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Banned Ninja Secrets!

"They Tried To Stop You From Ever Finding This...

"Will You Be One Of The Chosen Few Who Learn The Ninja Stealth And
Fighting Secrets _Banned_ By Dojo's?

"You sense there's something they're not telling you. You've
searched online for hours on end. You've hit dead-ends, and almost
founds, but never fully caught sight of it. You know it's there...
waiting to be uncovered. Your search is finally over...

Dear Seeker,

You're either in, _OR YOU\'RE OUT_.

Right now.

_Because the pressure is on_ to stop this information from ever
seeing the light of day. As I write my email account is filling up
with threats from a few powerful people. They don't want me to talk to
you. They don't want me to talk to anyone. They're terrified of what
might happen if what I know becomes common knowledge.

And I don't blame them.

Heck, if it wasn't for a lucky meeting through a friend... I never
would have met the underground masters of the Ninja arts. I never
would have had them reveal to me... the dark, almost terrifying
secrets they know.

When I was young, my dad told me that with great power comes great
responsibility. And the responsibility of what I know weighs on me
everyday. I don't want to hurt someone without meaning to. I don't
want to suddenly appear next to someone and give them a heart attack.

But because of what I've been shown. Because of what I've been
_TRAINED_ to do. That is a realistic possibility. Scarily real.

You're probably wondering how I started to learn the dark Ninja
arts. And even more importantly, how I managed to meet the underground

Like I said, it all began through a friend.

He doesn't want me to use his name, but he's been my friend for a
long time. We've done a bunch of stuff together - like surfing,
drinking, and parkour... but... he had a past he'd never told me
about... until one night, after a few too many beers, he told me
something I never would have guessed:

He said, "I don't want you to look at me differently... but... I
used to be a criminal."

Now I wasn't really that worried, because he's a nice guy. I didn't
think he'd done anything violent. And it turned out he hadn't.

He continued, "When I was younger, I used to rob houses, sometimes,
when people were still in them. I read a lot of old books on Ninjutsu,
and I learned how to use it in a city... so... no one would ever no I
was there. I also learned how to cloak myself, and how to see in the
dark... One time, I even evaded the police who were only feet from a
car I was near."

As you can hear, he's the real deal. And not too long after he told
me about his past... he told me about a whole underworld of secret
masters... and evenutally, he even introduced me to them. They don't
work in dojo's. You can't buy their books in bookstores. And almost
no-one has even seen them... let alone learn anything from them.

They are fanatical. One guy lives in a house of cloaked weapons
(which are weapons you wouldn't know are weapons when you look at
them. This way the weapons are "invisible"... until... he decides to
use them against you!)

Another has been in over 400 street fights. It's what he does "for

And I got introduced to all of them. I got to talk with them, and
learn what their lives were like. I got to have them tell me what they
know about being a Ninja... training as a Ninja... and becoming more
powerful than anyone on the outside could possibly imagine.

At first, I didn't tell anyone what was going on.

I kept the secrets to myself and used them however I wanted. It was
fun. Just popping up next to someone without them seeing me coming...
or... seeing in the dark like a cat. But eventually people around me
became suspicious. My brother in particular could tell something was
going on. And he wanted to get in on it.

So I showed him a few things... and he was blown away!

Suddenly he could run up walls and got onto the roofs of lower
buildings in less than 10 seconds... without a ladder or trampoline!

Soon word started to get out. People were starting to hear of us.
They were begging to know what we knew.

In the end it was only one person. A girl. She was my brothers
bitter ex girlfriend and she used to snoop around our house when they
were going out. One day she found some of our writings, and some audio
recordings. We swore her to secrecy, but when they broke up, we found
she had recorded much of the information herself, and had given it to
a few people already.

Which sucked, but our first concern was: would people use it
responsibly? We didn't want to find out a whole bunch of people had
become criminals and were robbing houses themselves.

So we decided to launch our own Ninja school and swear people to
secrecy and responsibility. That way, we can be sure our students
aren't breaking the law. Our school is called:

It is a very exclusive Ninja school. Inside we have over 147 minutes
of audio. Of the masters themselves talking about what they can do...
and how you can do it as well.

First, you're getting an unedited Interview CD that explains these
Ninja Tactics in BRUTAL detail.

Nothing like this Rock Solid, Hardcore Audio interview has been
available on the market before (And for good reason, no one has ever
been able to get underground guys like this to talk to them... never
lone RECORD them on tape).

In this recording, you'll discover exactly how to see in the dark,
cloak weapons, and evade detection by a person (or group of people)
EVEN if they have flashlights or dogs.

Next, you get the benefit of about 97 hours of hard work I've
already done for you.

Here's the deal. With The Ex Criminal Ninja's help, I've created a
VERY comprehensive and complete course devoted to teaching the MOST

(This is very important because this is NOT stuff that "ONLY works
in a dojo".)

You'll not only receive the all revealing "Underground Ninja Secrets
" audio portion...

But you will also receive the EXTREMELY RARE and COVETED Audio ,
"The Art Of Dirty Fighting".

In this Audio, I talk to an expert that has studied in MANY MAJOR
martial arts (like taekwondo, karate etc.) and also some VERY SECRET
martial arts (like training in Israeli Martial arts with an ex para
military trooper)...


He did this specifically to teach you how to defeat MORE then one
person in any situation.

So that you can "take down" a home invader or car jacker with
devastating precision...

* Never worry about larger or stronger opponents again (how to take
OUT large oppenents in the blink of an eye)

* Learn how to see in the dark as if you had night vision goggles.

* How you can use cloaked weapons to brutally defeat an attacker

* Use the street light in an urban environment to distract & blind
a person (or group of people)

* How to "hide" from seach dogs... even if they can SMELL you.

* Finally the art of complete night time stealth is revealed.
You'll be able to attack or defend from the shadows.

* Discover how to use physics to "run up walls". You've probably
seen this in movies, but until now no one has told you exactly HOW to
do it.

* A revealing look at the behavior of light. In an urban
environment light behaves very differently to a wooded area. We'll
show you how to use it to go 100% undetected.

* How to use a "light bomb" to blind search parties & make your

* How to use these tactics even in the most straining conditions.
Never be vulnerable in ANY situation. (can you imagine waking up in
hospital thinking "I should have known THIS"!)

* How to massively build up your own fighting power without setting
foot in a gym or a dojo.

* How to use common houseold items as weapons, in case you ever get
home invaded.

* ...And much, much more.

Click here and place your secure and confidential order right now.

As you can see, this is not information you want available to the
general public.

It's a great tool for us, the "REAL Students ", but not for your
average Joe Blow across the street.

Before today, I have been in contact with over 10,132 people who
want this information.

This is already WAY to many people and I just can't have the
information made available for too long.

I'm watching the numbers very closely, and when I feel the time has
come... The plug will be pulled and your opportunity do master these
techniques will vanish.

If you want in on this, you'd better act now before someone else
beats you to it.

But before I let you have it, I must give you a final warning:

If you're wanting to learn "soft" combat skills, this isn't for you.

If you want to be some cheeze-ball that likes to pretend he has some
skills, this isn't for you.

What you're getting is a treasure map of the dark caverns developed
by true "stealth" Ninja.

This is the real deal. If you can't handle something this hard-core,
or if this scares you ... then I understand.

Here's How You Can Join The TRUE Ninja Underground:

The cost of this comprehensive and controversial course is just
$197.77 $47.77.

As soon as you place your secure order, you'll be taken to a secret
download page where you can access the recordings and the manuals

The reason I've decided to make this a downloadable product as
opposed to something you get in the mail is three fold:

1: It keeps costs down so you won't have to pay as much. This saves
you money.

2: Nobody (including me) ever sees your address so your identity and
contact info is kept strictly confidential.

3: You can get this information immediately. Right now. In seconds.

But get this:

I've just added a new feature to make it even EASIER to access this
intense underground information...

You can order this amazing system right now and actually start
discovering these Underground "Stealth Ninja" Training Secrets within
30 seconds... yes, that is right... WITHIN 30 SECONDS you can be
mastering these rare tactics that can transform you into an
undetectable fighting machine.

Here's the deal:

Not only have I made "downloadable audio" versions of this course so
you can take them on the go ...

But I've even taken the entire system and made them so they'll play
right over your computer speakers.

All you do is click the "play" button you'll see beside each segment
and the audio course will start playing instantly!

What's even better is there's nothing to download or install ...and
you don't need any fancy programs to play it.

You can listen even if you're new to computers. It's easy.

And, you can listen as many times as you like ...from any computer
in the world!

Click here and place your secure and confidential order right now.
You\'ll have instant access to the entire course. [2]

And if you're at all skeptical about this, I understand. You have
every right to be.

I've seen the garbage that's being sold out there on the Internet.

Most of it is pure crap.

This is different. This is real. It's so real, it's scary.

In fact, I'm certain you'll love this. I'm so sure of it that I'm
offering you the following guarantee:

You'll Be Mesmerized By This Powerful Ninja Course Or I'll Refund
100% Of Your Money ...But You Can Keep The Entire Course For Free

I challenge anybody to match that guarantee. The bottom line is

If you don't like it, I don't want your money. You can just keep the
whole thing as my way of saying "thanks for being adventurous and
taking a chance."

You won't have to answer any questions, fill out any forms, or send
anything back. Just let me know if you're not happy within the next 8
weeks and I'll immediately give you a 100% refund.

Click here and order your copy right away. [3]

Remember, you have nothing to lose because I personally guarantee
you satisfaction.

Also - this website could be taken down at any minute.

There are 10,132 other people "in line" to get to this already ...

Talk Soon,


This is the only course of it's kind available. Since it's very
limited, I urge to not to put it off as you are destined to regret it

Click Here And Order Now. [4]

The truth is YOU now have the chance to become a Ninja more powerful
than you ever thought possible.

You WILL NEVER have access to this information in a library or
martial arts class.

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