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If you want to save 25% or more on your heating and electric bill,
you need to read this. Have you already paid your heating bill? If
not, you're going to be in for a surprise. That's because heating
costs have on average shot up 25% in the last few years. And this
trend shows no sign in stopping. Take a look at these figures that
represent natural gas costs for a typical single family home:

* January 2004: $178
* January 2005: $199 (12%)
* January 2006: $240 (21%)
* January 2007: $271 (13%)
* January 2008: $315 (16%)

This disturbing trend is due to many factors which are out of your
control: taxes, the rising cost of oil and natural gas, typical cost
increases, regulations, labor, market, equipment. CNN: "Heating
Costs to Rise..." (Heating Costs to Rise

CNN: "Rebates won't help high price of gas..."

CNN: "The high cost of staying warm..."

MSNBC: "With oil at the once unfathomable price of $100 a barrel,
consumers can expect the cost of filling their gas tanks, heating
their homes - in fact, the price of most everything - to also keep
rising." (http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/22475646/)

Forbes: "20 most expensive places to heat a home (I live in number
What will happen when you get an energy bill in the mail for close
to $400 one month? Don't think it can happen. It will! And that day
will come sooner than you think. Consider that right now, the
average, somewhat energy smart home will spend about $2800 a year on
energy costs. Within a year, that figure might jump to $3000. That's
$250 a month, on average, for utility costs year round.


* What if someone could show you one simple thing in five minutes
that could save on average almost $80 a year off your gas bill?
* Or simply changing one habit that EVERYONE does could save $30
per year off your electric bill?
* Would you jump at the chance if someone wanted to show you two
simple things that could save upwards of $100 per year off your
heating bill?
* Could you spare 2 minutes to make a simple change around the
house that could save you upwards of $32 per year in electric costs?


It's easy to save money on your energy bills. The PROBLEM is no one
EVER makes these changes. Why? If they're so easy, why isn't
everyone doing it? Part of it might be because they simply don't
know these simple changes can make such a HUGE difference. It also
might be that many don't know what changes need to be made. The
truth is, no one knows why people aren't more energy conscious,
especially when it comes to their home and energy costs. It's anyone's
guess. Here's a 'convenient' truth: If you make just one simple and
inexpensive change to your home, in five minutes time, you will be on
your way to saving $28 off your electric bill. These are real
changes. They are not theory or a lot of fluff. Nothing is
hypothetical. Every single step you take to save money will save you
money - real money, every month. It has in the past for those lucky
enough to take advantage of this knowledge, and it will in the future.

* FACT: Those people who made the simple, less than five minutes
changes recommended WILL PAY LESS on their heating, electric, water
and other energy bills than you will!
* FACT: Homes that are energy efficient with lower utility costs
are worth at least 4% more than less efficient homes. For a $250,000
house, that's $10,000! (Source:

Your property is WITHOUT A DOUBT the most IMPORTANT asset you own.
(If you rent, your apartment is valuable as well. Think about it. You
don't just move in...you decorate it, make it your own, and are proud
to call it 'home'...) You take care of it, and make sure it looks
presentable. You clean, you improve it, you paint it...you make it
into a home. It is YOUR HOME. Think of how hard you worked to get it.
Now think of all the money you've invested in it. Think of how much
it costs to maintain it. Now, imagine if you will, the next five
years. If the current trend continues, you could be paying as much as
50 to 75% more in maintenaince costs. Can you afford that? I can't.

* By installing a $3 part that takes less than 2 minutes, you cut
slash 15% from your water bill.
* By enacting a single, simple practice in your kitchen everyday,
you could save between 5 and 10% off your gas or electric bill.


First of all, let me be honest with you:

* I'm not rich. I make a very modest living, sure, but I don't live
in a mansion or anything.
* I still pay quite a bit of money for my energy bills. Everyone
* I don't work for the government, or an energy company. I work a
boring job just like everyone else. And yes, I would much prefer to
spend my days relaxing with a cold drink.

What I'm trying to say is, I'm not special. I don't want to dupe
you into thinking I have a secret, or that I stumbled on some big
secret. There is no secret. In fact, there are no secrets when it
comes to saving money on energy. You should never let anyone else
mislead you by telling you otherwise. I worked hard, did some research
and tried out a lot of different things to save money. It took a long
time. I put into practice several tips I found, little repairs and
lifestyle changes. Every single one of them, right down to the lowest,
simplest, and most mundane, took literally no time at all. When
everything was said and done, I compiled a list of well over 200 tips
to lower energy costs. Two hundred! That's more than any other web
site, brochure, dictionary, handbook or manual I've ever seen on this
topic. So I wrote it all down. And the result? Over 400 pages of
information that helped save money, real money every month, on my
energy bills.

* Want to know the $5 and 5 minute solution that saves over $25 a
year in heating costs? (psst...It's on page 86.)
* And the 'trick' next to no one uses - but nearly everyone can -
to save upwards of $30 a year on their energy bills? (Check out page
* That $3 fix that can slash 15% from your water bill? (Its on page
* How about a free change that takes less than a minute, yet can
save 15% on your hot water heating cost? (Page 174 has the answer.)

You can find ALL these tips in a multitude of other sources -
online, on a myriad of government websites, in magazines, books,
stores, and word of mouth. It's all out there - just find the time to
go and actually do it. Sit in front of your computer for hours, for
days or weeks. Now you don't have to - I did all the work for you.
Finally, they are all together in ONE EASY and CONVENIENT PLACE:


And the cost for the one and only book that will guide you through
saving money in every single room of your house or apartment, month
after month, year after year? $25. That's it. Just $25 and you'll
get all the research, all the information you'll ever need to make
real, proven, positive changes that will lower your energy bills
starting this month. And since this is an e-book package, you can
have it downloaded to your computer in less than 5 minutes. Think
about it. You are less than 5 minutes away from real, honest energy
savings month after month. "Just $25? That's it?" Yes. "What
else do I get?"

* To make this book the most complete energy saving guidebook I've
ever seen or read, I also added free instructions on how to do your
own energy audit. What is an energy audit? It involves observing how
you use energy around your home, room by room. By knowing where you
use energy, you can better save it, right? So the step by step
instructions, along with blank, printable audit forms is included in
the package.
* Believe it or not, when I first completed the book, I saved
almost 60% on my electric bill. I included the much anticipated and
sought after answer on page 391. You can use this as a template for
your own energy savings plan.

* I like to write. I hope that shows :-) So I guess the real "bonus"
of the ebook comes here. When you order this ebook, you'll get free
lifetime updates and free downloads of not only this ebook, but every
other money saving ebook I write. Next year, I might come out with
something on solar energy or recycling or more electricity saving
ideas - who knows. Maybe I'll even re-write this book a few more
times. You'll get it for free.

(And between you and I, I'm working on a new e-book that involves
saving money on your energy bills using nothing but common household
items. It is the first 'encyclopedia' of its kind. And it will be
yours free if you order now.)

I want to save money now! Give me the ebook. [5]


If you're not satisfied with the tips and the book, or the free
lifetime updates, pretty much anything at all about this ebook, you'll
get your money back with my 8 week money back guarantee. Order the
e-book right now and it will be downloaded directly to your computer
or PDA or mobile phone. There is no waiting. Don't miss out on savings
on your next energy bill because you didn't take advantage of this
offer. After all, the risk is all mine. So if you want to know...

* ...the $5 technique to stopping air leaks (page 70)
* ...the free 'trick' to seal your windows better (page 73)
* ...the household item that can increase your heater's efficiency
(page 103)

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