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Dog breeding is simple, if you understand whats involved...

At Last! A step by step guide to breeding happy healthy puppies and avoid terrible health problems or even death.

From the desk of Rebecca Ourtel
Professional Dog Breeder
Creator of dog-breeding-secrets.com
April 2, 2008

If you have ever thought about breeding your dog then this may be the most important website you have ever seen!

Hi friend,

My name is Rebecca Ourtel and I have been a professional dog breeder for the past 6 years. You may think breeding dogs is a simple as putting a male and female dog in the same room and hoping for the best.

This may get the bitch (female dog) pregnant but there is more to it then that. If you are the owner of the bitch then I am sure you will want her to stay healthy during AND after the pregnancy.

I have seen it many times before. Somebody wants to breed their dog so they find a male dog and just put them together.

Did you know that a large percent of dogs end up with some form of birth defects and even die? Most of these defects and deaths can be avoided if you have the correct information.

I have recently had this website created for me so that I can help out anybody wishing to breed their dog or even become a professional dog breeder.

I am going to reveal my step-by-step techniques and rules you must abide by if you wish for the bitch and puppies to get through the pregnancy and live healthy lives.

"This dog breeding guide is truely a life saver and nobody should attempt to breed dogs without this knowledge."

Above: My dog, Cheif, at 1 year old.
My 1st litter , I was rewarded with 4 beautiful, happy, healthy puppies and a healthy bitch.

Ever since then I have been breeding dogs and helping others breed their own dogs.

It is a great experience when families are sitting around while newborn puppies are entering the world.
Now that I have a website I am able to help people from all
over the world breed dogs and bring more of these
wonderful animals into the world.

Introducing my program:
"The Secrets Behind
Breeding Healthy Dogs"
My program has been designed to help anybody who wants to breed their dog. Or even if you want to become a professional dog breeder like myself, my program can help.

This is the most advanced, the most in-debth dog breeding resource available,

With the "Dog Breeding Secrets " program you will get everything you need to reduce the chances of breeding problems.

Take a look below at a few of the topics we are about to cover:

What you need to become a great dog breeder

Learn every cost involved in breeding dogs

Must have health and nutrition supplements

Know exactly when the bitch is in heat

Learn how to induce heat

Take proper car of a pregnent dog

How to build a whelping box

How to deliver the puppies

What you MUST do after delivery

+ much more information you are going to NEED!
Dog-Breeding-Secrets.com members also receive:

Unlimited access to the members area

All future updates for life

Unlimited email support ($95 value)
...and no matter who you are, how little you know about breeding dogs,
my program can help you.

I do give 1 on 1 lessons for dog breeding but these can be quite costly. Customers through my website can get my program for only $65 $37.
Update: By joining now you can save yourself $25 + off the regular price
of $65. This is a limited time discount price so please act fast to secure your membership.


To your success,

My personal email address: [rebecca@dog-breeding-secrets.com](mailto:rebecca@dog-breeding-secrets.com)

ps. By ordering now you will receive 2 fantasic bonus ebooks.

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Here are some heartfelt testimonials from a few of the people I have helped:

Amy Smith
Albany, NY
WOW, I cannot beleive I was going to breed my dog without knowing all of this. Thanks for your help. You showed me a lot I had never thought about before.

Michael Dean
Qyeensland, AU
This is a great resource. I love the step by step format. I am about to breed my rotty (Jess) and I feel much more confident now. Thanks,

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