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* Are your kids bored and frustrated?

* Sitting in front of a TV all day.

* Need a change?

* Need Help in keeping them entertained on a daily basis?

Dear Nicola,

Thank you for an awesome product! I simply love every game in your
book and I'm delighted to have a inexpensive and fun alternative to
keep my three energetic youngsters busy.

Katherin De Jong


The Netherlands

Discover the secrets to keeping your kids entertained in a cheap and
fun easy way.

Studies have shown that 80% of what kids learn is by doing, and
learning is increased by an average of 50% when "it's fun and

With your own e-book you get......

365 games at your fingertips (saves you time and effort).

A wide variety of games ensures you'll have just the right game for

any occasion, from holidays, parties, preschool to educational

and everything in between.

Game activities for all age groups... Toddlers to Teens - The

whole family can enjoy playing these games.

Uses inexpensive materials, mostly found around the home (saves

you money)

Create new and different games with small variations to existing

games (in truth you're getting more than 365 games)

Brand new and old favorite games (all tried and tested by kids)

Games that inspire creativity and self esteem.

Many uses (for home schooling, preschool activities, holidays,

groups of kids, rainy days, parties, etc)

Easy step-by-step instructions

Try and think back to the last time you paid less than $20

to entertain your kids for a whole year!!!!!

Date: 11 April

From: Nicola Fourie

Dear Fellow Parent

I was totally shocked to find out that kids in the US spend on
average more than 5 hours a day watching television! The main reason
when parents are asked why they allow this, is that they don't know
how else to entertain and keep the children busy.

No wonder Attention Deficit Disorder and Low Muscle Tone stats are
alarmingly high and increasing daily in children. Enough is

Kids get bored very quickly and especially during holidays most
parents biggest frustration is how to keep the kids busy and out of
trouble. The challenge is to have diverse activities that will
stimulate their minds and help them learn whilst still providing the
most fun possible.

My goal with this book is to provide a healthy and fun alternative
to television, psp, game arcades, movies and other mindless
activities. My motivation to compile this book was born out of my own
frustration of a daily struggle with "difficult" and bored kids.

Introducing.....365 Kids Games! You don't have to try and think of
ways to entertain the kids...... you can simply pick a game and start
playing in minutes.

Now you can have tons of kid friendly games without shelling out
hundreds of dollars.


I really found your material very useful, practical and loads of
fun.. I was particularly impressed with the variety of games, and
after having used many of them, I can whole heartedly recommend your
book to all parents and teachers. Thank you for a great book.

Nancy Tan

Montessori Teacher


Just Some of the Benefits of Purchasing this E-Book:

* Suitable for teachers, home schooling moms, parents, parties and
holidays - Adapt the games for your specific need or occasion.

* Each Game Adjusts to the Child's Skill Level - Easy to match the
child's skill level to the any of the games.

* Spend more Quality time with your kids - Put the fun back into

* These Games Can be Played at No Cost - Save money.

* Easy ideas for any group of kids -- even daycare! - No more
stress to keep groups of kids entertained.

* Instant Access [3] -- You Can Start Playing Today! - No need to
wait - download now.

Nicola, I played your mystery party games at my daughter's 10th
birthday party and the kids couldn't get enough. I simply love your
book. Thank you!


Perth, Australia


Who Should Buy This Book?

If you are a teacher looking for something new to play in your
classroom, a home schooling mom looking for fun, educational games, or
a parent looking to liven up their child's next birthday party; we
have you covered.

Here's The Bottom Line On This Incredible Book...

365+ unique kids games including:

* Party Games
* Valentines Games
* Easter Games
* Halloween Games
* Thanksgiving Games
* Christmas Games
* Educational Games
* Games For Preschoolers
* Outdoor Games
* Indoor Games
* Dress Up Games

Easy step by step instructions

Teacher's seal of approval

User-friendly and printer-friendly e-book format

Special discounted offer

Safe and Secure ordering

Unconditional, no-risk, money-back guarantee

Instant access (no waiting for delivery)

A great value! (you get a lot for a little)


Don't let your kids watch a minute more of mind numbing television.
When you order right now, you'll be able to immediately download 365
Kids Games and have it within minutes. Your kids can start having fun
right away, and you'll feel better about the time and money you will
have just saved.

I have a 3 year old and we have such fun playing your preschool
games together.

Her current favorites is the farm animal games. She is always
bringing me the book (I printed it out) and asking me to play....just
one more game. This is definately a brilliant investment as we will be
playing these games for a long time to come. Many many thanks.

Molly and Shannon Hill

South Africa

How Much Will You Save?

I'm sure you'll find this to be great news: you are just in time to
take advantage of an extraordinary offer. My collection of kid games
has been valued at $39.95 if it was to go into print. But we have
discovered that by producing it as an electronic "e-book" version, we
can reduce our costs. That means we can pass the savings on to you!

Well, right now we are still in the market testing phase. Depending
on how sales go, we may or may not keep this special discounted rate.

But if you order 365 Kids Games now, I guarantee that it'll be yours
risk-free for only $19.95, an incredible 50% off the retail price. And
to top it off there is a free bonus....

If you were to do one of the games every day for a year, it would
come out to less than 6 cents per day! (Remember, that's only for the
365 games that are outlined. It's not counting the extra games you'll
be creating from the ideas and tips I include. You're actual cost
could be even less!)

If you Order today [6], you will receive 50% off the retail price


365 Kids Games


The Wind in the Willows

for FREE!


You Have My 100% Risk-Free Guarantee

I personally guarantee that if you aren't completely satisfied with
365 Kids Games, we will refund 100% of your purchase price, as long as
you let us know no more than 8 weeks after the purchase... that's how
much confidence we have in this product!

If after using this book for a full 8 weeks, and you honestly
believe that I did not deliver what I promised here, then I'll issue
you a prompt and courteous refund... Guaranteed!

Try And Think Back To The Last Time You Paid Less Than $20 To
Entertain Your Kids For A Whole Year.

For Less Than $20 This Is What You Get:

365 games at your fingertips (saves you time and effort)

Uses inexpensive materials, mostly found around the home (saves you


Wide variety of games (holidays, party, educational, preschool and a

whole lot more)

Activities for all ages (3 years until 16 years old)

Ideas to create new and different games (in truth you're getting

than 365 games)

Brand new and old favorite games (all tried and tested by kids)

Games that inspire creativity and self esteem

Good for one child growing up (can repeat a game at a more advanced


Easy step-by-step instructions

Many uses (for home schooling, groups of kids, rainy days, parties,

good if you have kids of different ages

Quality time with the kids (you have fun too!)

User-friendly and printer-friendly e-book format

Special discounted offer

Safe and Secure ordering

Unconditional, no-risk, money-back guarantee

Instant access (no waiting for delivery)

A great value! (you get a lot for a little)

Total package is worth $70.00

Purchase the DOWNLOAD version (instant access) by today and pay

Only $19.95 - Limited Time Offer

Don't Be Disappointed..

Order Your Copy Today [9] and Receive "The Wind In the Willows" for


You have nothing to lose (and a fun, unique, and many happy hours of
fun ebook to gain) because regardless, the FREE bonus is yours to keep
just for giving us a try.

Click here [11] for your instant download of the ebook. Once your
credit card is approved, you will be taken to a special download page
where you will download the ebook along with your FREE Bonus.

Have Fun Playing,

Nicola Fourie


(For other payment methods please see below.)


This E-book is in a downloadable PDF document


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The download time will depend on your internet connection and the
speed of your laptop or pc.

P.S.- Remember, You must order today [13] to lock in this special
offer and your FREE Bonus eBook. We can only make this offer for a
limited time.

If you have any problems downloading the e-books...

Don't panic!!

Contact us and we will help you.

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