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Warning! This special report is about nothing more than making money, and lots of it. If the talk of money makes you feel uncomfortable or even angers you, I suggest you don’t read this and walk away now.

The next 27 people to read this page can start earning $325 to $1034 a day working at home.

WANTED: “A Handful Of People To Use My Proven, Guaranteed System That Makes Me More Than $150,000 A Year… Working At Home”


From: Mackinzie Lee
New York, New York
March 1st 2008, 10:02 AM
Subject: How you you're going to make at least $150,000 this year from the kitchen table

Dear Friend and Business Partner,

Regardless of whether or not this is the Internet’s best kept secret is neither here nor there...

And, to be 100% honest with you, I’m not entirely sure how you got to this website… but as luck would have it… you’re here; and I can’t begin to tell you what an important discovery you’ve made.

Maybe you arrived seeking a work at home opportunity. Maybe you just wanted to earn some extra income. Perhaps you stumbled onto it purely through chance.

However, you got here -- you have arrived at what is, undeniably, the most valuable website on the entire Internet!

But, let’s get something straight from the word ‘go’ -- I’m not here to convince or persuade you that the secret to Internet riches can be found in something as useless and misleading as a 20 page E-book; far from it…

I’m sure you’ve encountered similar promises while browsing the Internet for a hard and fast way to make money online. And, I know that if you appeal to your own sense of intelligence you’ll agree that the vast majority amount to nothing more than run-of-the-mill Get Rich Quick Schemes.

Luckily, there’s a resounding difference between myself and the so-called ‘experts’… and the explanation is as clear-cut as the words on this very page. However, be warned -- what I’m about to unveil may very well shock you …

99% Of Internet Marketers Don’t Know Their Ass From Their Elbows!

That’s right, the very ‘gurus’ so systematically intent on pedaling their unethical, sleazy ‘secrets’ to the gullible and misguided still can’t grind out a profit.

For this very reason you must forget everything you’ve seen or been told about making money online. Erase it from your memory, wipe it from your mind; because the falsehoods you’ve been exposed to thus far are the precise reason you’ve been unable to succeed.

Let me put it to you like this… Would you take flying lessons from someone who couldn’t fly? Would you allow a Doctor without medical credentials to operate on you? Would you even allow a mechanic with no knowledge of engines to work on your car?

Of course not … and by the very same logic you would be unwise to heed ‘money making’ advice from someone who themselves does not make a substantial income.

Fortunately, my results speak for themselves (as anyone who subscribes to my newsletter will know)… The account below totals over $60,307...but how long it did take me? I mean, one-hundred and fifty thousand dollars is a decent chunk of change in anyone's book, and it wouldn't seem foolish to guess that it might have taken six months, maybe even a year to accumulate...Well I hate to break it to you, but it actually took just 14 days!

That's right, in just 2 weeks I was able to craft a sixty-thousand dollar windfall of pure profit, using a technique so ridiculously straightforward that it's still overlooked by 'professionals' to this very day.

And, for a very limited time* only I would like to extend to a lucky few, the opportunity to lock-in the exact same genuine… guaranteed... and proven way to potentially earn thousands this year -- all from the comfort of your own home.

[Note: Our last offer sold out within 3 hours, and demand is expected to be even higher this time around. Therefore it’s likely that this deal may not be available tomorrow]

However, there’s no need to worry -- I’ll be guiding a few choice candidates through from start to finish, while teaching them everything they need to know to be successful. Also, let me make it clear that applicants require absolutely…

No Prior Experience or Technical Skills and Very Little Start-Up Capital Is Needed

And, I’m going to prove it…

So kickback, relax and study every single word of this letter, because what you are about to uncover is certain to dramatically change the way you live your life…


The Home Cash Course

What if I could show you the precise methods used by me to generate an unstoppable stream of passive income 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year?

What if I were to take you by the proverbial hand and drag you kicking and screaming down the path to financial freedom?

What if I could give you no less than the exact step-by-step blueprint responsible for super-charging my savings account from a measly $143.69 to a balance-bulging $234,997 in little under 64 days?

You would reach out and grab the opportunity right? It’s one of those RARE no-brainer moments commonly referred to as a win-win situation… you know the kind…

“Sir, can I interest you in a 50% discount?”


“Madam, if you’re not completely satisfied I will personally offer you a 100% money-back-guarantee, no questions asked – remember, you have nothing to lose.”

Allow me to tell you something… There is no ‘What if’ to be pondered... I’m going to take hesitation out of the equation and wager my reputation on your success.
How Am I So Confident You Will Succeed?

It’s quite simple really I’m going to give you the same system, the same website and the same step-by-step training that I use right now to generate my income. I’ll teach you how to duplicate my results and turbo-charge your earnings so quickly that you can start pulling in profits within the hour.

Sometimes the truth hurts, and…

Despite what you’ve been told, there is only one way to make real money from the Internet -- you need to have your own website…

Now I know you’re thinking “I don’t know the first thing about building a website” but that doesn’t matter, because you don’t need to know any complicated computer language like HTML and there’s nothing to design…

The Website Has already Been Made For You!

The very second you sign-up you will receive your very own 100% turn-key website, PROVEN to create 24 hour profits completely on auto-pilot. Just plug-it in, take a step back, and watch as you’re propelled toward financial independence.

Not only am I prepping you with the vehicle to succeed, I’m jam-packing it full of rocket-fuel and sending it first class down the freeway.

You see… My technical team and I have invested huge amounts of time and money into refining the process… The result is a completely optimized, fully-loaded, fully-automated, business-in-a-box that made me $138,867 last month, alone.

Sure, the money is unbelievable… Although, more important, is the lifestyle I’ve been afforded; permit me to give you a little insight into what I mean…

YES, I live in my dream house, and YES I’m able to purchase most anything I want, but as you know it’s the little things that separate the rich from the truly wealthy,


Believe it or not, in the past I’d even go so far as to say that I’ve felt instances of guilt at the way in which a simple money-making website has the ability to shape success so freely; that was before I quickly reminded myself of the criminal cost of living….

…bills, rent, gas, food… you know as well as I do, that the list is endless…

The Internet is a multi-billion dollar industry – and the fact that you’re here, right now is proof enough that you’re ready to siphon off your fair share from the world’s largest money pot…

And, since the market is a 24 hour one, there’s no better way to create HUGE profits than by owning an automated website that generates revenue every single minute of the day…

...I even make money in my sleep.

Would you like to know the best part? The entire website has been reproduced so that you can achieve my exact same results; after all…

Why Re-invent The Wheel?

I mean, if you already have a winning formula, why change it? It’s the ability to replicate success that has created some of America’s largest and most profitable companies. Let’s use Starbucks as an example; I’m sure a number of you reading this letter (me included) drink at least one every day.

Have you ever wondered why hugely successful companies such as Starbucks choose to ‘franchise off’ their businesses to independent traders?

Well, it’s because they already have a fully-functional and more importantly a fully-profitable business model already in place. The Franchise owners simply show up, go about their business the ‘Starbucks’ way and they’re guaranteed to make money. The products and equipment are tried and tested -- Starbucks HQ even tell them when to buy stock and how much for…

The entire system is ‘dummy-proof’.

If you’re fortunate enough to have access to a proven method for success – use it! There’s absolutely no point in trying to invent something that’s average, when you can duplicate something spectacular. This very same notion is true of the website you’re about to receive.

Here’s another interesting fact involving Starbucks… See if you can guess what the two numbers below represent…

If you’re struggling with the answer -- It’s OK, all will be revealed… For the time being though, I advise you to scrutinize the remainder of this letter, because you are a matter of minutes away from earning yourself…

An Income For Life

By now you’re probably excited about getting started, save for one curious detail… How much is my very own money-making website going to cost?

Look, I’ll be 100% honest with you; a money-making website working tirelessly to generate you commissions on auto-pilot is never going to be a ‘cheap date’. In fact, the franchising fee alone would usually come to $997…

So, I got to thinking, how could I completely reduce the overheads usually suffered by other businesses? What if I could cut costs altogether?           

After weeks of fruitless, painstaking research I haplessly stumbled upon the answer at 10.00 AM on a Tuesday morning and in the least likely of places – grocery shopping at the local Wal-Mart. While scanning the aisles I couldn’t help but notice the various different brands... Coca-Cola… Sony… Nike…

And, then like a bolt of lightning – it hit me!

None of these goods belonged to Wal-Mart, yet somehow they were still able to maintain sky-high profits selling other companies products.

My Eureka moment!

What if I could create an affiliate-based website offer that sold other people’s products in exchange for huge 75% commissions? Not only would there be no customer support issues or wasted hours doing inventory – anyone could do it, and the price would be…
Absolutely Free!

And, even though the website wouldn’t cost a penny; getting started could still be completely effortless, because it was developed with ‘turn-key’ efficiency in mind.

I’m not kidding!

Just imagine…

• No more wasted time spent on programming, design, and product creation. We’ll take care of everything!

• Automatic order processing that’s handled behind the scenes. Everything from credit card authorization to customer service. Again, we’ll take care of everything!

• There's no inventory to keep, no staff to pay, no merchant accounts to set up, and no costly and time-consuming application process to go through...

• Receiving your very own non-stop, money-making website that captures visitors 24/7, selling your products and generating huge commissions for you...
        By opening an online money making website you avoid the expense of leasing a physical storefront – your site is set up for you instantly on the Internet. You will have millions of potential customers as soon as you activate your new website.
Your decision to take action now will be rewarded with the ability to rake-in at least $274 in the next 60 minutes. After all, life only rewards those who are prepared to stand up and take charge of a situation.

When was the last time you heard that the fat, lazy guy down the street earned a million dollars by laying on his couch?

To begin earning a full-time income in the next hour, you’ll need to complete this quick set-up process. The entire set-up from start to finish is as…

Easy As 1-2-3…


Once your very own website has been locked-in and activated there is nothing more to do other than drive traffic to it… Again, I will be pin-pointing the exact steps you’ll need to undertake in order to achieve Google Adwords domination. If you’re not familiar with Adwords, don’t worry, because let’s face it – you’ll never need to be.

You will have the opportunity to use all my established, 65% converting ads, which means writing tedious ad campaigns are now a thing of the past.

There’s one thing successful Internet marketers never do, and that is underestimate the importance of highly-targeted traffic. Take the ‘band analogy’ for example…

The most popular band in the history of music is playing one final farewell concert at a huge outdoor arena - the only problem is nobody knows about it. It turns out their marketing team forgot to promote the concert in anyway… No flyers, No ads, No nothing.

The Truth Is This…
You can have the best product in the world, but, if nobody can see it, then nobody will buy…

That’s why we’re not leaving anything to chance, when I say…My entire multi-million dollar success blue-print is at your disposal – I meant it!

The more ‘switched on’ amongst you, might well have noticed something… So far I’ve resisted… actually scratch that… I’ve point-blank refused to bore or patronize you with some seedy, underhanded ‘Rags-to-Riches’ story.

There are two specific reasons for this…

Firstly, lesser Internet marketers employ such narrative devices as a ‘cheap’ sales tool. The idea is to generate an emotional response from the reader; whereby they purchase the product based on an emotional whim.

Secondly, I was never poor…

I was never rich, but at the same time I wasn’t crawling through dumpsters looking for scraps to feed my eleven children with; like most shitweasels would have you believe.

The bottom line is this… I was a normal person with nothing more than a high school education and a willingness to succeed…That being said,

I Did Have One ‘Hidden’ Weapon In The Armory…

The Greeks tended to refer to them as mentors… I happen to prefer the term success advisor -- someone who has already travelled the rigorous roads of prosperity and wealth, someone who already knows the pitfalls, but more importantly, someone dedicated to my ongoing success.

It was my assertion that one such advisor could actually make the difference between pulling-in decent money, and generating ‘No Holds Barred’, mega profits; the kind of money that actually changes lives.

So, several months back I chose to put my little ‘theory’ to the test, using two of my protégés – Orin and Chris.

They were very much alike. Both were reasonably intelligent. Both were married with children. And, both slaved away at a 9-to-5 in the city for a pittance.

So where are they now?

One still works in the city but has managed to increase his earnings to $126,000 a year. The other doesn’t work at all…

Remember earlier, when I invited you to guess the origins of those two seven-figure numbers? Well I can now reveal exactly what they stand for:-


What The Heck Made The Difference?

The difference boiled down to nothing more than a few well timed conversations with Chris. While both had been equipped with money-making websites, only Chris has been exposed to personal 1 on 1 coaching…

Not only was I there to answer any question, or alleviate any concern, but I also guided him through, every step of the way. And, after just 4 weeks he was making so much money that he was able to retire from work altogether.

The honest truth is this... Sometimes the only thing standing between you and a bloated bank account is a few simple directions from the right person. But, before you start rushing around trying to earmark yourself a success advisor, hear me out because I’m going to give you…

A Free Consultation With One Of My Personally Trained Advisors Worth $400

A single session with one of my ‘guys’ goes for up to $400 per hour on the street, that’s how good they are at what they do. But, right now, you have a chance to lock in an appointment for FREE
My advisors have years of experience, they’ve taught thousands of people the exact blue-print to follow and you could very well be our next success story…

…I guess my ‘theory’ actually turned out to be fact… You see, life-changing, super-success can only be achieved using just two vital ingredients…

1. Useful knowledge – The type of information you’ll find in your secure members area training materials, and, from the unique guidance of personal coaching.

2. The business model to apply it to – Exactly like your free website, with a proven track record of generating profits like there’s no tomorrow.

Having anticipated that you might have some additional questions, I’ve provided a standard set of FAQ’s below for you to peruse…

Your Questions Answered…

Q: “If this is such a profitable technique of making money, why aren’t you keeping it to yourself?”

A: Here’s the skinny… You make money using my techniques, and I make money showing them to you. Everyone’s a winner, there’s really no more to it than that.

Q: “Do you use the Home Cash Course yourself?”

A: You bet I do! Personally, I never tire of earning money online, and this is the #1 way to do it. It’s a long shot, but if anything more profitable ever emerges, I’ll be the first one to let you know.

Q: “Will this really work for anyone?”

A: Half-way through the launch of our last offer, we had more success stories than we knew what to do with; and we’re even more confident this time around. Not only will you have the support of myself and the top brains in the industry, but the price will NEVER be lower.

Q: “Will this work anywhere in the world?”

A: Absolutely, the ideas behind the Home Cash Course can be applied anywhere in the world. In the past I’ve received ‘Thank You’ letters from as far away as India and Singapore.

Q: “Is this system easy to use?”

A: Everything has been designed with ‘ease-of-use’ in mind. I completely understand your need for the information to be as clear, and concise as possible – another reason why we’re offering 1 on 1 coaching, complete with step-by-step instructional material.

Q: “How will I be paid?”

A: The minute you activate your turn-key website, you’ll have the ability to login to your admin area and monitor your earnings and statistics 24/7. The cookie-cutter training material has been designed to educate you on generating multiple-streams of income, but for your main income stream you’ll receive bi-weekly checks on the first and third weeks of each month.

So, let’s start lashing all of this together… You’ll no-doubt agree that I’m exposing you to a series of simple instructions, and incredibly-powerful tools, that you can profit from right away. That being said, I feel it’s time for me to ‘fess’ up, because…

There Is Some Bad News…

Unfortunately, this is a one-time offer and you’ll appreciate that a deal this good must have limits, so you will only get this opportunity once. Please, bear in my mind that because of the 1 on 1 personal support given to each new member, I can only release the Home Cash Course to a set amount of people at any given time.

But, not only must I consider the incredible amounts of time and effort each agent invests in those fortunate enough to grab this opportunity; there is also the additional factor of market saturation to mull over...

I won’t bend your ear with a ton of incoherent business jargon, so to simplify – too many people, selling the same product is not profitable. It doesn’t matter how amazing, brilliant or down-right useful it is, because the market has become ‘saturated’.

So, having taken the time to crunch the numbers, I was able to forecast an ‘exact’ amount of people able to purchase the course. The figure was reached to ensure the quick financial success of all members, and is constantly updated based on the remaining number of free websites – it can be seen both below and at the top of the page,

The next 27 people to read this page can start earning $325 to $1034 a day working at home.

As you’ll no doubt see from the substantial content of your member’s area, I pride myself on the ability to deliver superb value for money. After much deliberation the price I decided upon in the end was a token $99.95. I’m also offering over $1,000 worth of additional bonuses which I won’t elaborate on, since I think they detract from the true quality of the product at hand.

You’ll see most internet marketers shamelessly decorate their ‘pitches’ with gimmicky bonuses to help pad out the undoubtedly poor quality of their products. Nine times out of ten, this as a tell-tale sign that you’re buying into an inferior program.

But, with the Home Cash Course primed and ready to be unleashed, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to recoup your investment in less than 24 hours.

You should consider it your very own, personal ATM machine… Just picture… follow the simple instructions and by the time your card statement arrives you'll not only be able to pay it off in full; you’ll be able to treat your loved ones to luxuries that were previously beyond you.

I’m wholeheartedly convinced that the second you login to your member’s area and receive that first commission you’ll realize that you’ve made the right decision. I’m prepared to stand-by that statement, even at my own risk!

Now, providing you’re fortunate enough to lock-in your membership and secure a place on the course, you’ll be wondering just how much money you’re going to make.

Well, here’s how you can find out without risking one measly cent, because for a limited time only you can …
Try The Home Cash Course Free For 2 Whole Months!

As reluctant as I am to follow the trend, and harp on about some ‘Iron-Clad, Set-in Stone -- money-back guarantee’ I do feel it’s my duty to let you know that your order is protected by my full unconditional 56-day money back promise.

The simple fact of the matter is this…

If for any reason whatsoever you are not 100% satisfied with everything you receive, just contact me, and I’ll issue a full refund. No questions asked. I’ll even let you keep your free website and all of the bonus materials.

That being said, it’s important for you to understand that I’m ONLY interested in working with those who are serious about taking a new direction in life. If you are the type to enroll and never take action, please don’t even bother reading to the end of the page, because I’d rather your spot went to somebody else.

My apologies if I sound a little candid, but, let me brutally honest with you… Nothing in your life will change unless you reserve a space on the Home Cash Course today and actually do something with it!

Few things infuriate me more than the thought of wasted potential, so this is ONLY for people who are serious about taking control of their lives. This is ONLY for people who are willing to up-the-ante and take that short, final step toward a better life.

I’m not making the assumption, that you will never build a fortune should you not accept this offer today, but c’mon let’s be realistic – you’re never going to receive a finer opportunity.

The call is yours. Continue on as you have been doing, or start doing it the right way and reaping the rewards you deserve.

I’m greatly look forward to seeing you on the inside,
Here’s to your ongoing success,

Mackinzie Lee

P.S. Remember, there is absolutely no reason for you to leave this page empty handed! At the very least you should take advantage of this 100% Risk Free Offer... And, if you're not earning a substantial income within 8 weeks you can send an email and tell me you weren't satisfied, and your entire membership fee will be instantly returned!

P.P.S. As much as I hate to repeat myself, I’m going to anyway -- for your benefit… Just sign up (it’s risk-free) now, today, before the price goes up or availability closes down.

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OK, without further ado…

Yes, Mackinzie I accept –

I’m ready to take advantage of this limited time offer, and fully understand that there’s absolutely no risk attached to my decision, since I’m covered by your infallible 56 day-money-back-guarantee.

I want to start earning life-altering sums of money this very instant, and can’t wait to receive my 100% free, profit inducing website and personal 1 on 1 coaching -- the second I sign-up.

I also understand that the Home Cash Course is the only step-by-step program on the entire Internet capable of generating revenue within 60 minutes of purchase.

Additionally, I’m aware that all results represented are not typical, and the extent to which I succeed is up to me.

Your testimonials and earning credentials speak for themselves, and I wish to take advantage of this guaranteed model for success, since there is no way I can possibly lose.

Because of the undeniable qualities associated with the Home Cash Course, I would like to ensure my success with a one-time investment of $99.95, reduced from $199.95.


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