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* ActiveHelp: Professional Live Chat Software


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Welcome to ActiveHelp Professional Live Chat Software

Turn up the Volume on Sales

Your on-line visitors are in a hurry; that’s why they’re
surfing the Web. If their needs are not met within the first ten
seconds, they’re gone! While most leave out of disappointment,
others are frustrated and confused, seeking to find better services
from your competitors. There’s no way to tell for sure – unless

May I Help You?

The perfect sales’ icebreaker, ActiveHelp Pro’s_ live chat
software_ gives you the tools to duplicate this personal communication
with your on-line visitors.  Get their attention with live chat
queries and instantly find out what they need.  Respond immediately
to visitor questions and inspire them to read on. LIVE CHAT SOFTWARE
lets your visitors learn more about your products and services rather
than leave your site!

ActiveHelp Pro Features

* Use multiple operators / channels to handle increased visitor

* Multi-way chat allows any number of Operators to talk with a web
site visitor;

* Learn what geographic areas your visitors are from, down to the

* Find out what keywords were used and on which search engine;

* Reduce shopping cart abandonment by querying visitors who linger
during checkout;

* Access operator dialog archives to see how questions were handled;

* Offer visitors the callback feature for follow-up contact;

* Operator-to-Operator chat facility and Operator Chat Room improve
internal communications;

* Control sensitive data with ActiveHelp Pro’s Hosted
* Improve visitor conversion rates with ActiveHelp Pro live chat

Seamless Integration

ActiveHelp Pro is quickly becoming the industry leader in
comprehensive live chat software solutions.  Windows, buttons, and
screens can be easily tailored to match and blend into your
website’s design.  Visitors will chat with ease, knowing that help
and support is controlled by your website and their privacy is

Simple Installation

Designed for the busy client, ActiveHelp Pro takes the guesswork out
of setup and operations.  Hosted Installation provides full support
product maintenance for only PENNIES A DAY so you never have to get
involved technically.  Live chat software wizards walk you through
fast and easy PC applications.  Daily customer care is available to
work around your schedule.

Staying on Top

With ActiveHelp Pro, live chat software doesn’t end with
effective on-line help and support.  From real-time visitor movements
to invaluable statistics and reporting, ActiveHelp Pro opens your eyes
to the areas in need of attention.  This one-of-a-kind live chat
software system is equipped with extensive features that enable you to
make the most of your website. 

** Your initial charge will be $34.95. You will then be charged
$34.95 per month following your initial charge for 12 months or until
you choose to cancel. You may cancel at any time.

** At the end of the payment process you will be directed to a thank
you page which will display the website location and login information
needed to access your account.

If you have any questions or would like more information about our
product, you can reach us by email at: sales@activehelppro.com [3]

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