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Don't go On Another Date
Without Knowing

"The Dating Basics"

How To Date With More Confidence,
Be Radiant, and Have More Fun

Dear romantic,

You want to date smart. Of course!

You want to meet a good man. Absolutely!

You want to get past the dating phase as quickly as possible and begin a relationship that will grow into love, commitment, romance and passion. Positively!

What you need is useful advice that will help you:
Date with more confidence Date smarter so you don't waste time with the wrong man Be more relaxed and have more fun Know how to pick the right man Develop a committed relationship filled with love and respect
Is that asking too much? No, definitely not!

Hi, I'm Kara Oh,

If you're confused and overwhelmed, I don't blame you.

What's different about me is that I'm not a marketing company that hires writers from overseas.

I'm real and you can reach out and communicate with me. My email address and phone number is below.

For the past 10 years I've been writing books and speaking on the topics of:
understanding men dating smart creating rock-solid, love-filled relationships
You'll get the help and guidance you need with my Dating Basics course so you can find a good man, your soul mate, and create a solid, happy, long-term relationship.

Kara Oh, Expert Dating Coach

No More Guessing... because you'll get all this:
Clear direction on how to date smart instead of being overwhelmed Rock-solid advice that will make it easy to date with lots more confidence Know specifically what all good men are looking for Know what you can do to be more attractive than every other women he meets Develop an almost magical force that will pull a man toward you Ways to manage your expectation so they don't blind you See how what you "say" you want might not match what you "really" want Learn how to manage the mystifying behavior of men Learn what mistakes you might unknowingly be making that are killing your chances of getting a second date with that man you like Learn specific things you can to to instantly improve your dating success Get a wise second opinion from a surprising source Learn to see what a man REALLY has to offer Get useful benefit even from a date that you know will go nowhere Learn the "proper" way to prepare for a date Learn to date with the same intentions he does Determine whether you're being picky or selective... and the consequences of each Develop a deeper understanding of what motivates a man Learn what men are REALLY looking for and how easy it is to give it to them Know what to do and not do when he calls for a date Know how to prepare before he picks you up or before you leave to meet him Know what to do to have a great first date Know how to handle yourself if you're not attracted Learn what will cause him to never call again Learn how simple it is to become a great conversationalist
That's just some of what you'll learn in this Dating Basics course. You'll also learn the difference between and the consequences of:
Being Beautiful Being Neutral Being Ugly
Obviously, being beautiful is what we all want. But you'll be surprised by what beautiful means to him.

It's not what you think!

If you don't know the difference between these three thing,s you could be ruining your chances at finding love...

and never know what you're doing wrong.

That's my job, to help you discover what mistakes you are making, how to fix them, and then...

How to be the most interesting woman he's ever met... maybe ever!

How will you feel if:
He can't get you off of his mind? He can't wait to see you again? He sees you as a refreshing change from the other women he's met? He's worried some other man will snap you up? He falls in love with you?
How will you feel if:
He can't get you off of his mind? He can't wait to see you again? He sees you as a refreshing change from the other women he's met? He's worried some other man will snap you up? He falls in love with you?
The Dating Basics Course will give you the nuts-and-bolts, easy-to-follow information you need to succeed.

Get Specific, Measurable Guidance

What you'll learn in the Dating Basics course is so simple and straight-forward, you'll be able to put it into use immediately. You'll be able to easily relate to how to make subtle changes to get the results you want.

But that's not all! To help you be as successful as possible in achieving your dating and relationship goals, you'll also receive the following 7 Bonuses:

Bonus #1 – 9 Ways To Instantly Improve Your Dating Skills

In this ebook you'll learn:
How to have more confidence when you date How to have more fun on each date How to bring out the best in him How to 'try him on for size' How to avoid wasting your time on the wrong man How to get him to see how great you are How to get him to open up How to direct your conversations How to listen to your intuition and not get swept away

Bonus #2 – 15 Dating Mistakes (Which One Are Y ou Making?)

In this ebook you'll learn:
What's causing you to be invisible to men What could quadruple the number of men who find you attractive What could be causing you to seem cold to men What you need to tone down so you don't repel men The most important man magnet How women are fooling themselves and causing one disappointment after another How doing this is keeping you unattached Why doing this is causing men to squirm in their seat What you need to do to get a second and third date How doing this is blinding you to your ideal match How misinterpreting his comments is confusing you Why doing this is turning men off How simple it is to stand out among all other women Why doing this is causing men to assume you're "easy" What you might be doing that's disgusting to men

Bonus #3 – How To Create Passion In & Out of Bed

In the Dating Basics course I encourage you to wait to have sex for reasons I explain in the course.

But when the time is right, it's nice to get a brush-up course in the finer points of love making.

In this ebook you'll learn:

Discover the easiest way to turn on your man. This answer may surprise you… but my thorough research has confirmed this again and again. Check out page 7.
I give tips on how you can use some sexy love techniques to ratchet up passion to unbelievable heights. The madness begins on page 8… and concludes with an “ultimate wake-up call” guaranteed to keep him smiling all day long. On page 13, you can discover everything you need to know when you’re about to have sex with a man the first time. When’s the best time? How long into the relationship should you be? I answer all. On page 16 I discuss one activity you can do that’ll enhance your sex life unlike anything else. You can do it anywhere, any time, any place. Nobody will suspect a thing…
I don’t shy away from controversial topics either. Want 7 sexual couple secrets? I’ve got ‘em on page 20. Your words can spice up your love life to unbelievable levels. Get ideas on page 23. True or False: An orgasm is the most important aspect of sex. Find out on page 24. Does size matter? Check out page 30.

Bonus #4 – Why Men Love

Special report: Why Men Love. This is an excerpt from Marriage Made Easy that I thought was so important I decided to include it here. Every woman should have this information.

Bonus #5 – Why Women Move

Special report: Why Women Love. Understanding the difference between how men love and how women love, and why they respond to each other they way they do will be helpful when you finally meet that special man.

Bonus #6 – Dating Success Weekly Newsletter

Finally, so that you get on-going support and advice, you will also be given an opportunity to receive my weekly, Dating Success Newsletter. In it I offer tips and advice on how to date smarter, get better results and attract the kind of man you are looking for.

You'll also learn about other resources that I come across that will help you get to your goal of being in a loving, committed relationship as quickly as possible.

I Want You To Be Successful

This may seem like a lot but I want you to be successful.

Extra Special Bonus #7 – Ask Kara Anything & Get A Response Within 24 Hours

To add to all I'm offering there's something I want to offer that I probably shouldn't... but I really, really do want you to date with more confidence, have more fun and find the love of your life.

I have an advice program where you can ask any question via email and get an in-depth answer in less than 24 hours... usually much less. I charge $39 for this but I'm going to give you an opportunity to ask a question, on any topic, for FREE. That's a $39 value as a gift to you.

Now, For My Guarantee

I stand behind everything I do so I offer a rock-solid, no-resistance guarantee that will help you feel confident that what I've described above is what you'll really get.

I want you to be successful and I want you to be happy with my advice. So here's my No-Risk, Iron-Clad, "It's Gotta Work For You" 100%, No Questions Asked Guarantee:

I'm confident that you'll be absolutely thrilled with the Dating Basics course (and all the bonuses) because I'm certain you'll immediately start dating with new confidence and a smile on your face.

But you don't have to just assume I'm right. That's because you have 60 days to give it a fair test.
(Sorry, but after 60 days all sales are fiinal.)

This is your opportunity to start dating smart.

Use my tips and advice on your next date. Have fun with the questions you can ask on 1st, 2nd and 3rd dates. Be more relaxed and at ease, be more attractive than ever before.

Then, if you don't experience a boost in your confidence, you're not having more fun on your dates, and if men aren't showing more interest than they did before, or, if you're simply not 100% satisfied, I'll refund your entire purchase price. No Questions asked!

There's just one thing I ask... give it a fair try. I wrote this as a course so you'd really learn from my years of experience advising men and women on how to create heart-melting relationships.

I want you to be successful.

If you don't improve your dating skills from what I offer in this Dating Basics course, which I've made as simple and user-friendly as possible, you'll not manifest the relationship you want... and that would make me very sad.

I care about your success... I care about your happiness, I can't help myself. So give yourself this gift of finally turning your dating success around. I think you deserve it and I hope you feel the same.

So remember, you get all this:

The Dating Basics course - PDF eBook format as well as MP3 and Online Audio


The 7 Bonuses:
Bonus #1: 9 Ways To Instantly Improve Your Dating Skills eBook ($15.95 value) Bonus #2: 15 Dating Mistakes eBook ($15.95 value) Bonus #3: How To Please A Man In And Out Of Bed eBook ($15.95) Bonus #4: Why Men Love Special Report (excerpt from Marriage Made Easy) Bonus #5: Why Women Love Special Report (excerpt from Marriage Made Easy) Bonus #6: Weekly Dating Success Newsletter filled with helpful tips and advice ($36 value) Extra Special Bonus #7: One FREE dating advice in-depth response to any question ($39 value)
What should you have to pay for something that will teach you how to date more effectively, how to date with more confidence, how to communicate with men, how to avoid heart-breaking mistakes?

Well, a private hour with me is $250. And I can't teach you everything that's in this course in one hour.

But let's just say I could, that would be $250 and if you talk to my clients, they'd tell you that it would be money well spent.

But I want you to have this information because it breaks my heart to see how many mistakes women make and how miserable they are with their dating experiences.

So I decided to make this course available for a Low Introductory Price that will make it easy for you to get the essential basics of dating.

All the above, if purchased separately, would cost you $182.82.

But the introductory price is only $59.97.

I know, it's crazy but I'm just so excited to share this with you that I couldn't resist.

If you're ready to learn the down-and-dirty, straight-forward, no-nonsense, gotta-know-this-or-blow-it information, go ahead and get your hands on a copy right now so you can go out this weekend and date a whole lot smarter. You'll be glad you did...

And remember, with my rock-solid guarantee, There's Absolutely No Reason Why You Shouldn't Give It A Test Drive. You get 60 whole days.

What's the alternative if you don't?

Give it a try and – this is my favorite part – when you submit your question (Extra Special Bonus #7) we'll have an opportunity to get acquainted.

[* Click Here To Order * ](http://1.datebasics.pay.clickbank.net)

Your success is my priority. I want to do everything I can to help you find the love you seek. The Dating Basics course will give you the concrete, concise guidance you need, right now, so you can have more confidence and more fun on each and every date.

So go ahead, get your copy right now and begin the adventure that awaits you.

From my heart to yours,

Kara Oh

The Heart Whisperer™

Director of Kara Oh's School Of Charm, Seduction and Feminine Grace

What will happen if you don't order the Dating Basics course? Will your dating success improve? It's for you to decide if what I offer is what you need. The best way to find out is remember my guarantee makes it Risk Free. You can't go wrong.

Here's How To Get Your Dating Basics course with all the Bonuses

Order Online By Safe, Secure Server

[* Click Here To Order * ](http://1.datebasics.pay.clickbank.net)

You'll Receive Instant Access (Instant Download)
Even If It's 1 in the Morning!

In order to instantly receive these ebooks, you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader or Microsoft Word on your computer. If you do not have it, we will provide you with a free copy to instantly install (takes less than 2 minutes).

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About Kara

Kara is the best-selling author of Men Made Easy, Marriage Made Easy, Women Made Easy. and a co-author of 101 Great Ways To Improve Your Life with authors John Gray, Jack Canfield, Richard Carlson, Bob Proctor and Alan Cohan. She is the director of Kara Oh's School Of Charm, Seduction and Feminine Grace.

She's a Dating and Relationship Coach, Seminar Leader, Public Speaker and radio and TV personality. She is also the mother of two fantastic grown children, and grandmother of a magical 13 year old grandson. And at 59, she's enjoying the best relationship, by leaps and bounds, of her life. "I'm living proof that at any age you can create a relationship that is sexy, juicy, and filled with more love than you could ever dream possible."

Kara has been interviewed on hundreds of radio and TV shows across the country in cities like New York, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Chicago, and Philadelphia, and signed books in bookstores in every major (and a few not so major) city. She is regularly featured in magazines like Cosmopolitan and Women's World. She is an enlightening and entertaining public speaker and has traveled to all the major US cities sharing her insights about what makes men tick and how to create amazing relationships.

"The purpose of intimate partnership is for us to midwife the perfection in
each other. The point of love is to reveal to us the light inside."
-- From "Illuminata" by Marianne Williamson

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