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Tao of Competition Tao of Competition By Nate "its showtime"



The answer to that is A LOT!

* They know how to get the most from their competition experience.

* They know all the rules to making a great form,

* They know the best way to train.

* They know how to perform and make the best use of what they got.

* They know how to get the most from the people around them.

* They know how to be fast and strong.

* Basically they know every thing that is covered in this book.

BUT they will never tell you it!

Even if you take seminars and private lessons from them for years,
they still may never tell you what this book will!

Now in their defense, its not really their fault they won't tell
you. They had to learn it the hard way. No one told them how to do all
those things. They had to pick it up along the way, though experience.
And more than likely they only know all those things instinctively.
They know enough to use it for themselves, and maybe make a few
technical corrections to their students. But if you asked them how to
do all those things, At best they will probably say just train hard
and I will see you next week (or at the next tournament). The
assumption being that eventually you will figure it out (like they
did). And you can figure it out .... eventually

But why?

Why wait to figure it on out on your own, when all you have to do is
read one book.

Tao of Competition is that book!

From the desk of Nate "Its Showtime" Andrade

Hello Friend,

Its been a long time since I started training back in the spring of
87. Things were a lot different then,both in training and competing.
Over the years I have been privileged to have had some amazing
teachers. I have had the opportunity to train with world champions and
coaches of some of the most prestigious teams in sport karate ever.
And to their credit they helped me out a lot when it came to technical
things like locking into my stances, turning my hand over at the right
time when I punch, Using my hips when I kick, etc.

And all of that was good. But they all left somethings out. No one
told me what performing really was or how to get the crowd into it, No
one told me the real secret to being fast, No one told me the best way
to approach a competition, how to get the most from the people around
me, or even the best way to train to really get results.
All of that I had to figure out on my own, and it took a while. I
would pick up bits and pieces of it here and there. And sometimes it
would take me months or even years to put those pieces together. It
was frustrating, painful, and costly!

I wrote this book " Tao of competition" to help you fill in those
blanks. To help you put all the pieces together so that you can get
the most from competition. And to help you become the very best you
can be! I know if you read and put into practice the advice I give,
you WILL see a huge improvement in yourself and in your competitions.

Whats even better is that it won't take you the 20+ years it took
me to get it all. You won't have to change instructors or go looking
around for the "missing pieces" because you will have them all in this

"Tao of Competition" is the book I wish was around when I was first
getting into martial arts. It would have saved me a whole lot of time,
pain, and money.

Now I can't go back in time to change how long it took me to learn
all this.

BUT you can spend much less of your time learning it simply by
reading my book " Tao of Competition"

Yours in the arts,
Nate "Its Showtime" Andrade

In this book you will find over 2 decades of experience both
training and competing.

In it you will discover!

* How as a teacher , you can make every student your best student.

* How as parent you can help you child become the very best they
can be.

* How as a coach you can get the most from the competitors on your

* And how as a competitor or student you can become greater than
anyone before you.


* Secret training methods used by some of the greatest performers
in sport karate history.

* How to maximize every performance, to blow both the audience and
the judges away.

* What it takes to become a master showman.

* How to separate your performance from the crowd.

* The Secret to speed and power.

You will also find out

The 3 BIGGEST mistakes that almost EVERY competitor makes at one
time or another. And by knowing them , how to avoid them.

Now if you were to try to learn all this though private lessons it
could take months or even years to get it all. And with the average
private lesson price being about $100 for an hour (assuming you are
training with one of the greats) who knows how much you will spend.

Now if you could spend $500 on a book that will help you with every
facet of your training and competition, wouldn't that be a deal?

It would!

But thats not what its going to cost you.

If you only spent $250 on a book that told you all that you would be
getting an even bigger deal! ( thats less than the cost of 3 private

But thats still not what its going to cost you!

Now if I were to offer this book to you for $100 ( the price of one
private lesson) you would almost be getting the deal of the century,
because no one private lesson with anyone will give you this much
information that can help your competition.

But I want this book to be in the hands of every martial artist and
competitor in the world. I want every one to have access to this

SO are you ready for this?

For $25 ( a quarter of the price of one private lesson) you can have

For $25 you get access to knowledge and experience that will
otherwise take you years to get on your own , AND cost thousands of
dollars on the way.

Whats even better is that you get access to it instantly!

When you click here [1]. You will be directed to a secure payment
page. Once approved you will be brought to a page with instructions
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The entire process takes less than 10 minutes!

No waiting for delivery!

In just a few moments you could be getting the jump on your

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Not convinced yet? Ok let me give you a guarantee! If you are not
satisfied with it for any reason in the next 8 weeks. You can return
it for a full refund!

Lets see you get the kind of guarantee out of a private lesson,
seminar, or even instructional tape!

You literally have nothing to loose and every thing to gain!

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P.S. Why wait? Your competition could be becoming better than they
ever have been right now! Wouldnt you agree its time for you to do the

Nate"Its Showtime"Andrade
103 Park Bridge NW.
Acworth, GA 30101 U.S.A.

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