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This is exactly what I've been doing for years and now I can show you exactly how to can earn Tax Free Income from the comfort of your home.

Dear Friend,

Before you place another wager on a horse race, listen to this!

If you want to join the ranks of big-league Betfair gambling professionals and you don’t have the time or the patience to learn about a new racing system, then this is exactly what you’ve been waiting for.

The most common complaint I’ve heard from amateur punters is that they simply don’t have the time to read through bulky manuals to become experts on horse betting and Betfair .

Betfair is one of few ways that you can generate steady passive income from horse betting - only if you know what races and horses have the best chance of winning. 

Successfully punters are those individuals who are able to place their daily bets with minimal effort and time but with a high level of accuracy.

If you’ve be punting as long as I have, you know that to become an expert punter is miles-away from actually becoming one.

Selecting horses with consistent winning streaks requires dedication, a strong stomach for betting real money and the never-ending search for finding and using the “perfect” system. 

The simple truth is that most novice punters are constantly searching for new racing systems and after trying these new sysystems a few times they quickly realize success is really a lot harder than it seems.

Most horse racing systems offer very similar information that is valuable but difficult or nearly impossible to master and achieve consistent results.  

The best selections systems tend to be overly complicated and require a significant amount of daily effort to review the daily cards and select the race and horse that have best chance of winning.  What eventually happens is that the vast majority of novice punters began to lose interest after a few frustrating weeks of losses that can never be recovered.

Generating a steady stream of racing selections can quickly become a full-time job simply trying to keep track of all the daily racing cards and betting permutations.

At this point in the “learning curve”, the novice punter now has the choice to devote more time and effort into improving his or her selection accuracy or give up completely!

If this cycle of trying to learn a new betting system sounds familiar, it should be. Most punters start out with the best intentions, get frustrated and easily give up!

This is why Punting Profit Select is one of the best money-making and time saving punting investments you’ll ever make! 

Punting Profit Select is the racing system that professional Betfair lay punters use to generate steady and consistent Profits.

This system will consistenly earn you income all year round and for as long as you want. All you need is to invest a few minutes a day, place your wagers, and sit back and watch your earning grow.
It is NOT another set of bulky manuals that you’ll have to spend hours reading before you can place your first wager. It does NOT require you to precisely follow a series of complicated steps for selecting winning horses.
Punting Profit Select is a limited subscription tipster service where we provide daily racing lay selections based on our proprietary system that has perfected over many years and has one of the highest strike rates in the industry.

All you have to do access our daily subscription service where we provide you the exact race and horse to select.  With your Betfair account, you will place the lay wagers we recommend and sit back and watch your bank increase day-after-day!
If you don’t have the patience to learn about another new racing system, then Punting Profit Select the perfect selection system. It is designed for the busy punter who wants to profit from Betfair but just doesn’t want to "learn" about another racing system.  
Conrad Has Another Winner!

I’ve been following Conrads' products for years and he’s always produced a quality product.  Now he’s outdone himself.  Punting Profit Select is one of the best selection systems I’ve ever used.  It so easy that it literally takes me about 10 minutes each day to review his selections, place my bets on Betfair and check my results at the end of the day.  I highly recommend Punting Profit Select for beginners and expert punters!

Todd J.
It’s easy to earn income with Punting Profit Select. It just takes a few minuets each day.  All you need to start is about £50, a Betfair account and the willingness to start earning a comfortable living from horse punting.
Simple - You don't have to know absolutely anything about racing forms, track conditions, or horse psychology.  All you have to have is an internet connection, a Betfair account and the time to count your winnings!
Sensible – This system is not complicated or difficult to follow. It does depend on lay bets, a betting exchange and access to the internet. We give you exactly what you need to select the best horses with the best odds of winning your wager.
Cost-effective - You don’t need £1000’s to get started. You can start with as little as £50 and earn, over time, steady dependable income. Of course, the more you wager, the more you can potentially win.
Reliable – This system is designed to win consistently over time.  Although no plan will give you 100% accuracy, our system does gives you some the highest hit results in the industry!
Immediate Access – We do not depend on emails, faxes, or other methods of communications.  You will be given your personal username and password with full instructions on how to place your bets.
Rapid – You can quickly view the day’s recommendations and place your wager the evening before or in the morning before you begin your work day.
Efficient – You do not have read through bulky manuals or sit at your computer analyzing tons of data. All you need is 15 minutes to place your wagers and wait for cash to roll into your account.
Hassle Free – Now you don’t have to concern yourself with when is the best time to place your bet.  You can place you bet at your convenience and return home in the evening with your winning applied to betting account.   If you want notifications of our Punting Profit Select results, please sign up for our newsletter now and look at your email inbox for frequent updates...
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Receive exclusive tips and the latest information from the best known Betfair gambler! Punting Profit Select will: Give you exclusive 24x7 access to one of the most effective money-making Betfair Lay systems ever released. Give you daily racing selections that allows you to easily place your Betfair lay wagers without having to do the “research” for each race. Give you precise tracks, races, times and horse for each days events. You will never have to fuss with tricky selection methods or spend hours figuring out and filling time consuming forms. Give you the opportunity to place you bets on BetFair the day prior the actual race. Give you the personal satisfaction that you’ll wake up tomorrow knowing your wagers are ready to put profits into you wallet. Give you the freedom from not having to learn about a complicated system that ends up in the trash heap after a few frustrating weeks. Give you the knowledge needed to select the precise races and horses that has made Punting Profit Select the most sought after system of 2008. Give you sense of community by giving you 24 hour access to a punting community where pro-gamblers will answer your questions and give you the help you need!

“You’ll be astounded by how straightforward and accurate this system is with selecting the most quantity of daily races.  And the beauty of this proprietary system is that is 100% Risk Free for 60 days!"

You will not have to risk a single pence to try this system.  Begin to use it today and never go back to your old methods of selecting race horses.  This is truly a punter dream come true!
Are you still not convinced?  Here’s another comment from another user of Punting Profit Select.

It doesn't get any easier!

Punting Profit Select is the selection system that best suits my busy schedule. I review the selections the night before the race, place my wagers on Betfair, and check my results when I return home in the evening. So far I've been very satisfied with the results and the expert on-line advice that's available 24x7. Conrad, keep up the good work!

Mick H.


Punting Profit Select really dominates the lay betting tipster service when it comes to selecting and winning with Betfair lay selections.  Below is an example of recent lay selections and their results

As you can see from these results, this system is a powerful tool that produces consistent and long term results.

If are a new punter and don’t want to spend precious time or effort making your daily selections, then there is no better method of selecting winners than Punting Profit Select.  Punters can take years of trail and error efforts and never really achieve the results you can easily realize with Punting Profit Select.

Are you are an experienced punter but have never really achieved real success? Have you tried other selection systems that have failed to give you the results that they promised? Your best strategy is to use a selection system that has proven itself with consistent results.  The best investment you can make now is to use Punting Profit Select as your secret weapon that gives you winning results and takes away the guess work from selecting horse that have the best odds of winning your lay bets.

Experienced or novice punters - it is now the time for you to make an important resolution that will determine if you continue to lose time, money, and your patience with unproven racing systems OR make a decisive declaration to be become a shrewd punter that will turn Betfair into cash generating machine, as other indecisive punters continue to lose with their useless selection strategies.

You have now examined the proof and have read about the effectiveness of Punting Profit Select  - if you are ready to transform your life from loser to winner then click [here](http://1.horsepps.pay.clickbank.net) to get the best lay betting tipster service available anywhere!

"I’ll Give You Everything You Need That Will Transform You Into The Punter That Will Increase Your Cash Flow From Betfair”

Below are some advantages of becoming an elite member of Punter Profit Select  that will create for a powerful and passive income stream:

No requirement to spend time in front of the computer selecting horses that match a racing strategy. A secure and reliable lay horse racing system that can easily double your betting bank month after your first month.
SEVEN day trial membership with zero obligation and absolutely risk free. If you are not 100% satisfied with the way the system works you cancel your subscription at any time. Monthly subscriptions are also backed by a 100% money back guarantee.  You can cancel at anytime during the normal subscription period. If you are not 100% satisfied with your results during the first 60 days, you are fully entitled to a 100% money back guarantee - no questions asked! 24/7 support via email or our forum.  Our support staff will work tirelessly to bring you the best support service in the industry. You don’t require knowledge of  how to select race horses or selection strategies. I give you everything you need to get started right away, even if you’ve never placed a bet in your life, I will give you all the information you need to get started with betting and winning! Passive income that makes your life easier! Stop going in circles with racing systems that make promises and don’t deliver. Now is the time to change your old ways of betting and give yourself the freedom that the extra income from Betfair will give you!
"Would You Like Finding   £50.00, £100.00,  £200.00  Or Even More Cash In Your Betfair Account Tomorrow Evening ..."

You are probably saying to yourself, “How much does this powerful membership going to cost me?”

The real question you should  be asking yourself is “How much of an investment do I need?”

If you see this product as an investment instead of an expense – Congratulations,  you are indeed in a rare minority!

However, the sad truth is that this is where the majority of punters make their initial mistakes.   They believe that tools and strategies that save time, effort and headaches are not “worth” very much.  They continue to make poor choices that prevent them from becoming successful punters.  The real question these punters should be asking is “What is the value of a system such as Punter Profit Select”?

As I was developing this system I asked some of the industry’s most successful punters to try my Punting Profit Select.  I then queried them on what price point should I establish for this system.   I was shocked when they told me that I could “give it away” at £299 to £499 per month!

If I said to you that in order to access my system you needed to invest £499 to become a elite member of Punting Profit Select would you say I was off my rocker or would you make the investment and change your life forever?

Don't Make A Huge Blunder!

If you are one of the vast majority of punters who see this product as expensive and a foolish way of spending hard-earned money instead of viewing it as an investment for the future, then the “game is over” and you have absolutely no way of winning at becoming a profitable punter!

And of course, you are not foolish enough to take up my offer to subscribe to my 7 day trail with zero and risk-free obligation, then there is no possible way you will agree to subscribe to my elite membership site that will give you the rewards from horse racing you only dream about!

But wait, before you move or surf off this page…..

I am also in a position that I don’t have to beg and plead for your business but I am business man.  I’ve made my fortune using the strategies and techniques I am offering you here today.  Although my business partners tell me I am foolish to offer you an attractive introductory offer, I strongly believe that after you try my system, you will be “hooked” and you will never want to leave!
I will make you offer that will be difficult to refuse….

I am going to charge you a membership fee that is, quite frankly, insane!  This will include unlimited support and access to my tipster service.  You can join my exclusive membership site for only £197  after your 7 days risk free trail.

This nominal fee is your entry into the world of professional punters tipster services where you will receive the latest tips that will quickly increase your betting bank day-after-day, week-after-week, and month-after-month!

£197 is the fee that gives you exclusive access to my elite Punting Profit Select membership site.  Take advantage of this offer before the price goes up!

“So what is the price of this incredible system?”

"Order Before Midnight Of    And Lock-In Your Subscription For £197.00  Only £49 Per Month!!!"

YES! If you think this is a great investment in your punting future, then I have some fantastic news for you. I have just upgraded my selection algorithm to provide you the latest and possibly the best weapon you'll have in your arsenal to help you dominate this market. If you order before midnight of   you will still be able to take advantage of this fantastic ground-floor opportunity to lock-in this introductory price. As demand for our elite membership site grows and this deadline expires, I will be foreced to increase the price of our tipster service. Before this opportunity closes its doors on this limited offer - don't be left out in the cold - make an investment in your future to become an expert punter!


Please note that this price is only guaranteed until for short time period and after this date there can be no guarantees that the price will remain at this introductory low price! I may have to raise the price back to the original price of

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