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"Are you always tired, and frustraed because you keep getting a bad nights sleep?"

Do you often feel drowsy during the day? Do you have trouble falling to sleep at night?


o you ever lay in bed trying to fall to sleep, but there are just too many things on your mind to relax? Do you have to take a sleep aide(s) to get a nights sleep? You shouldn't have to, with this Sleep-Wave a good nights sleep is just 20 minutes away!

• If you feel tired, you are not alone – in United States and European Union 1 out of 4 persons suffers from tiredness.

• 25% of all women suffer from clinically significant daytime sleepiness (according to the NSF study).

• Sleeplessness is becoming known as the modern plague


I used to be tired all the time and I could never get a good nights sleep

When I asked for sleeping techniques people told me: “Watch TV”, “Go to bed later”, “Meditate”… Someone even said: “Just drink a cup of coffee! You don't need sleep”. Doesn't it make you mad when you hear comments like this?

Well, I knew I had to do something. So, I've tried the obvious…
I've tried sleep pills – they didn't help they just made me MORE TIRED I've tried Listening to books on tape – they made me a little more relaxed, but I still couldn't fall to sleep. I've tried Listening to soft music - they just made my mind race even more. I've tried herbal remidies - they allowed me to relax, but I STILL couldn't fall to sleep. I've tried different beds - yes, some are more comfortable than other but they still didn't put me to sleep! I've tried counting sheep - Pff that was a joke, it just made me think about counting sheep, INSTEAD OF SLEEPING! I've tried every technique - nothing worked!
Now, before we take a look at why these things don't work and why they might even cause you to have more trouble falling to sleep, let's see what the doctor had to say.

I went to my doctor to see if he could help me. After a series of tests he informed me that there is nothing wrong with me. He said I couldn't sleep because of my stress levels and my 'lifestyle'. I was constantly tired; I didn't have the energy for all the things I used to love doing. I didn't have the energy to go out with my friends or to take my girlfriend to the movies. But this was the result of my constant sleeplessness!

Did you know…

Long-term tiredness and sleep deprivation can cause: heart disease, incontinence, constipation, diarrhea, abdominal pain, complicated pregnancy…

Eventually, it tears down your immune system and damages your general health.

As it seemed that nobody could help me, I've decided to search for the solution myself. The first thing that I've learned is…


Did you know a good nights sleep can improve...







Anxiety Reduction

Stress Reduction

Better Sleep


And much more...

Sleep is more complicated than most people realize. During sleep our brain has to complete a number of complex tasks. To do this, it goes through 5 different sleep stages (most commonly known sleep stage is called the REM)…

Now, you are probably wondering what all this has got to do with sleeplessness. If you do not complete your 'cycles' properly, you will RUIN your sleep paterns. Which will lead to sleeplessness!

You will learn how you can fall asleep quickly and wake up refreshed and full of energy – every single day. But first, let's explain…

Why sleeping pills do NOT work…

Popular, and cheaper, sedation medications include Tylenol PM and Advil PM. These drugs are used by many to induce sleep due to their antihistamine medicinal qualities. But many doctors in the field of sleep warn against the usage of such products, saying there is "little evidence that they improve sleep" as well as an increased chance of liver failure due to the acetaminophen additive found in these non-prescription meds.

Others warn of a lingering sedation effect that these "PM" medications have on people including slower reflexes, racing heartbeat and minor constipation problems the following morning.

Do you really want to let sleeping pills damage your body?

So far we've only talked about the things that don't work. Since you are feeling tired, I'm sure what you really want to know is…

Is there something you can do
that actually DOES work?

The answer is yes! There is a way to get a good nights sleep and it doesn't involve herbal remidies or counting sheep. It really is a shame that nobody is talking about it. I guess the drug companies just don't want you to have this information. They would rather make billions of dollars selling you 'sleeping' products that don't work.

I already told you what my life used to be like. Now, before I tell you how you can start getting a good nights sleep, let me just show you what my life looks like now. Read on – your life could be like this too. Imagine what it would be like…

In the morning you wake up naturally without the alarm clock – you don't need it anymore. You open your eyes and feel completely rested and full of energy. You can't wait to start the day.

When you arrive to work, you see your co-workers red-eyed and yawning. You think to yourself, “I can't believe I used to be just like that.”

At work, you finish your tasks easily. You have no troubles concentrating for longer periods of time. Tiredness is no longer holding you back because of the nights sleep that you didn't get.

When you come home, you don't head directly for the couch. You still have enough energy for whatever you want to do – go to the movies, play with your kids, or have a walk.

In the evening, you go out with your friends. They notice how full of life and energy you are.

At home, when you are getting ready for bed, you think to yourself, “Now, this is what life should be like!”

That's what my life looks like now. Finally, I have the control over my life. Can you imagine how happy I was when I found out that I don't have to waste time in bed trying to fall to sleep? But I was also angry – why didn't I have this information sooner; I have wasted years of my life paralyzed by constant tiredness and sleeplessness.

You are probably wondering where I found this information. Well, I couldn't do it alone. First…

I've searched for the answer…

I've bought a pile of books, searched the internet, read through a stack of articles and scientific studies… I was really surprised at how much research has been done on the subject of sleeplessness (and chronic fatigue, functioning of our body and brain…).

But the real breakthrough came later, because…

When I met Sarah, we found the solution

Hi, my name is Sarah Jameson. I am a counselor and I mostly work with people who can never get a good nights sleep; business people, teachers, house moms, scientists, anybody!

In my line of work, I have seen many people that suffer from chronic sleep issues. There are different reasons why people can't sleep – with my clients this condition is mostly caused by shift-work and stress. But, whatever the cause, I have learned two things: sleeplessness can be treated and treatment is always the same – you have to first determine why you can't sleep and then do something about it.

To put it simply: you can treat the condition without harsh aids (sleep pills)!

Through the years, I've closely followed all the scientific studies regarding sleeplessness.

To really make it work, I needed someone to try new, untested techniques. I was really fortunate, for a number of men and women that I've worked with volunteered to help me. I would like to thank all of them here because without their help I could never have developed such an easy and effective program for sleeslessness.

In years of study and after endless trials I was able to see what really works and what doesn't.

We've put our knowledge to the test –
now, here are the results...

When we met, we decided to combine our knowledge and put it to the test. We needed to see if we can help people who have trouble falling asleep.

To find regular people who are having problems with tiredness, we've put an ad in the local paper(South Current) and gathered a group of volunteers (we wanted to see if our technique would work for EVERYONE – so we accepted all who've answered the ad).

Let's look at the results:

In just two weeks:
98% of volunteers reported It took less than 20 minutes for them to fall alseep
- 81% reported Less than 12 minutes
92% said they have no troubles getting up in the morning (at the beginning of the study a whopping 92% said that they have troubles getting out of bed in the morning) 74% said they feel healthier 89% said that they are able to think more clearly
After one month:
96% of volunteers said that they no longer have any problems with sleeplessness!
*(A study group consisted of 34 volunteers - they all reported having
troubles with sleeplessness before the beginning of a study.)

I think the results speak for themselves. This knowledge can help you get rid of sleeplessness.

When I saw these results, I decided to gather all our knowledge and create an easy-to-follow, Sleep-Wave that everyone can use. With its help you too can get rid of tiredness – once and for all.

This program is now known as the [Sleep-Wave](http://1.esellout.pay.clickbank.net)[.](http://1.esellout.pay.clickbank.net) So, let's look at…

What will the Sleep-Wave
Program do for YOU?

You will have all the energy you need. You will be able to easily finish all your daily tasks. And, after that, you will still have enough energy for all the things you want to do. Your ability to concentrate and your mental capacity will increase. You will surprise yourself when you discover how much you are actually able to achieve when tiredness is no longer holding you back. You will start getting up easily in the morning. Imagine that! When you open your eyes, you will feel completely refreshed and ready to start a new day. You will have a couple of hours of extra time each day. You will spend less time trying to fall asleep, which will give you more time to do the things you really love. What are all the things you could do if only you had the time?

Have you ever thought about the things you would do if only you had more time? Would you learn a new language, or how to play a guitar? Or would you read all those books and watch all those movies you never got around to? And, why not, you could even write a book yourself (you know, this whole program was created in those extra hours).

But, the Program will do even more...

It will improve your health and boost your immune system. When you are tired, you immune system becomes weak. As a result, you get sick more often. When you will get rid of tiredness, you general health and physical well-being will improve.

Your relationships will improve. You will finally have the time and the energy for your family and friends. The time that you spend together will also be of a higher quality as you will be able to do all the things you currently can't find the energy for.

And, most importantly, it will completely eliminate sleeplessness from your life – forever!

Will this
program really allow everybody to stop feeling tired – once and for all?

Well, the answer is "No"…

We have to be realistic. While this will most likely work for you, some people still have severe sleeplessness because of a medical condition. To put it another way: If the Sleep-Wave isn't working for you, you need to schedule an appointment with your doctor.

But don't worry. Our tests have proven that the Sleep-Wave Program works for 96% of people – so it will probably work for you too.

Here's what you will learn…

How to fall asleep in 20 minutes or less.

How this program balances right and left hemispheres of the brain to produce the remarkable mentalstate known as Hemispheric Synchronization which willgive you a better quality sleep.

How Window Frequencies work to help you get a better nights sleep.

How this programs allows your brain to produce more sleep waves (delta waves)

Scientists have found that when the brain is generating large amounts of delta waves the pituitary gland triggers the
release of growth hormone, associated with good health, regeneration and healing.

How to increase your energy levels.

How to stop habits that can make you more energized before bed.

And much more…

So, how does it all work…

To put it simply, modern science has unlocked the secret of "brain frequences" , these "brain frequences" affect our mood, energy levels, and other various feelings. Sleep-Wave has focused on using "brain frequences" to improve sleep. What happens is that we mimic Theta and Delta waves that are present while we sleep. When our brain perceives those waves, the dominant brainwave frequency is likely to move towards those frequencies, preparing your body to relax and sleep.

This audio mimics your sleep frequency and within 5 minutes you are ASLEEP!

It really is that easy. That is why every day more and more people are choosing the Sleep-Wave Program as their way to fighting sleeplessness. Let's see what they have to say…

I never understood why I could never get any sleep, I thought it was normal. But ever since I bought this program I've been getting a much better nights sleep which helps me be a lot more productive in the office! The Sleep-Wave give's me a feeling of relaxation and peace, I just don't use it to sleep I also use it for stress relief! I really recomend this product

Howard Summers , 24, New York, NY

This program has helped my sleep so much, it's cured my chronic sleep problems. It used to be a routine for me to take a sleeping pill before bed, but now all I have to do is use the Sleep-Wave. I have also saved 100's of $ because with the extra sleep I get I have LESS HEADACHES and pains! Bye bye forever Tylenol PM

Kelly Joston, Seattle WA

I work everyday and I used to always have a TON of stress that keeps me from falling asleep, hence I had a sleeping problem. But that was the past, since I've had Sleep-Wave; sleep problems are non-existent!!! This product is a MUST!

Willey Youl, Dallas TX

Wonderful program, I don't see how I could have lived without it! It makes me look at sleep as a good thing. Not something I wait 2 hours to achieve. Since I've has this program I haven't had to use my alarm clock! A++ product!

Susanna Voill, Orlando, FL

So, you want to start fighting
sleeplessness today? Here is how…

You can get your own copy of[ Sleep-Wave Program](http://1.esellout.pay.clickbank.net) in just a couple of minutes. The program comes in an e-book format. That means that you can easily download it to your computer. You won't have to pay for shipping or handling.

If you have never downloaded an e-book before, don't worry; we will take you through it step-by-step.

*(the program comes in .doc or .html format + the Audio section which contains .mp3 files)

How much is all this worth to you?

A couple of years ago when I was tired all the time, if someone had come up to me and offered to help me get to sleep in 20 minutes or less and allow me to finally start living my life, I would have been willing to pay whatever they asked for. And I did – I spent loads of money on sleeping pills and other aids that didn't work. Are you doing the same?

Stop spending money on products that don't work. Our program does!

[If you order today we will give you
these 3 bonuses absolutely FREE:](http://1.esellout.pay.clickbank.net)

Bonus No. 1 – How to sleep less and have MORE engergy guide

Once you can fall asleep anytime, that doesn't mean you can have all the time. Everyone has times where you don't have the 'time' to sleep. So I will include the guide on how to get LESS SLEEP AND MORE ENERGY, this guide is worth at least $30 but I am including it for FREE
MSRP $29.99! But we're giving it to you absolutely free!

Bonus No. 2 – The How Sleep Works e-book

Have you ever wondered why you dream? Why you need sleep? Why sleep is so healthy? Well with this ebook you'll learn everything you need to know about sleep - This book is a must!
*This e-book is valued at $19.95, but you will get it for free when you order the Sleep-Wave program!

Bonus No. 3 – Surviving without Sleep-Wave (guide)

People make mistakes, and because of that everybody needs a back-up! This book has some invaluable infomation, that can aide you in falling asleep when you don't have the Sleep-Wave system.

This book is worth $25 on it's own but it's free with the purchase of Sleep-Wave

That's over $70 in free bonuses when you order now!

Sleep-Wave can be yours for a one-time investment of only $79. Together with all of the bonuses you will be getting a total of over $79 in value.

*** Limited Time Special Offer ***

Since this guide has helped so many people, I don't want anybody to suffer from sleep problems anymore! So I will make the Sleep-Wave system not $79 but a one time payment of -



you get All of this

The Sleep-Wave program How to sleep less and have MORE engergy guide The How Sleep Works e-book Surviving without Sleep-Wave

A $79 VALUE!

The Sleep-Wave system not $79 but a one time payment of -


[Order NOW through our Secure Server!](http://1.esellout.pay.clickbank.net)


Just think about it. Are countless nights of sleeplessness worth it? Just a small investment can stop all your sleeping troubles.

Imagine what your life will look like when you get rid of sleeplessness. What could you achieve if only you'd had the energy? How much happiness would this bring you…

[Start making the change in your life –
get Sleep-Wave program. End Sleeplessness forever!](http://1.esellout.pay.clickbank.net)

Thank you, Sleep-Wave.com

P. S.
You may want to know why more and more people are choosing Sleep-Wave program...
First, it really works! It treats sleeplessness, without the harmful effects of sleeping aids. Sleep-Wave Program is the only natural – no pills or gimmicks - way to fight sleeplessness. There are no ongoing costs - just valuable information that will change your life.

| Contact us: support@sleep-wave.com[

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