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Finally, a simple step by step guide to getting a job on a

Revealed: 10 Brutally Effective 'Insider Secrets' For
Scoring Your Dream Job

If You've Got No Budget font:16px Verdana, serif;
color:#000000;">(HINT: We'll even reveal all 10 strategies in this

From The Desk Of: James font:16px Verdana, serif;
font-weight:bold;">Check Out The Superyachts We've Worked On!!!
Having progressed from deckhand and stewardess to
Chief Officer and Lead Stewardess I guess you could say we're your
perfect resource for finding out how to make it happen in the
Superyachting Industry.

You see, we're constantly hounded by our friends and acquaintances
wherever we go pleading for us to tell them how to 'get a job on a
yacht'. But unless I can sit down with you for over a couple of hours
and explain all the ins and outs then it's just not going to happen.

Some of our close friends have had access to this knowledge and we
have helped heaps of them successfully get their first job on a yacht
and begin a life long dream of earning tax free money and traveling
the globe. That's just the beginning. I'll show you exactly what
you need to know to go from where you are now to a job on the yacht of
your dreams with these 10 video lessons.

Video Lesson Number 1:

Your Yacht of Preference

In this lesson I'll reveal the different types of yachts you can
work on as crew. The pro's and con's of smaller yachts and larger
yachts. The difference in lifestyle and pay between charter yachts and
private yachts. All about yard periods and how these transitional
periods can help you in getting a job and working your way into the

Video Lesson Number 2:

When font:24px Verdana, serif; font-weight:bold; color:#ff0000;

Knowing when and where to go is as important as who you know. In
this lesson I'll talk you though all of the major hot spots for
scoring a job on a yacht and what times of year are going to increase
your chances. You'll learn about the different seasons, where to go
during those seasons and how to apply to the crew agents once you're
there. I'll even take you though a guided tour of what it's like
arriving into France and heading to Antibes, finding the cheapest
accommodation, going to the right spots and where to hang out.

Video Lesson Number 3:

Getting In With The Crew Agents

This is my favorite lesson and one of the most valuable I think
because I'll be talking you through some great 'insider tips'. Things
like how to 'dock walk' for 'day work' like a veteran which is super
valuable because the extra cash flow from 'day working' can allow you
to choose your jobs more wisely and 'try before you buy'. I'll also be
revealing some of the best tips for getting to the top of the list
with any crew agent, and there the ones finding you a job so thats
some important stuff.

Video Lesson Number 4:

Your First Interview

In this lesson I'll talk you through your first interview and all
the key words they'll want to hear. I'll also be covering an
'unspoken' rule that all people in the industry know and all those yet
to be in the industry wished they knew. Additionally I'll discuss how
to properly accept a job, the questions you should ask about job
offers, some secret tricks for discovering the crew agents secrets and
what to do if something doesn't feel right.

Video Lesson Number 5:

Selling Yourself Though Your CV

Knowing what to put in your CV and what to leave out is of critical
importance in the yachting industry. If your CV is not laid out
correctly then more than likely it will be tossed in the pile with the
other candidates who missed out on the job. In this lesson I'm going
to explain to you exactly how Crew Agents and Yachts want your CV laid
out plus also reveal some insider tips on getting your CV to the top
of the pile.

Video Lesson Number 6:

Your Role on Board

Understanding what you'll be required to do once you get on board is
an absolute must. If you have no idea of what it's all about that is
going to show in your interview and will most likely result in them
hiring someone else. In this lesson I'm going to explain to you
everything about how the management structure on board yachts works
and how each of the positions fit into that structure. Armed with this
knowledge you'll not only understand more about what your getting
yourself in for but more importantly you'll be able to display this
knowledge to others increasing your chance and getting a job.

Video Lesson Number 7:

Tax Free Money font:24px Verdana, serif; font-weight:bold;
color:#ff0000; font-weight:bold;">

Once you start earning the 'superstar' tax free income that comes
with working in the yachting industry you'll need to know about where
to put it, how to handle residency issues in your country and the best
ways around this mess. In this lesson I'll take you through the
process and make it as easy to understand as possible. I've personally
had friends of mine chased by the tax department and slogged with a
hefty tax bill after earning tax free money for years. This is not and
ideal situation and understanding this knowledge will help you now and
especially later on down the track in avoiding the tax man.

Video Lesson Number 8:

Visas font:24px Verdana, serif; font-weight:bold; color:#ff0000;

Traveling overseas is a big deal in itself, working overseas is
something completely different altogether and working on a yacht is
completely different again. You're going to need to understand the
different types of visas you'll be needing and how to apply for them.
I'll also be sharing some insider knowledge if you'll be needing to
use the 'gift of the gab' to get some visas which can be a little
harder to come by than others. Understanding this knowledge can mean
that you will have prepared yourself with all the visas you will need
and that a yacht will be looking for. If they have to choose between
someone with a visa who's ready to go and someone without a visa there
going to take the easy option. Don't be the one to miss out, I'll
explain exactly what visas you'll need and how to go about getting

Video Lesson Number 9:

Commercial to Yachting Changeover

I've devised this video lesson especially for those coming from the
Commercial Shipping Industry, Cruise Ships or from the Fishing
Industry. In this lesson I will give you a brief run down on what to
expect if you have a background in either of these industries. This is
also a great lesson for anyone as it explains more about what to
expect and how the safety management systems and regulations are
effecting yachts and their management. Good lingo if you're speaking
with the Captain in the interview!!!

Video Lesson Number 10:

Common Pitfalls to Avoid

There are many pitfalls which a lot of newcomers fall into and I
don't want this to be happening to you. I'll be talking about some of
these and how to prepare yourself and learn more about being 'street
smart' in the industry. Additionally in this lesson I'll be talking
about the typical nationalities of the owners of these yachts and what
to expect. Also I'll be covering the aspects of working with multiple
nationalities in an onboard environment which is important to know as
when you work and live together you're going to need to understand how
to get along.

That's it. Implement and understand any one of these strategies
and watch the job offers come storming in. Implement them all and
you'll be well and truly on your way to scoring your dream job above
and beyond the thousands of others looking to do the very same thing.

The thing is in such a competitive environment you need to arm
yourself with knowledge and prepare yourself with these
understandings. If you think you can go overseas and get a start in
the yachting industry with little to no experience you'll be surprised
that it is much harder than you think.

How Long Are You Willing To Wait Until You Score A Job?

If you are anything like us when we were getting ready to head
overseas and get our first job we were hell bent on getting as much
information as possible. Having been there ourselves we are now making
that very process as easy and as streamlined as possible for you.

Not only that, we will include for you a special bonus with
exclusive access to the very CV's we used to score our first jobs. You
can model the layout of these CV's and simply add in your information
and start applying straight away.

This is so valuable it is difficult for me to explain. You see as
I'll talk you though in the 'Selling Yourself Though Your CV' Video
Lesson getting the layout and structure of your CV right is absolutely

We spent hours trawling the internet, speaking with friends within
the industry and making plenty of mistakes with the Crew Agents before
we learnt the optimum CV layout that all Crew Agents and all Yachts
want you to provide.

Without it your CV will more than likely end up in the bin, trust me
I've even had to do that before when sifting though CV's with the
Captain on board my last yacht.

It's a hard thing to do but when your sifting though piles of CV's a
day you can only pick the ones which use a layout you can work with.
So having access to our CV's is a very valuable bonus and one which
I'm confident will capture the attention of the Captain on board
hiring you!

Many People Think They Can Just Head Overseas And It Will
All Work Out

Well I'd like to tell you this is true but in fact it's a dangerous
myth. If I had a dollar for every person I've seen drift in to Antibes
or Fort Lauderdale thinking they're going to get lucky and then end up
weeks later with no job and no money I'd be a rich man.

In an industry where word of mouth can make or break you (and trust
us we've seen both) it's important you're onto it from the very start
so as to make the best impression and keep your reputation strong.

If you can get this right then getting a job and continuing to have
the offers flowing in for years to come is almost guaranteed.

Who Reads E-Books
These Days Anyway?

Not me! Thats why we've bought our own professional video equipment.
And even though these 10 video lessons are professionally edited and
accompanied with great music you won't have to pay extra for that.

And because nothing will be shipped to you, it saves a lot of money
on video duplication and shipping. So instead of charging hundreds of
bucks for these video lessons we've just put them onto a password
protected site and passed the savings on to you.

You don't have to pay $147. Or $97. Or even $57 (the bare minimum
price for most online video lesson programs).

Right now, you can immediately star implementing these 10 Video
Lessons and get the ball rolling for just $27.


And, as always, your small investment is covered by our...

Total Satisfaction Or Your Money Back Guarantee

Take a full month to review the Get A Job On A Yacht Video Lessons.
Watch each video 100 times if you like. Implement as few or as many
strategies as you want.

And, if at the end of 60 days, your not satisfied, just shoot us an
email and we'll refund every cent of your purchase.

You have our word.

Can I guarantee that you'll instantly get a job overnight?
Of course not. That would be silly and unrealistic. But I can
guarantee that if you do nothing... you'll get nothing.

Order the 10 Video Lessons today.

Take Action.

Put just one of these powerful strategies to use and you'll start to
see results.

We wish you all the best in your endeavors into this exciting and
prosperous industry.


James font:16px Verdana, serif; font-weight:bold;">P.S. - I'm
copping a lot of flack for pricing these video's so low. Seriously
every other video lesson product on the internet is pitching their
stuff for hundreds of dollars. And here I am offering you 10 proven
insider solutions laid out in quality live streaming video for just

James' Get A Job On A Yacht
Video Lessons

10 Bullet Proof Information Rich Lessons Explaining All The
Strategies You'll Need to Get A Job On A Yacht as Quickly, Easily and
Cheaply As Possible See for yourself. Watch the entire first
lesson right here:

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