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Connect LIVE with
your Customers by

Adding Live Chat
to Your Website with

Live Person Pro!


Live Person Pro is the latest in software development offering you or your company's reps the ability to have a one on one conversation with your customers in REAL TIME!

Live Chat is becoming the online standard when handling customers or potential buyers.  Live Person Pro is a powerful live chat software that we'll add to your website so your website can look like and sell like the pro's. 

As you've noticed, more and more companies are adding Live Chat to their websites - and the results are amazing. Internet companies, just like yours, are seeing huge increases in customer loyalty, fewer unresolved customer service issues, and most importantly: A staggering boost in conversion rates. For the first time, live chat is letting the company behind the website connect to the person behind the computer - and the positive results are showing up in increase sales and profits! Now, Live Person Pro is a simple-to-use, effective live chat system that can be added to virtually any website in just moment - and will be a valuable marketing and customer support tool for years to come.

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Make More and Spend Less

With our unique chat live software, you'll increase sales and increase your online presence at the same time.  Customers will get immediate answers to questions and that, in turn, increases customer conversion rates.  You'll reduce shopping cart abandonment by answering sales questions instantly and increase customer confidence by engaging them in Live Chat!

Create an Online Presence!

When you add Live Chat to your website, you are building trust with your customer immediately.  That relationship starts within the first 7 seconds of entering your website.  That trust leads to:
18% - 20% Increased Shopping Cart Conversion Rates Increased Opt-Ins for Your Mailing Lists 90% Customer Satisfaction Rating
Live Person Pro means increased sales, improved customer loyalty, and online growth.  Explode your online presence.

Compare it to our Competitors

We compared Live PersonPro to its competitors.  With our competitors, you can pay setup fees and high monthly fees for the same features that Live PersonPro provides. With Live PersonPro, you only pay a small one-time fee - and that's it. 

Check out our competitor's live chat solutions and you end up navigating around confusing websites trying to find pricing - just to be lead to a high-pressured sales team. We've seen the same service cost up to $197 per month!  With Live PersonPro, you're never pressured to buy anything.

Our live chat solution is one simple price - and you'll never be bothered with annoying telemarketers trying to force you into monthly fees or high-priced upgrades. While other companies are gouging consumers on the new and latest technology trends, you get all of this with Live PersonPro:

Free Installation

Free Technical Support

Free Upgrades for Life

Free Upgrades?  My competitors are angry with me offering a great product with FREE UPGRADES, FREE INSTALLATION, and FREE TECHNICAL SUPPORT!  Normally, you would pay a setup fee, an installation fee, an upgrade fee, and on top of all that, a monthly fee! But my software is so stable, so complete, and so easy-to-use, there's simply no reason to overcharge you like my competition is. But don't take my word for it. Compare Live PersonPro to our competition - and we win every time, hands-down!

Compared to Others,

Live PersonPro is the Winner!

Live PersonPro

No Monthly Fees

Free Installation

Free Upgrade

One Low Price
The Competition
Live Person $150 per month per operator.  That's $1800 per year!

Alive Chat $149 Setup Fee  + $97 a month.  That's over $1300 per year!

You don't have to spend a fortune!

No High Costs or On-Going Fees!


Are you looking to add Live Chat to your website, but cannot get past the amount of fees that are involved?  Do you think you should pay ONE small fee ONE time only?  Do you think that software should come with FREE installation?  Do you want FREE technical support as well? Now, you can have it all!


While other companies nickel and dime you to death, draining your bank account every month - and holding you hostage to their service, Live Person Pro was developed to give you a more cost-effective live chat solution. We have developed a live chat software for your website that allows you to talk to your customers immediately for ONE LOW PRICE!  And there are NO ONGOING FEES OR ROYALTIES... EVER!


Our normal one-time fee for the Live PersonPro software is $699, not including installation charges. However, as a marketing test - and to get our live chat system into use all over the world - we're making you a very special offer. Invest in Live PersonPro right now - and we'll knock $402 off of our regular price. This brings your investment from $699... down to only one payment of $297. Best of all, we'll also waive our professional installation fee - and have the software installed on your company's website - FREE! That's right... FREE!


But you must act fast! Hundreds of people have already taken advantage of this special limited offer - and we're very close to raising our price back to $699. If you want to take advantage of this special offer... saving $402 (over 57%)... and getting 100% FREE INSTALLATION, you need to order immediately.



"YES, I Want Live PersonPro!"


I Want To Skyrocket My Sales and Take My Business to The Next Level with Live PersonPro!


I Understand I'll Be Receiving Free Installation of Live PersonPro.  I also understand that I will receive free upgrades for life as well as free technical support.

If you are one of the next

350 people

193 people

38 People to respond to this offer, I will knock $402 off the original price.  You can get ALL this for $297.


On That Basis, Let Me In At This Special One-Time Investment Of Only $699 $297 For Live PersonPro And I'll Never Have To Pay Again Even If The Fees Increase in the Future!


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Wishing You Increased Sales, Profits, and Customer Loyalty!

The Live PersonPro Team


PS. If you're serious about increasing your online sales and building strong customer loyalty, then I'll be real serious with you - you owe it to yourself to take Live PersonPro for a test drive. This amazing live chat software will allow you to profit massively from customers who are leaving your site with questions unanswered! Don't let this money slip through your fingers. Capture it - and turn prospects into valuable, long-term customers... with Live PersonPro!


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Only $699 $297

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