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Attention: Don't
Try And Stop Smoking

Until You Read

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YOU Can Quit Smoking For Good In As Little As

38 Minutes & 13 Seconds
Using This Amazing *UNDERGROUND* Technique...GUARANTEED!"
How To Take Control Of Your Life, Have
More Money

Live 11 Years Longer
While Improving Your Health And Having
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Button To Hear How I Can Help You Quit Smoking Today


From: Rob Mellor
Dear Friend

your interested in quitting smoking for good and taking your life back,
then this is going to be the most exciting message you ever read.


There is an amazing new audio
recording called, "Quit Smoking Today". It can help you quit smoking in as
little as 38 minutes and 13 seconds without any stress, medication or
weight gain.

Imagine being free from smoking.
Would that be nice? Saving you a ton of money every month and adding years
on to your life that can be spent enjoying yourself with family and

Wouldn't it be great to stop
smoking today? Having no more smokers breath or yellow fingers. How would
it make you feel to improve your health within twenty minutes of quitting
smoking and add up to 10 years onto your life.

This Incredible Audio
Hypnosis Worked For Me And
It Will Work For

Did you hear that? I used to smoke
just like you but this amazing hypnosis recording helped me give up
smoking the very day I tried it and I'm certain it will do the same for

smoking is one of the best things I've ever done, another one is helping
other people quit smoking for good. I feel healthier, have saved money and
I have my life back. I'm no longer under control of the cigarette
companies so
imagine taking
your life back now and what the proven 'Quit Smoking Today' program can do
for you...

Save Your Life...I
know it's a big claim but it's proven that the longer you smoke the
lower your life expectancy is.

Save You $1200 Every
Year... That's right at just one pack per day costing around $3.70. Not
even the best financial advisors could save you that.

Better Quality of
Life... Spend more precious time with your loved ones including your
partner and children

Save Your Friends and
Family's Lives... Yes that's right, it's now 100% proven that passive
smoke can damage your health and even kill.

Surprising Health
Boast... Not long after quitting smoking you'll feel younger and more

Take Holidays All Over
The World... From skiing in the Alps to sun bathing in Barbados you'll
be able to take holidays from the savings you make.

Be a Role Model to
Your Friends and Even Children... as once they've seen you quit,
there'll want to follow in your footsteps and either stop smoking
themselves or not even start.

Save Thousands on Medical
Expenses... By stopping smoking, your reducing the risk of having health
problems that can prove very costly
Would that be great or
That's what this fantastic new
program can do for you.
And It's Not Like Any
Other Quit Smoking Program You've Ever
This is the latest in
revolutionary new NLP  (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) techniques and
has been tested and proven to work 9 out of 10 times. Smokers that had
smoked for over 40 years had success with it. Even people that had tried
other hypnosis programs and failed quit using this. It really is like
nothing you've ever seen before. Here's what just a couple of customers
have said about it:

"Stopped Smoking & Feeling Healthier
"I give your quit smoking system a
10/10 and your customer support another 10/10.
I wanted to give it ago after reading
your website but I didn't like the idea of ordering over the
After speaking with you I decided to go
for it and I'm very glad I did as the ordering was trouble free and
your step by step instructions were excellent.
I have stopped smoking now and I am
already feeling a lot healthier. I can not thank you
 Doug Radford,
 Florida, USA

"This is
a Clear Winner, I Quit In 7 Days"
"The 'Quit Smoking Today' system is just excellent and does exactly
what it says.
I didn't believe it at first
as I've tried the patches and gums but after quitting smoking myself
using this program I'm more than happy to shout from the roof top
that this is a clear winner for anyone who wants to stop smoking
quick and easily"
 Stephen Lewis,
 California, USA

Now I know you'll be
excited now about quitting smoking and I'm excited about helping you. But
your probably sceptical about what this program actually involves. Well
let me first tell you what it DOESN'T involve...

You will
NOT have to spend hundreds of dollars buying medication
and pills.

will NOT have to follow any special diet or take any

will NOT have to chew 'stop smoking' gum or wear any

will NOT have to exercise any more than you normally

will NOT have to follow any special instructions for
the rest of your life

That's right... it
really is that easy when you have the tools you need to give up smoking

Just think that you
only need to spend around 40 minutes listening to this audio and you'll
start improving you health from day one.

Yes from day one.
There has been a lot of research into the benefits of giving up smoking.
Here are just a few of

Within 20 minutes of stopping smoking your blood
pressure, pulse rate and body temperature return to

Within 8
hours your carbon monoxide level in your blood drops to normal and your
smokers breath begins to disappear.

Within three days your chance of having a heart attack
decreases and your nerve endings begin to redevelop. Your ability to
smell and taste improves dramatically. Breathing also becomes

Within two
months your circulation and lung functions improve. Lungs become cleaner
and reduce infection and coughing and fatigue improve.

After one year your chances of having a heart attack is
reduced by half. The chances of getting cancer from smoking is also

After 10
years your risk of having a heart attack or stroke is similar to someone
who has never

This just goes to
show that it's never too late to quit smoking and get your life back. Your
health is better by the time your done listening to the audio.

I know your still
likely to be a little unsure about if this is for you so...

What More Customers Said About 'Quit Smoking

After 8 Years Smoking"
"After starting smoking at the age of
15 I've tried a couple of times to stop but I've never been
successful. 8 years later and I'd given up hope. That was until I
came to your website.
Well here it is...
I followed your system and have totally
quit smoking now for a month which is the longest in 8 years I've
been smoke free. If I can do this then anyone can.
Thank you for your system and
Mark Edwards San Diego,

System Makes It Easy"
"Your 'Quit Smoking Today' program is great and has worked for both me
and my husband. I'm trying to get pregnant so we both knew we has to
stop but we had no idea how easy your system would make
Thank you so much for your
  Natasha Roberts,  
London, UK

To Hawaii With The Money I've Saved"
"I just wanted to take the time to
thank you for helping me stop smoking after 5 years. I think your
program is brilliant because it is a total package and still remains
cheaper than anything else. I'm very glad I tried your system as I'm
going to go on a well deserved holiday to Hawaii with the money I'm
already saving. Thanks again"
Jeff  O'Brien Dublin,
What Would
It Be Worth To You To Take Back Your Life,
Saving You Thousands Of
Dollars Each And Every

I personally could
not put a price on been more healthy, saving a ton of cash and living a
lot longer but I would be willing to pay a whole lot of money to give
me those benefits of stopping smoking.

Most people agree
and that's why they are spending thousands to help them quit. I mean three
months of chewing Nicorette gum will cost you around $350. A Inhaler is
more like $500 and other programs cost more than a thousand bucks. And all
these are still cheaper than to carry on smoking.

But don't worry. I
want to help you and I'm not going to charge you a fortune.

After looking at the
other options available I decided that a fair price would be around $200
and that would still make this the best value quit smoking program around.
Better yet this system means you will not have to buy patches or any
medicines or supplements to help you stop. This is a one time only

But Wait! Order
Today To Save 75%

If you order today
I'm going to give you 'Quit Smoking Today' for only $47.


I have decided to do
this limited 75% off deal because I'm not quite sure what price to sell it
for. I know it is worth more but I want the most people possible to use
this to quit smoking so I need to find the right balance

Another reason for
me to do this is that because of the internet my costs have been cut and
what better way to say thank you to my customers than passing the savings
on to you.

$47 is a drop in a
bucket compared to what your going to save by quitting and it will even
pay for it's self in less than a single month if you even only smoke one
pack of cigarettes per day.

Quit Smoking Or Your Money Back... 100% Guarantee

I just know this amazing
system will work for you so you can take it for 60 days to examine
and use. That's right. You have two full months to put this valuable
system to work for you.
Test the system for
yourself...Try as many of the valuable tips and techniques as you
like. Once you've used this system to quit smoking. I'm confident
you'll NEVER want to say a bad word about it!
But, if you aren't fully
satisfied for any reason, or it doesn't live up to your expectations, you won't be out one cent. Just
fire off a quick email to me and I'll refund your entire payment.
Right up to the final day of this 60 day guarantee.
Not only that but as all of
this amazing system is delivered online I'll even let you keep the
full system as a thank you for placing your time and trust in this
proven system
You've got nothing to lose by
taking the 'Quit Smoking Today' system for a test drive as if you don't
stop smoking you don't pay a single cent.
I'm leaving you absolutely no
reason to not quit smoking, but to make sure you do it
I'm Going To Throw In These
Five Incredible Bonuses Worth

$264.71 Absolutely FREE!

Free Bonus One - Quit Smoking Now Ebook ($49.99

This best selling ebook has
helped thousands stop smoking with great tips on cutting your
cravings, gaining self confidence, overcoming the effects of nicotine
and an amazing blueprint of how to quit without
Free Bonus Two - Stop Smoking Therapy Session               ($67.77

To have a session with a
professional therapist it would cost you any where around $200 and you
may even have to go back a few times.
Before you know it, you've got
a bill for hundreds of dollars. I'm going to make sure that doesn't
happen as I'm giving you this amazing transcript of a top of the range
therapist session to go through any time you want. You will find this
very helpful when quitting.
Free Bonus Three - Relieve Stress Audio ($97 Value)

If you've ever tried to quit
smoking before, then you know that it can become stressful at times
and this never released before audio make 100% sure that you don't
because a slightest bit stresses. If you order today I'm going to make
certain you get this bonus worth $97 for Free.
Free Bonus Four - Amazing Weight Loss & Health Tips         ($20

Because you've smoked your
body is most likely not the healthiest it could be so instead of you
buying some separate information on how to lose weight and be more
healthy I'm going to throw this complimentary bonus in worth $20 to
sweeten the deal.
Free Bonus Five - 97 Ways to Get Fit and Stay Fit

I just came across this
amazing bonus last month and liked it so much that I paid several
hundred dollars for the rights to sell it. At the moment I don't have
a site but figured it would be a great resource for my customers like
you. You can get it free today.
These bonuses may not be available
for long and I may take them down any day now. However if you order the
'Quit Smoking Today' System now I'm going to guarantee you'll get a copy
of all these impressive bonuses but if you wait until tomorrow they may be
So what are you waiting
Isn't is about time you stopped
Don't wait or give this any second
thought. Do it NOW while it's fresh on your mind. Plus, as an extra
incentive, I've included some great bonuses that might not be here if you
close this window now and come back a few days later

Don't wait another

No Risk Acceptance

Yes Rob, I want to quit
smoking for good in as little as 38 minutes and 13 seconds without
any painstaking work or cravings to fight.
I also want to guarantee that I
get the five  bonuses totally free by ordering today.
I realise that if I leave this
offer, the price may increase and the bonuses may get withdrawn so
I want to place my order right now through a secure server and
receive instant instructions on how to download 'Quit Smoking
Today' along with the bonuses.

Order Now, using the number one payment
system on the internet giving you 100%
As soon as your payment is
authorized (this usually takes less than a minute), you will be
given instructions on how to download your guide , and the
accompanying bonuses

Click Here To
Download Now


To Your Success

Robert MellorThe Quit Smoking
PS. Remember, I guarantee your success. If you
don't succeed, this program costs you nothing. But, you can't
succeed if you don't get started. You may never have another opportunity
so simple and easy to get you to quit smoking.
PPS. It's important you order
right now to guarantee you receive all of the incredible bonuses worth
$264.71. Don't wait another minute!


& Best Way To Quit Smoking"
"Thank you, I've finally quit smoking
after 23 years of smoking and it's all a result of your system. I've
tried a few things before and have to say yours is the easiest and
best way to quit smoking"
Linda Jenson New

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