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This is where you will get your first look at what makes a professional FOREX Trader!  If you want to make money trading the FOREX Markets I have the knowledge and the tools to put you ahead of the curve.  Let's start with the basics...

Have you ever wondered why the majority of FOREX Traders LOSE Money?  With all the trading systems, along with the latest and greatest FOREX trading technology, not to mention all the education and training; you would think more than a select group would be able to consistently make money, right?  I'm not talking about winning trades here and there or for a month or two - I mean REGULAR and SIZABLE gains!

Financial Freedom!  This means something different to everyone.  For me, it means doing what I want, when I want.  Also for me it means the ability to give back to people who deserve it!  It might sound cheesy, but there is no better feeling than helping someone else reach their dreams.  You see after I had perfected my FOREX trading I  had a lot more time on my hands.  I was only working a few hours a day, sometimes less.  For a guy that was used to putting in long hours, this was quite the change and I knew the time had come where I actually had the time to be able to help others and teach people the exact strategies that made me successful.

In the Fall of '06 I released my first book "Trading Rules that Work" this outlines the 28 essential lessons every trader must master before they too can consistently profit from the markets every month.  My book release had amazing success and is still an Amazon Best Seller.  Writing this book was a great start, but building a community of serious FOREX Traders and providing daily mentoring to them was my real passion.  Shortly then after my FX Official site was born.

Jason's Highly Awaited Top Selling Book Flew Off Shelves in '06, the first step in sharing his expertise with the world

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SURPRISED?  That's not what the other sites tell you, is it?

Listen closely...If you think buying some simple piece of analytical software, signal software, or just doing "Market Research is going to give you consistent winners, you are sorely mistaken! 

When I started in this business all of what you have available as education & analysis wasn't around.  The Internet did not exist and there was no online trading or education available.  In fact back  then there were only two exchanges that really mattered and you needed big cash to be a member.  There was no access to FOREX markets unless you were a bank.  While all that has changed, one thing has not and never will...most people who trade lose.  That's right, most people who trade online even with all the education stuff, analysis, software, seminars, mentoring and god only knows what else - ARE LOSING MONEY!

"The path to winning at trading Forex has nothing to do with the markets or market analysis!"

" The Path to winning is based on practical market psychology and practical trader psychology"

I will show you EXACT instructions on how to use the same strategies I still use to this day, updated available to you EVERY day.  Unlike other so-called experts and mentors, I

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