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Look, if you're already making a decent living online, then make like a tree...

I'm A Regular Northwest Guy, Making A GOOD Amount Of Money Each Month With A Method That's 100% Different From EVERYONE Else...


After a long, long time of struggling to find the right method for me that will pay the bills, I've finally found it, and I want to share it with you. Why? Because I'm a nice guy, and most of you who read this probably won't do anything about it anyway, statistically speaking.

What, you're not a statistic? Are you different?

I have a method, a routine to make a healthy amount of money each month.

Lazy folks can try, but the more work you put in, the bigger the rewards

This has nothing to do with Adsense, Ebay, Affiliate markting, PPC, or any of those tired methods

This is an easy, almost stupidly ridiculous way to make money online

I hope you're ready to change your lifestyle. It did mine.

There's Allot Of Information Take a Minute, Let It

 Soak In, and keep reading...

Anyhow, the reason I'm limiting the downloads for this guide are:

One, I want people to see the actual real value to the method described in this guide.

Two, I don't want to give out my "secret" to thousands of people. If I wanted to do that, I would simply create a fancy landing page and an affiliate program - I have had three offers from "Super Affiliates" offering to market this product for me . .   I told them "No Thanks" but you know why I didn't do that?

Because all of that stuff can be summed up in one word: "WorthLess"


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Yeah, I said it. It's mostly hype....

I was hesitant to write this 14 page guide and actually sell it due to the fact that most people are burned out on ebooks, reports, and guides. I've wasted so much money on them, it's not even funny. But unlike 99% of ebooks and reports out there, this one is for real.

But not all of them are hype, in fact, there are more and more reputable and honest people out there selling the exact information they use to make money on the internet. Now I'm hopefully joining that club, and I want to kill you with honesty.

What do I mean when I say I'll, "kill you with honesty"? Well, truth be told, when you know something that's very valuable, so valuable that you can put a price on it, then you know you have a chance to make some extra money from that valuable knowledge. I'm here to make money, primarily by using my method that's described in the guide, and also by charging you to read it.

Honest enough for you? Good.

To be honest, (and I know you've heard this before), I'm an every day guy who lives in the heartland of the US, who happens to work a full-time job, and actually makes more from the internet then a good job at a well known, world wide company as an SEO specialist. I still work full-time because I enjoy it.

I'm not rich, but I can assure you, I'm comfortable.

Heck, I drive a very modest 2006 Ford Taurus. But knowing what I know, I'll always be comfortable, because I finally know how to make money online. It's been a long journey, and I can proudly say that I've made it!

I tried many things for many years, and never quite "cracked the code". While the information in my guide may not be some huge secret, I can assure you that it's secret enough that there is a huge market for it. Huge.

Yes, This Is A Limited Download - 97 Copies Only!

Within the last month, I've pulled in nearly $7,000. And damn, does it feel good. It feels so good, that even though I appreciate each and every sale of this guide, I honestly don't care if you buy it or not, because I'm certainly not hurting for money. I'm not trying to sound rude, but again, I'm 100% honest. This product has received 100's of reviews, my email is full up with them, these reviews are all published.


I was skeptical, just like I am of the rest, but for $27 I figured I had nothing to lose. My thoughts? Wow. This is one awesome ebook, and it's actually worth a ton more then fifteen measly dollars!

James Yocom, BlogFlipMethod Customer


Ben, you should be selling this for $50, at least. Are you an idiot? 

Jennifer Pairton, [ MakeMoneyNoobs.Com](http://makemoneynoobs.com) Owner


Here are some testimonials from reputed Digital Point members about how good this product is:


This is one of the best eBooks I've ever read PERIOD.
I honestly, don't expect any other author to give information that packs a punch for this price. Heck, I've probably bought some $97 "guru" products that are far inferior than this.
The method itself is simplicity and is extremely easy to execute. Ben (Shamus) makes it even easier for us by telling us what to do, how to do it and when to do it. If we start experimenting ourselves it'll probably take us an year or so to discover everything revealed in this resource. There is practically no risk of saturation as there is loads of demand for the "products" (in this case blogs) we create.
Requires zero investment but if you got a spare $50-$100 or so you'll get better returns. Still, even if your just a newbie in the Internet Marketing sphere and have absolutely 0 cash to spend (Well, after buying his eBook) you can easily make at least a grand if you follow the method so elaborately outlines in his eBook.

A massive thank you to Ben for providing us with this gem (I'm printing it out as I'm typing this)




Here is my review.......

Its an simple 13 page ebook on Flipping blogs for profits model.Author explained everything starting from how to set up blogs to getting traffic and then a website where he normally sells his blogs.He also added 2 of his Blog sales auction) links. As always need to work on your blog for few days before you plan to filp. The traffic generation methods covered are basic but if done properly can generate lot of traffic to your blogs.

If you are pro in website/blog flipping then this is definitely not for you. For those, who are new and want to learn flipping websites/blog, this is another weapon you can have in your Internet Marketing arsenal and make lots of money from.

This is no B.S, its an simple methods on how to make money online flipping blogs.


Thanks for the great ebook, I already read it twice and your explanation on how to make money from website flipping is awesome. You provide a complete guide especially for newbie who got no idea on website flipping business. Moreover, your ebook also suitable for those who already doing this website flipping business but failed to sell at good price. To make money online efficiently i believed sometimes we need to spend some money to get more money.

Shamus is a great e-book writer, this e-book been written with a good words and quick recap. He use this skill to make this 13 pages e-book totally like an encyclopedia for website flipping. He also provide personal Q&A using MSN and only available for the buyer only and not for others. For me this is the most important service after sale for us. I'm sure all of us got a lot of question for him. This ebook also provide case study on how Shamus successfully sold 1 blog for USD4,500 within 16 hours. Everyone got a money to develop a good site for selling later, but not all of them got an ability to sell it at higher price. So, bypass the learning curve to grab all the skill on website flipping by owned this ebook. He just sell 50 copies with a good intention to less the competition for us. So take ACTION now and start doing it as soon as you get this ebook.

Once again, thanks Shamus for this great ebook and hope to chat with you soon.



97 Copies Will Sell Quicker Then It Took Me To Sell My Last Blog

A Matter Of Days!

(Some Blogs Sell Within 30 Minutes of Being Listed)

Are you ready to take the next step, spend only $27 in the process, and start making some cash? Like, real cash?

I hope you don't end up like most of the other people who see something that could change their lives but fail to do anything about it. Take action. Now!

Also - We paid for EXCLUSIVE resale rights to one of the best step by step guides to building and making blogs profitable. BLOG YOUR WAGE is a 70+ page PDF course that will show you in plain English and in careful detail absolutely everything you need to know about blog marketing. This guide is not one of those junk "systems" you've wasted money on in the past! This guide alone is valued at $47


"This guide is more like a road map to long-term

online success!"


Building a substantial internet income is a completely realistic goal and with the help of this comprehensive guide you can achieve those dreams of online success! 

This easy to follow course is jam packed with real world examples and step by step instructions on how to set up a simple, almost free blog and turn it into a cash generating, marketing machine.

 And you can learn to do so within mere minutes after your download! Seriously - this is good stuff.

Even if you only use your computer a few times a day to check your email you can still use this guide and the information contained within it to start your journey to becoming truly wealthy.

With BLOG YOUR WAGE absolutely nothing is left to the imagination! Everything you need to know to make unlimited amounts of money will be revealed to you! This is a no non-sense, no fluff guide.


"One of the best offers I have seen on the net"

To recap, for $27 you get the brand new 15 Page E-Book "Blog Flip Method" which is receiving rave reviews, seriously my email is jam packed. Also you will be receiving BLOG YOUR WAGE, these two products bundled together almost ensure your success. If you take in the information and take ACTION then there is nothing that can stop you from making a healthy amount of money online.


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Of course, every Great ebook should have a guarantee....

 No-Questions-Asked 100% 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee:

If for any reason you are unsatisfied with this ebook, you may return it for a complete refund, no questions asked! We stand behind our products and strive to create only the best resources and tools for the online entrepreneur.

"I bought this ebook as soon as I read the reviews about it on a popular webmaster forum, and I'm still blown away that he's selling this for only $27! Not only have I made my money back, but I've also finally bought my new MacBook Air! Seriously though, this method is fool proof, and it's in high demand right now. Ride the wave while it's high!
Jeff Guithues [ AromatherapyPlanet.Com](http://www.aromatherapyplanet.com/)

[ ](https://www.digitalproductdelivery.com/buy/733)

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