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Have you always wanted your own website but didn't know where to start? Or maybe you want a second income as insurance from the growing economic turbulence...?

"Let Me Take You By The Hand And Teach You  Starting From Scratch How Even The Absolute Beginner Can Create Professional-Looking Websites With An Ease You'd Never
Have Thought Possible!”

Want Your Own Website But Don't Want To Get Fleeced? Then DON'T Follow The Sheep!

DON'T get ripped-off by clueless website designers...
DON'T go near a graphics designer... DON'T waste time with smart-ass computer geeks...
DON'T waste money on expensive software... You DON'T Need Them!

But please DO give me just 10 Minutes of your time to explain something that could change your life forever!

Can you see for yourself
the massive opportunities available
to you on the Internet?

Do you yearn to emulate those people who are making outlandish incomes online?

Are you constantly coming up with ideas that you just know would be real money-making winners?

Perhaps you don’t have an idea just yet? You just know you want to get a website online.

Maybe you want a second income? You see the economic storm clouds brewing and you want insurance.

Or maybe you feel you lack the skills, expertise and money to set up your own website?

If this is you, then today may prove to be the biggest turning point in your life!

You’re going to be amazed to learn just how EASY it actually is to create your very own professional-looking website – not just once, but as many times as you want!

You’re going to be doubly amazed when I tell you that you can build each website absolutely for FREE!!

What’s more…

Learn the ropes and I’ll turn you into a website-creating-MONSTER!



You have a great idea for a website but no idea how to go about getting one…?

You feel you don’t possess the skills to get your own website up and running…?

You're sure there’s no way you can afford it…?
You are not alone. The options open to you for getting your own website online are surprisingly limited. Especially if you have no special skills or you’re operating on a pretty thin budget.

That is… UNTIL NOW!

Join the very few doing what You should

 be doing and learn to...

 "Build Your Very Own Website"

Once you’ve mastered the techniques you’ll be creating ANY type of website you want, WHEN you want, as OFTEN as you want AND, what's more:

You don't need special skills... just DETERMINATION…

Before You Know It You'll Have Websites Coming Out Of Your Ears!

From the desk of: Robbie Pugh

Re: Creating your very own websites

Dear Future Webmaster!

Does this happen to you…?

You have an idea for a website but get frustrated as hell at not knowing where to start?

You come across websites offering what appear to be appealing business opportunities? Sell this… promote that… the best selling products, ideas… make big money… and so on…

You find among them some real mouth-watering, saliva-inducing, gems? Exciting products and ideas you’d love to try out…

But then you come crashing to earth. They tell you WHAT you need to do to make money. But no-one tells you HOW to get a website up and running in the first place…

Perhaps you’ve got your own idea that you just know would be a winner…

Or maybe it’s not your intention to make money. Perhaps you’re running an enthusiasts club for beekeepers and you want to have it online. Or you just want an “About Me” webpage for your ebay auctions… or… or…

The reasons for having a website are numerous - which only serves to increase the frustration that comes from not knowing how to go about getting one.

I was certainly frustrated. I drove myself to distraction trying to find a solution that suited me. I bought books on the subject. You know the sort of stuff: titles like “websites for absolute beginners” or “HTML made easy”. I read them and ended up more bewildered than ever.

Back to the day job it seemed.

But no, I persisted. I carried out a search using Google. I typed into my browser: “How to build a website?” Guess what happened? Up popped something like 23 million solutions!

So where in blazes do you go from here? You’d be well into
retirement – or worse! – before ever getting through
just one-tenth of one percent of the list!

I waded through the first half-dozen or so pages of these results before noticing a distinct pattern. As surprising as it may seem, very few different options presented themselves. And that’s with 23 million web results!

You’ll find more variations in a theme by Paganini!

So what are these options?

Dreamweaver or FrontPage
These software programs come with manuals so incomprehensible you'll lose the will to live long before getting to the end. Why else are there so many books, tutorials and websites out there devoted to instructing you how to use them! They're expensive enough to start with, let alone spending more money to find out how to use them!

Website-building software programs
You'll find wheel-barrow loads of these offered on a pay-til-you-drop basis. Helpfully, they’ve got all kinds of plans for you. They’ve got $5.00 plans, $12.95 plans and super-dooper, enhanced plans for $19.95, that sort of thing. Bear in mind, by the way, that’s monthly!

You’ll be paying these fees for as long as you’re in business. And you’re totally dependent on that service. For ever! What happens to your site if you want to go elsewhere? Or what if the company stopped trading? If you can form a sentence using the words “creek”, “without” and “paddle” you’ll get my drift.

Professional Website Designers
Let's suppose you recover from the shock of hearing what they'll charge you? Prepare yourself for the gloomily high chance that the site you get will bear little or no resemblance to your pre-conceived notion.

Statistics confirm that 99% of professionally designed websites are unprofitable! That’s right, these guys may know how to make a site look pretty but they sure as hell don’t have a clue how to make one that sells!

Another option is for you to learn HTML and do it yourself.  If you’ve got what it takes to learn HTML you can buy books on the subject – by the ton-load – and away you go.

But for the average guy this approach is probably not an option. You see, it’s fair to say that the vast amount of people don’t possess any HTML knowledge, let alone FTP, CGI, graphic or programming skills. Nor do they possess the time or aptitude to learn it.

Most are unlikely to master it and won’t even attempt it!

"From 23 million search results you’ve just learned
the crummy options available to you for
creating your very own website!"
So far it’s not sounded very encouraging has it?

But I've got some exciting news for you...

Your choices have been limited… that is UNTIL NOW!

Introducing The Most Complete Website Building Course Of Its Kind Available On The Internet Today!

"The Monster Guide To Building Websites"
WHY pay others to do what you can easily learn to do yourself?

WHY commit yourself to never-ending fees when there’s just plain no way you need to? WHY be forever reliant on others to maintain your site?

Just imagine... 
…being ABLE to create your very own website

…AND being able to create as many websites as and when you want

…AND setting them up quickly and easily

…WITH absolutely no HTML experience


Be under no illusion. This course is not for shirkers, the lazy-minded or those who believe that with little effort they'll know all there is to know about building websites.

It's not some fancy program where you're told all you have to do is add some text here and a graphic there and...  you press a button and, Voilà!, up comes not some miraculous, flashy-looking website, but a pile of CRAP!

If it were as effortless as that everybody and their mother would be doing it - but they're not.

But neither do you need to be an Einstein. Far from it. All you need is diligence, perseverance, commonsense -  and a little bit of old-fashioned perspiration. Plus a sense of humour!

If you're willing to "get your hands dirty" I promise you that by the end of this course you'll be creating websites with an ease you never dreamed possible! Guaranteed!

You'll be knocking 'em out overnight without giving it a second thought.

And, What's More, You Can Build Each And Every Website For Absolutely Nothing!

How does that grab you?

"The Monster Guide To Building Websites"

NOTHING ELSE available on the web today!

Despite its size, and it really is a MONSTER, there is absolutely no fluff. From the very first page you're thrown in at the deep end.

Even with NO knowledge of HTML language (and NO need to learn it) and with the barest of computer skills you're going to learn the "secrets" to building websites.

This course teaches you, from start to finish, how to build a website. You are literally taken by the hand and - starting from scratch - guided step-by-detailed-step through each process.

By the end of this course, and provided you’ve given it your best effort, you’ll be able to create any type of website you want – absolutely GUARANTEED!

You'll be knocking 'em out for a pastime!

Now you may STILL be asking yourself right now:

“Do I REALLY have the skills needed to follow your course?”

To get full value from this course you do need to have a few basic skills:

Can you surf the net? (the fact you're reading this shows you can!)

Can you send and receive emails?

Do you have basic typing skills, even if it’s just the “hunt the letter” and “stab it  in” method? (I can only type with one finger, but I’m now quite a dab hand at it!)

Do you have a reasonable command of your word processor?

Do you understand commands like “Copy and Paste” and “Left-mouse and           Right-mouse Click”?

If you can answer "YES" to these questions then rest assured; you have the skills necessary to complete this course and in no time be building your own great websites.

Having said that – and notwithstanding your level of proficiency - the course does go into detail with even these basic instructions. Though you might find yourself a bit slow and clumsy to begin with, you should quickly find yourself getting the hang of it.

"The Monster Guide To Building Websites"

The revolutionary guide to creating websites designed primarily for Absolute Beginners and Intermediates

How This Course Is Arranged And
What You'll Get Out Of It

In addition to the Introduction the course material is arranged into six sections. Each section takes you logically through every required step of webpage creation.

The course is made easy to follow with the inclusion of many graphics, diagrams and screenshots. Following the instructions is a breeze...

You will be working with an eBook compiler, an application far more versatile than the standard eBook in PDF format. This compiler is a dream to use and is a far cry from the boring, monotonous and laborious PDFs you're probably used to. 

For example, pages are turned automatically for you and you can navigate back and forth between chapters with ease.

There's even an automatic scroller available, set at varying speeds, making the operation hands-free so allowing you the option of taking notes while you read (or drink your coffee).

To make the course more interesting you’ll actually build a website around a “niche” topic. In this way, rather than learning the process in an abstract way you’ll build web pages based on an actual theme.

Importantly, if you already have an idea for a website, you’ll be able to build it “as you learn”.

Here's a brief summary of what each section offers you:
You are shown how the course is arranged and, importantly, what you are going to get out of it. Simple instructions are given on how this eBook compiler works. You discover the type of websites you'll be building plus you are offered a comprehensive list of ideas you can use for your own sites.
You'll be gagging to get cracking! SECTION ONE – GETTING STARTED
Your exciting journey begins! You learn how web pages work and introduced to FREE software that enables you to create them. You are taken through a series of web page building exercises in which you insert text, graphics (I show you where to obtain FREE Artwork), change fonts and colors, and how to create the four different types of the all-important hyperlinks.
By the time you've finished this section you'll have learned all the skills necessary to build web pages! And you'll have had fun learning them! SECTION TWO - BUILDING YOUR FIRST WEBSITE
The site you'll be building is the Direct Response Sales Page similar to the one you're reading now. They are the online equivalent of the mail-order letters that drop through your letter-box. You'll first create a template and then the Sales Page, the Order Page and other Contact and Legal Pages, complete with navigation links.
Congratulations - you've now built your first website! And you're ready to make money from it. SECTION THREE – BUILDING A CONTENT WEBSITE
Plan your site and prepare the template. Resource FREE header graphics and logos and insert to your pages. Add content, images, tables and navigation links. You'll be shocked to realise you've just  built a real-life, walking-talking website.
You now have the ability to create a full-blown website with as many or as few pages as you wish. Want a 1000-page monster? You've got it! SECTION FOUR – AUTO-RESPONDERS
What they are, their importance and how to use them to make you bags of loot! Insert a sign-up box to your page and create a series of  messages automatically sent to your subscribers and/or customers.
This section alone represents a complete book in its own right! SECTION FIVE – TAKING THE MONEY
A complete demonstration of how to sign-up with credit card merchants; how to accept credit cards from your customers; making the Download  and Confirmation pages whereby your customer either automatically downloads your product or has it physically shipped to him.
You're getting closer and closer to making money from your website! SECTION SIX – GETTING YOUR WEBSITE ONLINE
First I'll offer you advice on the importance of choosing the right domain name for your site and how to register it; the vital things to look for in a web host and some recommendations. An explanation of FTP - and where to get FREE software used to transfer your web files to your web host.  I'll then demonstrate how to use this software. You'll be AMAZED at how incredibly easy it is to use and DELIGHTED to see your website online.
My hearty congratulations! You are now a fully-fledged WEBSITE CREATING MONSTER! Go for it!

"This course teaches you everything you need to know about building websites"

Enough Already!
Time To Get Down To Brass Tacks!

Now I know you're just champing at the bit to get your hands on this course! You've seen the options currently available and they're not very encouraging. But I know what you're wondering. You want to know just how deep into your pockets you're gonna have to dig to get your hands on it.

After all, you know how expensive the alternatives are:

Website designers charge the earth!

Website building software sites expect you to pay them forever!

Dreamweaver and the like run into the hundreds of dollars

Well, I've thought long and hard about it. Just how much should I charge? Obviously, I know the effort that has gone into creating this course. To you, of course, that's totally irrelevant.

The only thing that's relevant is this: I know I've created a course that is like no other on the web today. I know it kicks all other
options way into the long grass

I've banged on about how expensive those options are. Well I want to be different.

I want  to say "
Screw You
"  to those charging outrageous  prices to all the regular guys and gals out there who simply want the chance to have their very own website up and running without paying through the nose.

So, I'm setting the price at $147. And at this price it's an incredible bargain! It's still hundreds of dollars below even the lowest asking price.





$100.00  off the price!

You read that right - but, be warned, this offer is available FOR A VERY SHORT TIME ONLY for a special discounted price... I'll explain why in a bit...

I'm asking an Incredibly Low, Discounted Price of just...   just...   just...

You've got that right! $47!

But Wait! It Doesn't Stop There!

This offer has only a limited time to go before it's withdrawn...

I'm just plain not going to let you pass up on this remarkable opportunity...

To sweeten the pot even more I'm going to up the stakes and  increase the bribe...!

"Extra! Extra! Read All About It...!"

An Ironclad Guarantee!
I'm going to allow you Sixty Days to see whether this course lives up to your expectations! That's right, you get a full 60-days NO-RISK, 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE! 

That's how confident I am of the benefits you will gain from this course! It'll be there for you to refer to for years! You won't want to give it back!


And It STILL Doesn't Stop There...!

I'm throwing in more bribes, with these FREE Valuable Bonuses

Once you've got your first site online you may have it in mind to sell ebooks. The creation of information products is by far the easiest and most rewarding way to make money on the Internet!

You need special software to create downloadable books in PDF format.  This is where eWriterpro is such a great package for the newcomer.

This software provides you with everything you need  to create beautiful professional quality ebooks at the touch of a button.

Once you've done writing your eBook, just hit the PDF icon to instantly turn it into a downloadable PDF file.

"This killer tool has everything including a built-in word processor AND PDF-converter to make creating your eBooks a breeze."

And so much more!

Very important Notice!

You also get Master Resale Rights to this software, a copy of the Sales Page, plus a copy of the Manual telling you how to do it all.

So, if you don't fancy writing (and even if you do) you can resell this complete package and keep all the profits!

Bonus Value: $47.00!

Confessions of a Niche
Marketing Maniac
When you get your website online the chances are you're going to be asking these questions:
How can I find the right products to sell on the internet? How do I get people to visit my site and buy something? How do I become the expert marketer? This course teaches some pretty amazing concepts when it comes to making profits with simple niche websites.

If you don't have a clue where and how to start selling on the Internet then you're going to learn some pretty cool concepts.

Among the things you'll learn are the best type of products to sell and some pretty revolutionary ways to get traffic to your site. One particular strategy has NEVER been divulged before and works like crazy!

Finally, you should know that two further secret bonuses are included PLUS you get Master Resale Rights to the entire package! It's truly maniacal!

Bonus Value: $49.95!

Total REAL Value of all the Bonuses listed above: $96.95!

Take Action Now! Get Started Making Your Very Own Websites! Not Tomorrow,
Start Today!

You are just minutes away from being able to finally begin learning the skills to creating your very own websites. Don't delay! 

Get Your Hands On This Course Right Now While It's Still Available At This Discounted Price!

OK! OK! I'm already SOLD, how DO I get my hands
on this course? 

Let's review what you're gonna get right now when you claim your package:

"The Monster Guide To Building Websites" the revolutionary guide to creating websites designed primarily for Absolute Beginners and Intermediates (or for those having trouble making their existing website look and work as intended!)

A Rock-Solid Iron-Clad 60 Days Money-Back Guarantee! Backed up by ClickBank's guarantee of quality customer service

Special Bonus #1 - eWriterpro + Full Master Resale Rights

Special Bonus #2 - "Confessions of a Niche Marketing
Maniac" + 2 extra bonuses + Full Master Resale Rights!

All for an absurdly low price of $47! 


[](mailto:robbie@grabonlinesuccess.com)I'm confident you're going to find the course easy to follow and it's going to to seem to you as if I'm "looking over your shoulder" while you're working. However, there may be times when you just plain get stuck. Rather than just sitting there like a pudding, immobile, then get in touch with me.  Explain your problem and I'll get right back.



Yes, I want to get your course
"The Monster Guide to Building Websites"
and all the FREE bonuses that go with it

Following successful credit card processing through
you can Download your order immediately. Note that
the product name will not show on your statement
but will appear as ClickBank or CLKBANK*COM

[CLICK HERE](http://1.21cprofits.pay.clickbank.net/) to make a Secure Purchase

Note:  the compiler is in .exe format and is suitable for Windows
 users only. Sorry, no MAC users at this time.
To your success,

Robbie Pugh

P.S. Now, if you've read down this far and haven't yet clicked the "Buy" button, you're probably wondering, "Robbie, why are you selling this course so cheap? All the other options you've outlined run into hundreds, in some cases thousands, of dollars. What's the catch?" 

That's a pretty good question! Maybe you're right. Maybe I should be charging more just so you would appreciare its value. Yes, I am practically giving this course away. Not only that but the free bonuses themselves are valued at DOUBLE what I'm asking for the course!

Well, the answer is two-fold - and both are selfish!

First, by only charging $47 and not the FULL price of $147  I'm going to quickly get this course out into the marketplace. The quicker I do this then the sooner I can get some positive feedback.
The word will soon get around.
I'll use this to gain exposure more quickly than would otherwise be the case.

Second, the quicker my exposure means the sooner I will start pushing up the price which, as I've already stated, is my intention.

If You Do Not Act Right This Very Minute: you'll procrastinate,

, Your chance will be gone. Act now and you can download at once and immediately start learning how to create websites.

Or you can log off this site now and carry on as before. Still wondering. Still dreaming.

P.P.S. I must remind you that this offer is available for a short time
. I urge you to get your copy now before the price goes up. Be among the first to get this remarkable course.

P.P.P.S. Remember, by offering you a 60-days Guarantee I am taking the entire risk on my own shoulders. But I'm doing so because I know how good the course is. Don't delay, take action now!

P.P.P.P.S. Let me remind you of the
the immortal words of Socrates, that Ancient Greek Philosopher... "He Who Snoozes... Loses!"

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  [Contact Me](mailto:robbie@websitecreatingmonster.com) || [Disclaimer](disclaimer.html)

© Copyright WebsiteCreatingMonster.com 2008  All Rights Reserved

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