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Do You Need To Change Your Eating Habits?
Worried That What You're Eating Is Affecting Your Health?

Maybe You're Having Trouble Thinking Of Healthy AND DELICIOUS Meals To Prepare For Your Family.

Or Getting Tired of the Same Old Bland Vegetables and Tasteless Salad

Recipes for GREAT TASTING Low-Calorie and Nutritious Dishes Used To Be Hard to Come By-

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Africa Safari is the perfect solution for cooks who want something new to tantalize their taste buds, while still allowing them to eat healthful, nutritious foods.

This dynamic volume is packed with healthful recipes, passed down through generations of African families.

Choose from authentic African recipes, handpicked from every region of the continent by inspired author, Julia Fortune.

When unhealthy fast foods and irresponsible eating crept into her diet, Julia Fortune decided to explore her native land's traditional foods and simplistic cooking methods. What she found was an abundant source of undeniably delicious meals, each rich in nutrients and intense flavors.

Prolong your life and the lives of those you care about with the secrets of African cuisine. These traditional cooking methods and techniques can help you:

Reduce your weight 
Improve your health
Improve your peace of mind
Lower your cholesterol
Reduce your risk of coronary heart disease
Reduce your risk of hypertension
Expand your cuisine horizons


Julia Fortune's Bio

Julia Fortune, was born in Lagos, Nigeria, graduated from the Premier University of Ibadan and San Jose State University, San Jose, USA.
In the mid 80's, Julia dabbled into Technology and worked with Memorex Communications Group in California within the Engineering Design Division.

She later co-founded and managed an Engineering company with 3 locations within the USA & Germany.

She was employed by Microsoft Corporation for a number of years and later founded Fortune Business Solutions, LLC - a Technical Recruiting Company (http://www.fortunebiz.net). She is a strong networker and dynamic associate to so many - http://www.linkedin.com/in/juliafortune

  However, Julia always hoped for the day when she could further explore her passion for cooking, and allowing the world to discover "African Cuisine", this opportunity came when she found herself confronted with the deaths of too many friends within a year and in witnessing how they battle with heart attacks, high blood pressure and other illnesses at early ages. Julia sought out a healthier life style, and found that she could boost her immune system and provide her body with the essential nutrients. Hence, the birth of "Africa Safari Recipes"
Africa Safari Recipes e-book is a classic gift to her readers and should be treasured and used for years to come.

Julia celebrate "life" and "hope" by wearing one of the African ceremonial attires. - (compliments of http://www.nikkyz.com)

She is a proud single mother of 4 precious grown children (Samuel Adeyinka, Judy Adeola, Sarah Adedoyin and Michelle Adebola) and resides in California with her (Yorkshire Terrier) dog - Kudi.

This isn't your mother's cookbook. 

Experience satisfying and versatile meals, infused with rich and exotic flavors. 

Surround yourself with the delectable aroma of African spices. 

Savor the luscious texture of velvety soups and  crisp, seasoned vegetables. 


These time-honored recipes will change the way you look at healthy cooking forever.


Think African cooking is too complicated for you?

 Simple foods cooked with few steps are always the healthiest-

 Which makes this an excellent tool for beginners!

 Cook to Impress!
Cook to Feel Full!
Cook to Be Healthy!


Don't Feel Limited by Your Healthy Diet! Health and Nutrition Are All About Freedom!  Why Not Take Advantage of Your Freedom And  Explore the Diverse Culinary World of African Cooking?

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What Are You Having For Dinner Tonight? 

Greasy Pizza? A trans-fat loaded fast food burger? The Usual Plain Chicken?

 Does that sound very appealing?

We didn't think so.


For low  price of $29.95 you can instantly transform your meal from drab to spectacular.

 This is a risk-free opportunity! All of our products are backed by our 56-day money back guarantee. And payment is through a secured server.

 Why Not Begin Tonight?

Order now to start planning your first African Safari Culinary Adventure!



  Julia Fortune
519 Granite Way ,
Vacaville , CA 95688.
Ph: 925-683-5161 

P.S. Don't forget to take advantage of this special offer soon. This introductory low price won't be around for long, so snatch up the secrets of African cooking while the price is still low.


P.P.S. What are you waiting for? Delicious, satisfying, and HEALTHY African recipes are yours for the taking! You could start eating better today! 



Julia Fortune
519 Granite Way , Vacaville , Ca 95688. Ph: 925-683-5161

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