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Do you have trouble staying on a healthy diet? Then you need to...

"Learn How a 45 Year Old Woman Took Control of Her Weight By Taking a Look at the Real Reasons for Her Food Cravings.
She Finally Lost The Fat - For Good.
You Can Do It, Too"

And the Best Part... It's EASY With This Step-by-Step Method That
Helps You Say "No!" to Unhealthy, Fattening Food.

From: Jonni Good
Date:  ")

Dear Friend,

You know there really aren't any "secrets " when it comes to losing weight or eating a healthy diet.

In fact, it isn't even all that complicated - you eat as many veggies as you can. You eat fruit instead of high-calorie deserts. You include whole grains in your diet instead of white bread and pasta. You cut back on the meat and eat more beans. And you stop eating sugar.

You don't need to be a rocket scientist to know how to eat better.

But even rocket scientists have a hard time eating the way they know they should, especially if they have a sweet tooth.

Look at Oprah - a really smart woman who needs a personal trainer and a full-time chef in order to eat right.

No wonder it's almost impossible for the rest of us, who have to do it on our own.

If you've ever tried to cut back on the calories, you know that old habits are hard to break - especially when it comes to food.
Even with all the best intentions in the world, you eventually fall back to eating the same old junk food, even though you know it makes you feel bad after you eat it.
Your grocery cart fills up with chips, cookies and processed foods that you swore you wouldn't buy.
You find yourself standing in front of the candy machine at work, even though you promised you'd stay away from it.
When your Aunt Betsy offers you a piece of her famous chocolate cake, your hand automatically reaches for it before you can say "no thanks."
If that sounds familiar to you, you aren't alone.

Millions of people in the United States are overweight or obese, and almost every one of them would gladly lose weight if they could.

And almost every one of them knows the "secrets" to losing weight (eat more veggies, etc...), but they keep eating the wrong foods, anyway.

We're torn - we want to lose weight, get healthy, and live longer. But we also want to eat the foods that are familiar, and especially the foods that make us feel good (at least temporarily), even though we know those foods will make us fat.

Fortunately, there is a solution.

Several years ago I discovered a way to win the battle to lose weight and eat a healthy diet. And it has nothing to do with finding the "magic diet," and I didn't start taking herbal suppliments or diet pills.

I learned how to "think thin." And you can do it, too.

The program I created for myself allowed me to permanently lose the extra weight I'd been carrying around for years. Since then it has helped hundreds of people take control of their food cravings.

I created the program after I learned some startling truths about how addictions affect the way we think.

Until then, I had no idea that sugar and fat are addictive substances, so I couldn't understand why it was so hard to give them up.

For many years I struggled with my weight. Even when I was reasonably thin (which didn't happen very often), I wasn't eating the healthy diet that I knew I should. Even when I really wanted to stay away from the ice cream and candy, I would be drawn back to them, completely against my will. I would even stay up late at night baking cinnamon rolls, and then eat the entire pan before going to bed...

I was hooked on sugar and fat, (yes, literally addicted to the stuff), and I didn't know how to stop.

When I took a college course on the psychology and physiology of addictions, it struck me that my own struggles against sugar and fat were the same as a smoker's struggle to give up tobacco - one of the most difficult addictions to overcome. And the same as an alcoholic's struggle to give up the booze, and a heroin addict's struggle to go clean.

Since then, I found out that scientists had already discovered what I suspected - sugar and fat are addictive substances that act a lot like a mild dose of heroin when they hit our blood streams.

That's why we feel good (temporarily) when we eat snacks and foods with lots of sugar and fat, and why we feel bad (temporarily), when we don't eat them.

And that's why it's so hard to give them up.

Like cigarettes, the unhealthy foods that make you fat are always available, and completely legal. Smokers who are trying to quit are surrounded by people who are still smoking.

Like the smoker, you're surrounded by people who keep bringing donuts to work. You watch other family members eating desert after every meal, and snacks in front of the TV every night. Family get-togethers always include huge meals, including home-made pies and cakes - and all guests are expected to dig in and overeat, even though almost all of you are trying to lose weight.

An alcoholic who is determined to turn his life around has to walk past tall racks of beer and wine to get to the dairy case in the local supermarket.

Like the alcoholic, you try to avert your eyes as you walk past the cookie aisle, and try to avoid looking at the shelves filled with those boxes of macaroni and cheese, and the white bread, and the chips... The fattening snacks are piled up everywhere you look, and they even have an extra bin of candy and chips, and a cooler filled with sugary soft drinks, right next to the cash register to temp you while you wait in line.

The alcoholic who promises to give up the booze has to drive past the bar where he's spent many enjoyable hours, chatting with his friends and tipping back a few beers. He remembers those old times, and misses them.

Like the alcoholic, you have to drive past the fast-food joint on the way home from work. You remember the great meals you shared with friends and family, eating anything you wanted to. You miss the days when you let yourself eat like everybody else.

So how do people give up smoking and booze? The same way people give up sugar and fat (yes, they are truly addictive - scientists have proven it).

1. People who give up their drugs do it by first recognizing the problem (addiction to nicotine, alcohol, or sugar).

2. They acknowledge that the addiction can be overcome, but only if they work at it.

3. When their addiction causes them to desire the cigarette, or the beer, or the donut, they consciously choose to say "no." In other words, when the thought comes into their mind, they notice it, and then choose to think something else. If you don't learn how to do this, the addiction will take over again.
In my e-book, Weight Loss: How to Keep Your Commitment, you learn why it is so easy for us to become addicted to sugar and fat.
  You learn how the instinctive desire to eat healthy fruits and veggies actually turns into an addiction whenever people have access to highly processed sugars and refined flour. That's why people start getting fat in every country that adopts a "western" diet.
  You learn about the withdrawal symptoms to expect when you give up sugar, and how your mind will try to "talk you into" eating sugar, even when you're trying to give it up. (Alcoholics Anonymous calls this "stinking thinking.")
  Most importantly, you'll learn some easy meditation techniques that give you power over you cravings for sugar and fat, so "stinking thinking" won't control you any more.
Do food cravings and the compulsive desire for fattening, unhealthy foods prevent you from losing weight? Has your doctor told you to cut back on the calories and fat in order to improve your health - but you just can't do it?

Have you been successful in almost every other area of your life, but just can't stay on a healthy diet and lose weight, no matter how hard you try?
You may think you have a compulsive eating disorder, because you just can't stick with the program - no matter what program you try.
// Or maybe you think it's your mom's fault, or some trauma or stress you experienced in your past that makes you seek out "comfort food" whenever you feel blue or anxious - and if you just talk about it long enough, and really get to the bottom of your feelings, you'll be able to eat right. You just aren't sure how many more years that will take....
// Or maybe you think it's just in your genes, and you have to resign yourself to being overweight, like most of the people in your family.
Now you can stop blaming yourself (or your mom) and take control of your diet - just like the hundreds of other people who have read my book and followed the program. You can read just a few of the emails I've received from my readers at the bottom of this page.

This is a program that anyone can follow - and it works.

You won't stop wanting to eat sugar and other fattening food - that will never go away.

But you can stop caving in to the cravings, so you can start eating the way you know you should.

Once you take control of the cravings, you won't have to "diet." You'll be able to eat a healthy, nutritious meal, three times a day, and enjoy the extra energy you get when you actually eat those veggies.

Your vitality will come back, you'll gradually lose weight, and you'll find yourself enjoying life more than you have in years.

You can learn how I did it (and how hundreds of other people, just like you, have done it) when you read my book.

Remember - looking better isn't all you gain from a healthier diet. When you give up the excess fat and high-sugar snacks, and eat a diet filled with delicious veggies, fruits and whole grains...
Your chronic blood sugar level goes down, reducing the risk of heart disease and some kinds of cancer,
// Your clothes fit better, and you soon have an excuse to go buy some new ones to show off your new, healthy body.
// You sleep better, and your mind is sharper.
// You may even have fewer mood swings.
// You begin to lose weight gradually, without feeling deprived or picked on. You discover that you really can keep your commitment to your health. Here's just some of the things you'll be able to do with the skills you learn from Weight Loss: How to Keep Your Commitment: You'll easily say "no thanks" to fattening food, without having to struggle with your cravings.
// You'll eat nutritious food without feeling deprived, and without obsessing about the fattening food you chose not to eat.
// You'll receive the compliments of family and coworkers, who will wonder what "secret" diet you're on. (When you tell them what you've learned, they won't believe you.)
// You'll cart your old "fat clothes" to the Goodwill Store. You won't bother hiding them in the back of the closet, "just in case you need them again." You know you won't.
// You'll feel better about yourself, because you can look in the mirror and know you're achieving your goals, against all the odds.
// You'll discover that you have more creativity and mental energy, now that you aren't constantly fighting a losing battle with your cravings.
// You may even be able to teach my simple techniques to your coworkers and family, so they, too, can become thinner, happier, and healthier.
My book Weight Loss: How to Keep Your Commitment teaches you the specific mental skills you need in order to rise above your addictive cravings for sugar and fat. You will learn exactly what it takes to stay conscious and committed to any nutritious eating plan you choose.

You will be able to use these new skills for the rest of your life, so your weight loss success is permanent.

So take the first step! Order Weight Loss: How to Keep Your Commitment now for instant access to the program that puts you back in control, so you can eat the way you know you should.

Weight Loss: How to Keep Your Commitment is available for instant download to your computer for only $22.95.

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Make your own microwavable meals that will make your coworkers envious. You can eat healthy food without spending money on pre-packaged products. Adapt the recipes to fit any diet plan or program. Your family will love the convenience, too.

You can quickly save three or four times the purchase price simply by using the recipes and instructions in this bonus book to cook up your first batch of delicious, home cooked diet meals.

One reader of the The Easy Does It Diet said:

"My husband loves it.."
Comments from Wendy

Your book is beyond fantastic!! I have been using it for three weekends now, and my freezer is full of nutritious, delicious meals. your recipes are divine, and I also added my own to the collection. This week I have added three breakfast choices. I have had success in the past using prepackaged meals, but they are filled with preservatives, sodium, and processed carbohydrates. Now my meals are all whole foods! my husband loves it, because we can eat different things for dinner.

I wish you the best of health,

PS. In case you were wondering, I've been writing about health and fitness subjects online for over 5 years, and have helped hundreds of satisfied customers overcome their food cravings and lose weight. I really believe Weight Loss: How to Keep Your Commitment will help you tremendously if you want an easy program that allows you to overcome your sugar addiction and your cravings for fattening foods.

But if it doesn't, remember that this eBook comes with an 8 week no-questions asked guarantee!

Order the eBook now, so you can get started right away. You have nothing to lose, except your addiction to sugar and fat.

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Weight Loss: How to Keep Your Commitment takes approximately 3 minutes to download on a dial-up connection. The PDF file requires Acrobat Reader - a free program which works on all computers. (It is probably already installed on your computer, but you'll receive directions for getting your free copy on the download page, just in case.)

A few notes I've received from my readers:

"My whole family is eating better..."
Comments from Susan:

Hi Jonni - Thanks for your support. I feel great with out the whit sugar and white flour. I enjoyed your book... I guess it has been about a month and I have lost 10 lbs and my whole family is eating better.

"Made me feel like I was reading a letter from a friend..."
Comments from Linda:

I enjoyed reading your book as it was written in a manner that made me feel like I was reading a letter from a friend. You made many valid points and I do agree that we need to be responsible for the choices we make. I found your method of thinking about our thoughts quite interesting.

I read your book through all in one sitting and so hope to be able to read it slower next time.

"Offers a fresh avenue of hope...
Comments from Kay:

This more positive approach which looks more closely at the reasons we eat offers a fresh avenue of hope because you offer definite ways to re-think and cope.

..the book is wonderful because the approach is so much more than just the food.

"What I always thought of as a personal failing ..."
Comments from Jessie:

Jonni, I wanted to write and let you know that I really learned a lot from your book. You really made me see that what I always thought of as a personal failing was really just my own natural human nature, trying to live in a world that doesn't exist any more. I have a bachelor's degree in psychology and an ongoing interest in general science, and your points seem valid and well-researched to me.

Have you read this book?

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