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Part of my story is explaining how they too can effortlessly lose
weight, and in the process find love and self-acceptance. Nothing
gives me greater joy than helping another drop their struggle forever.

I grew up tragically obese. I struggled with my weight from the time
I was 12 until I was 33. For those years, I lived in emptiness,
aloneness and absence of love, and often felt my only friend keeping
me company was my food addiction.

My struggle with my weight was really a desperate grasping for
self-esteem, self-acceptance and love from others. This frantic
grasping with little success dragged me through the darkness of
depression and brought me to the edge of suicide.

When I was 33, something clicked in me, which I go into in the book.
I was watching TV and laughing at something, and felt a burst of love
from my own heart. At the time it was inexplicable and only now when I
look back at it do I understand what it means, and how anyone can find
that energy.

The Author, Zubin Mathai, before and after his weight loss.

The left pic is me ten years ago, at almost my heaviest, and the
right pic is from last year, 90 pounds lighter.

But even after losing close to a hundred pounds, it took me 7 more
years before I let go of my weight struggle forever. In those 7 years
I still obsessed and struggled. My life still felt like an uphill
battle whenever food was in the picture. But after I let go, finally
and forever, my childhood dream emerged, and I stepped into happiness,
fulfillment and self-acceptance.

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Contact the author at zrmathai@spiritualweightloss.org [11]
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