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* Charity Volunteer Success Book


There are hundreds of things you can do to make a tremendous
difference in your success of recruiting volunteers to your favourite
church group, school group charity or social club.



Hi, I am Nigel Tailyour,

I cover everything: planning, setting up, writing the letters and
emails - I even give you 18 FREE templates that really work. You can
use them too for recruiting, fundraising and so much more.

I have been doing this for several years, and have found several
tips in this book will make your recruiting even easier. It is just
like having a great fellow volunteer by your side!

How did I discover these strategies for filling charities with

During the first few years of my my volunteering I watched my
charity volunteers decline until the charity reached a "tipping point"
and unless we did something we would have to close - even if only for
a few days or hours.

It was frustrating to see the Directors put so much effort into
getting ready for a recruitment event, and spend an entire day
(unpaid) hoping that someone would show up and volunteer - and then
come home with only one half-hearted show of interest.

So I put my name forward as the "Volunteering volunteer". I said to
my Director that I would do the recruiting of new people into the

I said," It can't be THAT difficult!"

Now, I should just explain that I have 30 years experience running a
very successful company heading up sales and marketing. I thought that
it is only selling in a different way.

I am also a Fellow of the Institute of Sales and Marketing
Management. So I used some techniques that sales people use - but only
with poor results.

But I didn't give up. I persevered, trying new things, observing
what works, and applying the lessons I learned from ideas that did not

Through trial and error I gradually developed a more professional -
and far more successful - approach to filling our charity with
volunteers. We rose from 76 volunteers to over 120.

As I began to use and refine my new winning approach I experienced a
big increase in my information events, volunteering numbers, and the
volunteers that joined and stayed with the charity.


Here's one example of the results I'm getting by using the
strategies I share with you:

We were trying very hard to find people who could fill a role in an
emergency that sometimes gave them short notice. Our traditional
approach was to ask our retired volunteers, reasoning that they had
more time and less commitment than someone at work during the day, but
it was not working at all.

So we used a technique that I explain in the book and we started to
recruit people that lived only a few minutes away. In fact one
volunteer lives in the same street!

This meant that we now had some great people only a few houses from
the charity.


I didn't share this to boast, but to give you a concrete example
of the results I'm getting with the tips and techniques I detail for
you in my e-book.

I've tested and honed these strategies so that they really work.

Much of the information in this book has never been published
anywhere else before and I've held no secrets back - "Fill your
charity with volunteers" is your complete, 176-page, step-by-step
success guide to getting help for the work that you do.

You don't have to re-invent the wheel and go through the same
learning curve I did to find out what really works.

I've already done it for you.


What You'll Learn in This E-book:

Section 1 - The Quick Start

There is nothing better to motivate you than to see some quick
success at almost no money and so we begin with some easy to do

* Do not spend money on advertising

* Working with people who do not know you yet
* Giving Talks and
* Working with people you do know
* Getting them to help you out
* Getting them to STAY


Section 2 - Getting the word out there - cheaply

* Spreading the word at no cost or time
* Tips for using local places of Worship
* How to engage the passion of local students
* Using Freshers Week to bring in great students
* Student Magazines and websites for recruitment
* How to get on Student Radio around the country
* Getting the local Press to fill your charity - 5 ways to make
them write about you.
* Where to find FREE or Cheap Advertising - yes it IS out there


Section 3 -Moving into second gear - still not spending money

* Finding someone for a specific job such as a lawyer or accountant
* Public Libraries- and how to use them to recruit
* Local Radio and TV in your area to fill your charity
* Free newspapers and how I used them with success
* Txt to volunteer is as cheap as it gets
* Email to volunteer is even cheaper


Section 4 - now we are really moving - and seeing results

* Working with your existing volunteers so less work for you
* Social Event - using the Free Ticket Trick
* Your regular events put to good use
* Mystery Shopper to make your mailings really effective
* Rewarding your existing volunteers


Section 5 - Reap the rewards of your earlier work

* Here is what volunteers said put them off the charity - it makes
horrible reading - but put it to good use.
* There are 5 benefits of volunteering -tell your volunteers and
they will join.
* Ideas on how to show recognition for your volunteers - keep them
* Some easy selling that are very powerful
* There are only 3 reasons why anyone buys anything - when you know
the reasons you can use it as a powerful tool.
* What are the 5 reasons for them to join you?


Section 6 - some simple ideas that show that you understand your

* Your USP or Unique Selling Point?
* 4 Tips to know "What are you selling" to bring them in.
* There are only three reasons for volunteering - use this every
* What does Feel Felt Found mean and how it will DRAMATICALLY
increase your recruitment.
* More about keeping them motivated and keeping them!


Section 7 - Now you are ready to recruit your recruitment team to
follow you and give you a rest!

* 3 Easy ways to Prospect, Cultivate, and Ask
* 3 Easy ways to Prospect, Cultivate, and Ask at talks
* Use the Volunteering Week
* Breaking new boundaries

You'll also receive these 3 bonus resources that are essential to
your success:

Bonus No.1: The free Talent Card Templates.

These are proven to work and make your life so easy.

Even if you only use just ONE idea to boost your recruitment and
still pay almost nothing then THIS IS THE ONE IDEA.


Bonus No. 2: Response Checklist - an invaluable tool.

This huge master checklist includes more than everything you'll
ever need to make your whole recruitment campaign a fantastic success.

Pick and choose from this master checklist to create your own list
that you can print out each time you get ready for a public event or
your own internal event.

Stick to your list and you'll have everything with you that you
need to succeed!


Bonus No. 3: Success Timeline for Preparing for your Information

Just follow this timeline for every event you do, and you'll see a
definite improvement in the efficiency, simplicity, and success of
your recruiting.

For your convenience all three of these Bonus Resources are included
in the ebook.

Good preparation is a critical element of successful recruiting.

This timeline is an essential resource for making sure everything
gets done, that it's all done in the right order, and in plenty of
time before the event.

This schedule is one of the most important tools I use to prepare
for successful events.

It lists the items you need to take care of at each stage, with

To Do Lists s for:

* two weeks before the event
* one week before the event
* the day before you leave for the event
* while loading your vehicle for the event
* at home again after the event

* on an ongoing basis.


Learn how to fill your charity with volunteers for just US$32


Fill your charity with Volunteers

This ebook is loaded with proven strategies, tips, and years of
experience that you won't find anywhere else!

You can access " Fill your charity with Volunteers" for only US$32
about the same price you'd pay for a tiny local advertisement in a
newspaper that brings in NO RESULTS .

Immediately following payment you will be able to download your
eBook, and in just minutes you'll have access to the Fill your charity
with Volunteers

The eBook is created in Adobe Acrobat file format. (PDF file). If
you don't have the Adobe READER software for this file, you can
download and install it for free.

Download Adobe READER Now [1]

If all you do after reading this ebook is recruit ONE volunteer, you
will get your money's worth.

But I'm certain the information in this book will do a lot more than
that for you.

I think you'll be inspired by this guide - and that when you begin
using these strategies to fill your charity, you'll find it's the best
US$32 you will invest in your charity this year.

No-Questions-Asked Guarantee:

If For Any Reason You Don\'t Agree That This Is The Most Complete And
Useful Guide You\'ve Ever Received On The Subject Offinding Volunteers
For Almost No Money, Just Email Me Within 8 Weeks From Your Date Of
Purchase - And I\'ll Issue You A 100% Refund Immediately.

You Have 8 Full Weeks To Read And Apply Every Success Tip, Strategy,
And Secret I\'ve Discovered Over The Past Several Years Of Helping
Charities Recruit More People. If You\'re Not Completely Satisfied
With This Comprehensive Guide, Just Ask For (and Receive) An
Immediate, 100% Refund.

Download this ebook and start learning new success strategies,
tips, and secrets within minutes....

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Fill your charity with Volunteers [4]

This ebook is loaded with proven strategies, tips, and years of
experience that you won't find anywhere else!

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You Can Contact Me On +44 1491 575267 - +441 865 865 865 Or Write To

28 Valley Road, Henley On Thames, RG9 1RR - UK

- Or Email Me On Nigeltailyour@gmail.com


I wish you every joy and success with the great work that your
charity does.

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