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Saturday, 29 March 2008
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ARE YOU... Written by Douglas Owen    Monday, 03 March 2008
Having difficulties finding a wholesaler, surplus distributor or drop shipper that can fill your needs? Frustrated by your endless search for products to sell?

Access 700+ REAL Wholesale and Drop Ship Suppliers

Mission DropShip’s dyanamic database of suppliers is frequently updated so you’re always looking at the freshest possible information. Most of these companies have web-based ordering. Click on through to a supplier’s website to start ordering significantly discounted products now! Links are verified every 3-4 days.

If you're ready for unlimed access to:

The Drop Shippers / Wholesalers / Close Out database

Step-by-Step Manuals showing you every detail of how to start and maintain your online business

Downloadable Programs to Manage, Expand and Develop your online business

ME! 20 years experience in selling Online and Offline

Then click the SUBSCRIBE button to the left to SIGN UP Now!

Don’t know anything about wholesale purchasing? Don’t worry about it!

We offer step-by-step instructions on everything from getting your site up and running to maintaining your online business with several tools as well as full access to our members’ forum where you can get advice from me and other members.

Mission DropShip is completely different from anything that you have seen in the past.

It is not a quickly thrown together list with recycled companies.

It has not been passed around the internet by file sharers.

It is not just a listing of companies in a file.

If you’ve done even just a bit of research in this area, chances are you’ve been to several websites making big promises about how easy it is to make money on the internet using their simple formula. You may have purchased the latest and greatest “secret” source directory or joined one of those massive wholesale clubs. Maybe you purchased the “newest” drop-shipping ebook…

…only to be rewarded with useless, recycled JUNK.

Disappointed and frustrated by the lack of viable and verified information about wholesalers, dropshippers and surplus suppliers; you may have been tempted to give up on your dream of owning your own online business.

If you’ve wasted time and money on dead-end promises and outdated source information, look no further! (if this is your first stop, congratulations, you really lucked out!)

The suppliers listed in Mission DropShip’s dynamic database are used by successful online retailers and eBay Power Sellers. That’s right, Power Sellers! Currently very few eBay sellers are using these suppliers (this waxes and wanes as our database evolves to bring you the freshest sources), but the ones who are using these sources, are Power Sellers.

Within seconds of joining Mission DropShip you’ll receive access to my personal “little black book” of over 700 LEGITIMATE surplus, closeout, liquidator and drop ship companies organized into more than 50 product categories!

If you want to set up your own ecommerce website let me show you how! Using a CMS (Content Management System) you can have a fully functioning retail website up and running within 15 minutes. There are several open source (and free) CMS solutions available. Add a shopping cart plugin and some descriptive content and BOOM; you’ve got your own online store! Using a CMS it’s easy to change style templates or update your site’s content at any time without know any HTML or programming.

It does not matter…

how you came to this website

who you are or what your experience may be

if you are new to business

if you are new to wholesale purchasing

if your are looking for products to sell on eBay, at a flea market or on your own website

if you are a stay-at-home parent looking to supplement your household’s income

if you know nothing about the internet or computers

if you only have a few hours a week to devote to your online business

Mission DropShip is Your Definitive One-Stop Resource

Did you know that you’re unlikely to find the best wholesale and drop ship suppliers using simple internet searches? Truth be told, most of the suppliers in our database would not do well in Google searches using search terms like “wholesale”, “surplus” or even phrases like “wholesaler distributors”.

Legitimate wholesale and drop ship distributors who have been in business for years really don’t need the internet to advertise. Though many of the suppliers in our database have an internet presence, their websites are used primarily as contact and ordering portals. After all, these suppliers are good at what they do. Their customers do the advertising and they stay busy looking for more sources. They simply don’t need to bother optimizing their websites with keyword-dense pages that attract the search engines.

Most evolved wholesale distributors develop their sites around one goal, namely making it easier for their existing customers to place an order. Knowing how to find these elusive gems is what makes Mission DropShip such a tremendous resource.

Who Am I to Offer Such Information?

Along the way to developing my Golden Path plan and the Mission DropShip website I came across many challenges. I’d like to tell you a little about my progress along the way. Here is my story:

In 1983 I was up late watching TV when one of those “use small classified ads to sell products” infomercials came on. I purchased this supposed “foolproof” system and quickly became frustrated by the childish writing and lack of any REAL information.

I knew that others made ample incomes selling products from wholesale distributors and drop ship companies, but I had yet to tap into these sources. I made it my personal mission to find out how these successful businesses were finding their suppliers.

There was no magic wand I could wave to discover who the best suppliers were. I had to start with the clues I had. I began building contacts from the (nearly useless) guides I’d purchased. Before I knew it I was making contact with suppliers of all kinds all across the U.S., Canada and the world!

Determined to tackle the learning curve head-on, I took notes. I wanted to find the pattern, the “Golden Path”, as I think of it, to finding suppliers and plugging them into my own retail businesses.

After only a couple of months I developed a marketing plan that worked! I used this plan and collected resources to prosper. Success! Not only had I learned how to market products and sell to the public, I had the Golden Path; a system that is repeatable and works! –a system that anyone can follow and use to develop or expand their own business.

In 1994 I funded DAOWEN LLC and started selling on the internet. Business was great! I was able to create a large retail website, sell products and have other companies ship the products to my customers. Then I discovered other suppliers like wholesalers and closeout companies…

I Thought I had Died and Gone to Heaven

When I started purchasing from closeout suppliers my crafts and electronics business exploded! I couldn’t believe how much money I was making. As I progressed I found better suppliers, and as I found better suppliers my earnings continued to increase.

Truly successful people are successful in several areas of life. If you look closely at the life of a successful person you’ll find a balance between profit and giving back to the community; you’ll find a connection between helping others and helping oneself. Success is a mixture of giving and receiving. I’ve received so much, and profited so greatly from learning how to market and sell products to people. I want to give back. I want to help entrepreneurs like yourself by offering my attention and expertise to help you develop your own successful businesses.

Now that you know a little about me and my story, find out what others have said:


Registration was easy and the wealth of information is UNBELEIVABLE!

Certainly tools to help start your own little empire...

Responded to my question quickly


Found some great sources. Worth my money!


Great product, will make tons of money with these valuable resources.

Product as stated, a lot of info for the price, A+

Get Started Educating Yourself about Running Your Own Business Using:

The comprehensive database of 700+ dropshippers and wholesalers –that’s over 10,000 products organized into more than 51 different categories, according to product type as well as product location

Easy to follow guides covering everything from getting website hosting and building a website to finding the right products and plugging them into your website or other business

My 20+ years sales experience. I invite you to benefit from my success and experience. Leave a message on the members’ forum for a quick and helpful response.

Downloadable programs for tracking and managing your business, as well as building and optimizing websites and more

All of this wonderful information is available to you for only a $9.99 monthly subscription!

That’s right, use these valuable resources as much or as little as you want! You can cancel your membership at any time. On top of this great low membership rate, we’re so confident that you’ll be satisfied with our service that we offer an


If you are not convinced that Mission DropShip membership is the best resource for all your wholesale and drop ship needs, just contact the sales department via the helpdesk with the subject “Money Back”. For more information please see the user agreement section.

You simply will not find another source of information that will give you so much for so little!

There is no other website, ebook or surplus guide on the market today that will provide you with more variety and sources of drop ship wholesalers and legitimate resale products for your new business, eBay auctions, flea market stand, online or retail store!

Take control of your future. Mission DropShip is the ONLY drop ship, wholesale and surplus information site you’ll ever need. You owe it to yourself to get the right information at the right price!

What are you waiting for?

[Subscribe Today](index.php?option=com_wrapper&Itemid=27)

Here’s to your business success…

~Douglas Owen

Payment is through ClickBank/PayPal Subscription.  Once subscribed ClickBank/PayPal will direct the monthly subscription payment until you cancell the subscription through them.  You register, confirm your email address and then set up the subscription.  It is an easy three-step process.  Access to the site can be revoked once a subscription is cancelled.

The Mission DropShip site, its contents and descriptions are the property of DAOWEN LLC.  Contents are in no way meant to resemble those of other sites and any similarities are truly unintentional.  For information regarding the contents of this page please contact our Support Staff directly.
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