still not be convinced that this video series will teach you how to make a living flipping websites.  I've truthfully expressed to you how successful I've been using these techniques, but you may not be sure that this product is right for you.

Let me make this decision totally RISK FREE for you.
With a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

It's all up to you to make this happen, get started 100% RISK FREE and take advantage of this unbelievable opportunity!

Yours truly,

Dave Hermansen

P.S.  You have nothing to lose at this point.   If you decide this isn't the way you want to make a living, just take me up on the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.  There's going to be a lot of money made this year flipping websites, and YOU could be one of the people making the money.

Order now and take control of your future!

After the videos are released on August 23rd the price will go up to $499.95.  Save 50% by preordering now!  Everyone that preorders the series will be emailed a download link on the 23rd of this month...

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