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Today Hot Stocks - Top 10 Stocks to Buy

Invest in Today’s Best Performing Stocks in US Markets
Making big money in the stock market is as simple as being invested in the best performing stocks and having a well defined exit strategy that will convert your paper money into real cash once the stocks you’re invested in lose their momentum. This is exactly what we are offering to our members.

First, our computerized trading system scans all stocks traded on US markets on a daily basis and finds the best performing momentum stocks at any given time. Then, it classifies the top stocks based on their relative strength and several other parameters in order to identify those that are in a long term up trend. It simply gives us the best stocks to buy at any given time.

Second, our trading system follows all stocks we own on a continuous basis and issue a sell signal as soon as a stock is breaking from its up trend. At that time, we ask our members to sell that stock and replace it with the top stock spotted by our trading system at that time.
Knowing When to Sell
Many people lose money in the stock markets because they don’t have a well defined selling strategy. We think that knowing when to sell a stock is at least as important as knowing when to buy it. Our trading system uses well defined selling parameters clearly established in advance and we never argue with them. We simply don’t care why the stock is going down, what its fundamentals are, or any other story behind it. When we get a sell signal we get out of that stock because the trend is changing and there are probably other hot stocks out there just waiting for our money.
Top 10 Hot Stocks
We recommend the top 10 hottest stocks on the market and hold them until our trading system says that the up trend is over. When we sell a stock, we replace it with that day’s hottest stock and so on and so forth. Our portfolio will never hold more than 10 stocks (could be less during market correction or adverse market conditions) as we found that 10 stocks offers the best return vs. diversification rapport.

Sign up today and invest in the hottest stocks on the market. For a limited time our service is available for $29.99/month. This is 70% off our regular price.

100% Money Back Guarantee
If you are not 100% satisfied with our service you can cancel anytime in your first 60 days and get all your money back. No questions asked.

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