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Announcing the ALL NEW Busy Woman Fitness program that guarantees a smaller waist, thinner thighs and permanent weight loss all in the comfort of your own home

in only 27 minutes per workout

(some days even less!)

Busy women everywhere who swore they didn’t have enough time to workout are seeing incredible results in as little as

27 minutes per day with the

ALL NEW Busy Woman Fitness Workout/Nutrition program.

“This is it”, said Alyssa.  If this doesn’t work I’m going back on the Atkins Diet again.  But how can this possibly work?  No sixty minute cardio routines?  No gym membership?  No drastically cutting back on calories?

Not only that, but you’re telling me I can lose weight and get in great shape in as little as 27 minutes per day?

If you’re like Alyssa, and a bit skeptical, I understand.  But read on and discover how Alyssa and countless other busy women have followed my program and have gotten incredible results.

                                 But first, who am I and why should you listen to me? 


That’s where the ALL NEW Busy Woman Fitness program comes in.

Never before has there been such an easy to read and easy to follow workout program that actually guarantees you results.

I know what you’re thinking, “Why is this book/program different than any of the other programs out there?”  That’s a great question.  Here’s my answer.

First off, Busy Woman Fitness is not some overhyped, infomercial gimmick without a track record of proven results.  Just look at what some other busy women have had to say about it:

"I saw quick results and have lost 22 pounds in 2 months"

After 10 years of marriage and 4 kids, I never thought I would be the same size I was on my wedding day again!  The short and effective workouts in Kevin's book helped give me the motivation I needed and didn't take up too much time in my schedule.  I saw quick results and have lost 22 pounds in 2 months.  I've been able to fit the workouts easily into my schedule and now have more energy to keep up with my kids, my job, and everything else.  Thanks Kevin!

                                                                                                  Terri Spirito

                                                                                                  Hawthorne, NJ

What separates Busy Woman Fitness from all of the other programs is the storyline.  Before starting your 12 week program you’ll read a short story about Alyssa and how she went from following all of the popular weight loss myths (long, slow cardio, diet after diet, “traditional" gym workout routines, etc.) and getting no results to incorporating the Busy Woman Fitness Workout/Nutrition program into her life and getting incredible results.

I can guarantee you that you have never read a book about fitness and weight loss like this. Never before has so much crucial information about these 2 subjects been put down on paper in such a way. I would venture to guess that once you start reading you will not put it down until you're finished. And after reading it you will have all of the information that you need to successfully and permanently lose weight and look and feel better than you ever have. And then you start your 3 month workout program!

Prior to Alyssa incorporating Busy Woman Fitness into her life, here are some of the misconceptions she had about fitness/weight loss (maybe you have these as well).

•I don’t have time to workout. How often have you been told that you need to              spend an hour working out to get results? Discover how in just 27 minutes you                can get an incredible workout with great results that will have everyone asking                you, "What have you been doing, you look great!"

•Strength training will make me bulky. Women don't have enough                                 testosterone to bulk up. Actually, just the opposite will happen if you strength                   train. Just read Alyssa's story and find out how and why.

•I can’t workout at home – I don’t have the space nor the money to buy                 fancy exercise equipment. You will be pleasantly surprised, just as Alyssa                 was, that you will need very little equipment. Just 2 pieces to be exact (You will               also find out why it's actually better to workout at home as opposed to going to               the gym).

•My last diet didn’t work because I don’t have enough willpower.                            Willpower has nothing to do with it, as Alyssa learned. Find out why ALL diets                will not work and how you really should be eating for permanent weight loss. You            might be a bit surprised at what you find out.

•I get bored doing 45-60 minutes on the treadmill. And so does every other              woman who stays on the treadmill for that long. Learn why doing cardiovascular            exercise for that long might actually be preventing you from losing weight and                why doing less cardio will give you better results!

Not only are all of these untrue, but the sad thing is that they are preventing many women from working out.

I’m sure you’ve probably said at least one if not all of them to yourself at one time in your life, right?

And it’s no fault of your own.  You and the rest of the busy women out there have been so misinformed on what it really takes to lose weight and get in great shape.  How many infomercials have you seen touting the next best piece of equipment?  How many diets have claimed to be the answer to your weight loss problems?  And don’t even get me started on the weight loss pills!

Are these all just gimmicks?  Absolutely.  Do they work?  Absolutely not!  But these mega-companies have massive amounts of money to market their products with fancy commercials and bogus “scientific studies” that they make themselves seem legitimate.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

You see, I’ve been to countless seminars, I’ve seen hundreds of real life fitness experts speak and most importantly I’ve been in the trenches with women just like you and I’ve used the Busy Woman Fitness program with them and it flat out works.

I’ve also seen the other side of the fence.  I know women who take 60 minute aerobic classes and then jump on the treadmill for 30 minutes with nothing to show for in terms of fat loss. Is that you?

Are you also one of thousands of women who has starved yourself only to be let down once you’ve “blown” your diet?  And worst of all you still think it's your fault that you couldn't stay on the diet.  I’m here to tell you it wasn’t your fault---you've been "tricked" into thinking the diet works.

All diets are set up to have you lose weight initially.  That’s how they suck you in.  And once you lose a few pounds then they figure they’ve got you.

What they fail to tell you is that you will almost certainly not be able to sustain the diet and once you “blow” it you will gain all of your weight back and probably a few extra pounds as well.

I’ve also been to enough commercial gyms to see many women going through the “row” of machines and doing a traditional “bodybuilding” workout.  You know the routine:  chest press, shoulder press, leg press, bicep curl, back row, etc.  All of the exercises done sitting down.  A great routine for someone who has trouble standing.  A great routine for someone who doesn’t care about losing weight.  Not a great routine for a busy woman looking to burn as many calories as possible without using machines, using her whole body and doing it all in the comfort of her own home with very little equipment in under 30 minutes.

During your 12 week Busy Woman Fitness workout program you will be burning as many calories as possible for a 24 hour period.  Most women are always concerned with how many calories they are burning during their workout.  The Busy Woman Fitness program is concerned about how many calories you are burning during a 24 hour period as a result of your exercise program.

And that’s why there are no machines, no sitting around between exercises, no long, slow cardio.

Studies have shown and hundreds of women have proven that doing faster, more intense training programs using free weights resulted in much more calories being burned than if you did traditional “machine” based training.  The best point is the after effect of the above mentioned workout (up to 38 hours of burning calories once your workout is complete)


That’s right, 27 minutes (and you only need dumbbells and a stability ball!)

So, how much does a great program like this cost?  First let me tell you that I charge $80 for a one-on-one training session with me that generally lasts between 45 minutes to 1 hour (a lot of the time is spent "chatting". If this chatting was eliminated the workout could be done in.....27 minutes!).

But you won’t pay that.  In fact, you won’t even pay close to that.  Your one time cost is only $47.  Actually, that's what the price is going to be after my 3-day introductory offer. But since you are here now during the 3-day introductory period and you've read this far, you can take advantage of my introductory price offer and only pay a one time-fee of $37.

That is not an error---the incredibly low price of $37 is only good for April 1st, April 2nd and April 3rd. On April 4th the price goes up to $47.

*But that’s not all – to make this an even more irresistible offer check out the great bonuses you’ll be getting when you purchase today:


Bonus #1    Busy Woman Fitness Audio Link. This is a link to listen to the                entire Busy Woman Fitness book. Since you are busy and I know you might not even have the time to read the BWF book, I've included a link which will let you listen to the entire book right on your computer. Or better yet, simply burn it onto a CD and listen      to it in the car, while you work-out, relaxing on your couch, etc.

Bonus #2    Busy Woman Fitness Travel Workout Program. This is your workout program for when you go on the road for either a business trip or vacation. The workout program requires no weights, benches, balls, etc. All of the exercises are done with your bodyweight which makes it ideal for doing it right in your hotel room or at your beach house!

Bonus #3  Busy Woman Fitness Menu Chart. This a bunch of options as far as      what foods to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner (and in-between meals also). You also get sample menu ideas for each meal.

Bonus #4   Busy Woman Fitness Workout Sheets. This is your workout journal with all of the exercises and rest periods written down for you. All you need to do is fill in the weight and how many reps you’ve done.

*Just a little comment on the bonuses. There are many fitness e-books on the market that are loaded with bonuses, most of which don't even pertain to the product itself. I could have thrown in plenty of useless "bonuses" to make my product "appear" more valuable. But since I feel those extra bonuses would have taken away from you focusing on the Busy Woman Fitness program, I decided to just include ones that go along with and enhance your purchase of the Busy Woman Fitness e-book.

As you can see $37 is nothing when you compare it to the total value of the Busy Woman Fitness program and all of the great bonuses.

How confident am I that this program will deliver the results I say it will? 

Take a look at my guarantee:

Busy Woman Fitness also comes with an

8 Week-NO-RISK-100% Money Back Guarantee

             I've even taken all the risk off of you and put it entirely on me. If you are not 100% completely satisified with "Busy Woman Fitness" up until 8 Weeks, simply email me and ask for your money back. That's it, plain and simple. No hassles, no questions asked. I'm doing this for two reasons; I stand by my product 100% and I know that it contains incredible information. So in that sense I don't expect any returns. And the second reason is that I want you to be completely satisfied.

So what’s it going to be?  More yo-yo dieting, more excruciatingly boring 60 minute treadmill sessions, more “machine” workouts at the gym?  All with no results to show for?

Make the right decision today and get Busy Woman Fitness and all of the great bonuses.

Thanks for visiting,

Kevin Valluzzi B.S., ACSM


P.S. Once again, here’s everything you’ll get for only $37:

* Busy Woman Fitness e-book including 12 week exercise program.

* Busy Woman Fitness Audio version of e-book (this is an MP3 version of            the book that you will access by simply clicking onto a link and then                  listening on your computer. You can also very easily burn it onto a CD                and listen in your car, while you workout, etc.).

* Busy Woman Fitness Travel Workout Program. Take this workout  program      with you on the road when you travel for business or if you're on vacation.        No dumbbells, no balls, no bands, no benches, etc. The whole workout              program consists of just bodyweight exercises making it ideal to do right in      your hotel room or at your vacation home!

* Busy Woman Fitness Workout sheets with all of the exercises and rest                periods written down for you. All you need to do is fill in the weight and              how many reps you’ve done.

* Busy Woman Fitness Menu Chart with a bunch of options as far as what            foods to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner (and in-between meals also).          You also get sample menu ideas for each meal.

My name is Kevin Valluzzi, certified personal trainer,        author and fitness expert to countless busy woman             looking to lose weight, burn fat and maximize their time     doing so.

I came up with Busy Woman Fitness because I saw           how so many busy women were unhappy with their       bodies and their weight.  The frustrating thing is that           most women feel they don't have the time because they think they should be working out for an hour or even more.  And to be quite honest, many women are using outdated workout programs that aren't giving them results.



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