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 Just fill in your name and email to get my FREE leveling tips as well as leveling guide for both factions and all races from levels 1 through 12!
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STOP, If you have every bought a World of Warcraft guide, found out that it sucked, and is looking for something genuine that works? If your answer is YES, I urge you to read on..


Discover how to eliminate time getting to 70, so you can spend time on other content!

Level any Character from any Faction from 1 - 70 in the most Efficient way

100% Legit. No Hacks, No Exploits, and No Cheats that will get you banned

Covers ALL Starting Races! Blood Elves and Draenei Included


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FREE Leveling Guide from Levels 1 Through 12!

  Just fill in your name and email to get my FREE leveling tips as well as leveling guide for both factions and all races from levels 1 through 12!



From : Shawn Woods


Dear WOW Gamer Enthusiast,

I have a true story to share with you.

I am Shawn Woods, and I have been playing World of Warcraft ever since it was in its Beta stages, and like many other games before this, such as Star Wars Galaxies, Final Fantasy XI, as  as far back as Ultima Online, Helbreath, Quake and even Super Mario Bros.! I have always been interested in finishing the game in the quickest time possible. In World of Warcraft, or course it meant to Level as fast as possible. Yes, I am sure you must be thinking about the countless number of things you can do after level 70 (Arena, Battlegrounds, Raids, etc) however, leveling from 1 to 70 in the quickest time possible was what suited my taste.

Since the start of Beta, I have leveled a total of 20 characters. 10 characters from the Horde side, and 10 from the Alliance side. Imagine how much time I have spent leveling! I am so familiar with leveling that I can even go from spot to spot routinely even without any references.

Because I guarantee that by the time you reach the end of this page, you will understand World of Warcraft better than 99% of the players out there

Many routes later. I found the perfect Route..

I remember when I first started playing World of Warcraft, I would compile a list of quests and their quest spots so that I would be able to do them in the effective way possible. Of course like many of us WoW lovers out there, I have gone through many quest routes, many times missing quests on the way that would gave me that little extra experience. I would make sure I remembered it the next time I leveled my next character.

By the time I made my 7th Character. I was stunned.. All the Hard work of me trying to hit /played 6days had been possible!

I traced my step back to see what had happened. I had experimented with different routes and


"I Bring You Extreme Leveling"


This guide was built with only 1 purpose in mind. My WoW buddies was always curious of my leveling speed, that I was always casually helping my guildies level their alts, especially when the guild is in need of a certain class for raiding purposes. Then I thought to myself,  How many people out there would want to level faster, easier while having fun at the same time? That sparked the idea for me to build the guide.

Let me tell you what this Guide is NOT:

Extreme Leveling is NOT about using bots, exploits, hacks or cheats

I am a Real Gamer. I do things the right way, and do not indulge in any activities that will get my Account Banned.

  Extreme Leveling is NOT a power leveling service

Playing the game is fun, and if you bought it, I suggest that you power level your own character rather than getting someone else to do it. It just takes the fun out of the game if you don't build your character by yourself,

        Extreme Leveling is NOT a grinding guide

I like to make a game fun, and grinding is not fun. There are many lousy grinding guides out there. This is NOT one of them. I don't see how fun it can be staying in the same spot killing the same mobs. Questing is the way the game should be played, and this is what we encourage


Don't hate the Playa, Hate the Game

Every since this guide was published, I have been getting attacked from many Power Leveling service companies.

Its incredible how much impact my guide has screwed up their Power Leveling business!

They have been trying to do much damage to my account that I have been constantly receiving hate mails, viruses and spy wares from these companies to try and stop me! I have been threatened by these guys but too bad for them, it wont stop me.


Slice Hours of your /Played time using my Guide, GUARANTEED!

Now, here is a summary of what is included in my Extreme Leveling Guide.

 World of Warcraft Level 1 - 12 Starting Zone Guide

This includes the detailed walkthrough for both factions, and every race.

 World of Warcraft Level 13 - 70Leveling Guide

This includes the most effective route for both Horde and Alliance to get you to level 70

Colorful and distinctive Maps

A custom-made, practically illegal, accurate map drawn for your instant reference.


Automated Leveling Mod

A irreplaceable and convenient Add-On that can be used to cut down your leveling time by up to 60%


World of Warcraft Level 71 - 80 Leveling Guide

 This guide will be updated as soon as Wrath of the Lich King hits the Shelf.

Premium LIFETIME Membership

You will receive your personalized login name and password, ensuring that every time a patch or changes for the game, you are not left behind. This also includes the leveling guide for the expansion WRATH OF THE LICH KING.

100% Legit. No Hacks, No Exploits, and No Cheats that will you banned

Covers ALL Starting Guides! Blood Elves and Draenei Included

The guide is get right to the point. No fluff and filler included here


"I'll definitely recommend this guide to my guildies!"

I just wanted to drop by to comment about your site. The content that you have provided is just awesome and I am impressed how much work you have put into it! Especially the maps!

I dont think I can level another character without your guide. I'll definitely recommend this guide to my guildies!

Thanks Shawn!

"You helped put the fun back in leveling!"

Leveling used to so boring! I just couldnt wait to get to 70. Ever since I got your guide, You helped put the fun back in leveling!

I have made 2 alts since getting your guide!

Thanks for making this AWESOME guide!


-Tyrell Jimmy

"Switched to Horde with ease"

Hi Shawn,

Just want to let you know that I use your guide religiously! I was playing Alliance, and  I had switched to Horde side. I had no trouble doing quests from the beginning thanks to your guide!

-Jessy Wolf

"I just wished I got your guide..way before!"

Shawn, I have been playing WOW for 2 years now, and I own 4 leveling guides out there, and I must say that yours is definitely the BEST hands down. It just gets straight to the point and its so accurate!

I just wished I got your guide...way before!


-Alfred Lee

"Satisfied Customer from Argentina"


Vivo en la Argentina. Pienso que su libro es muy bueno. Me ayuda mucho. Gracias. Apesadumbrado mi ingl

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