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Dear Friend,

If you are concerned about having enough saved for your retirement, then this may very well be the most important letter you'll ever read.  There are many, many people that should be concerned but are doing nothing about it!

The first time that I retired, with lots of assets, I made several mistakes and soon found myself (and my wife) hard at work to recover.  Our formula worked and we have once again transitioned happily into retirement.  You can now learn from the expensive mistakes that I made!

My new book, called the Amazing Retirement Formula, is chock full of insights, plans and ideas that will show you:

    *  25 Retirement Nest Egg "Busters".  How many of these do you recognize?

    *  How to Plan Your Dream Lifestyle with your spouse and get it down in writing

    *  How to determine your tolerance for Risk

    *  How to turn today's expenses into a valuable part of your retirement fund

    *  What your broker does not want you to know

    *  Low Risk/Low Fee/High Return investment strategies

    *  Learn about asset allocation, diversification and rebalancing

    *  Learn about low cost & fun sources of extra retirement income

    *  One question to ask your financial planner to see if he/she is your friend

    *  How to provide for your spouse and leave a legacy to your heirs

The Amazing Retirement Formula covers these issues and many more in an easy to read electronic book.  You can even have the book in the next few minutes!

Thank you for writing this book!  I have read it twice and so has my wife.  It is so straightforward and easy to read compared to all of the other retirement books that make your eyes glaze over.  Your experiences are invaluable and we are on our way to living out our dreams.  Thanks again

Mike Holder - Alabaster, AL


Do you Have These Symptoms of "Retirement Crunch"?

    *  Devastated -" I've lost my dream of a happy retirement"

    *  Hopeless - "I don't know what to do!"

    *  Pessimistic -  "Nothing will help at this point except winning the lottery!"

    *  Angry - "My job went away and my retirement hopes with it!"

    *  Afraid - "I don't think my wife and I can live on Social Security!"

Recent U.S. Census bureau statistics show that 62% of those turning age 50 in 2007 have less than $25,000 in net assets.   There are valid reasons for many people to be emotional about retirement.  The Amazing Retirement Formula will separate the factual issues from the emotional ones and help you to understand where you are and how to transform your situation.

Thank you for the excellent book.  I wanted to let you know that we are guilty of more than 15 of your Retirement Busters, but we now have a plan in place to correct them.  It might take us a while, but we are on our way!  Thanks again.

Tom Wehby, Cincinnati, OH

Designing Your Dream Retirement Lifestyle

Many people are told that "You'll need 70% of your current income to live in retirement"  How could they possibly know that without knowing where and how you plan on living in your retirement years?  The truth is that they cannot.  

In order to be able to plan a Performa retirement budget, you must first plan your lifestyle and answer, with your spouse, some key questions.  

The Amazing Retirement Formula will lead you through the process of planning your lifestyle, estimating your cost of living for that lifestyle and then looking at your projected retirement income sources.

There are many options open to you, once you get all of the cards on the table.  The book will lead you through the "Rinse and Repeat" process to match up your projected income versus the "Outgo" of your plan and will show you several alternatives to make things work out for you!

You will find this to be a step by step process and you will enjoy its readability and simplicity.

You won't have to be a CPA to figure it out.  I am not an attorney, CPA or planner, just an everyday guy who has actually experienced retirement himself.  I'm convinced that you will benefit from my experiences.

This book will change the way you look at the future!

Beat the Learning Curve and Save Yourself Time

Discover the strategies and techniques successful retirees use - the ones that are designed to give you what you want - a fantastic retirement without financial worries.

You get simple and effective ideas to build a bridge to the future

They aren't theoretical; they really work.

This means you're not wasting your time just hoping that everything will magically come together for you.  All of these tips have been successfully used by me and others and are designed to give you the positive results that you want.

Many financial planners will charge $80 to $120 per hour-long session to give you planning advice.  And, you will usually need to get together with him/her at least six to eight times to get similar recommendations that you will get in this book.

That would cost you at least $480 and tie up your time for weeks!

Amazing Retirement Formula is normally yours for $49.

But today you're in luck because we are having a sale!

For a limited time, we're reducing the price from $49 to ONLY $37 to download the book immediately!

Considering the High Cost of Being Unprepared For Retirement, This is a Bargain!

This is less than what you would pay for 30 minutes of financial planning.  Because the book is instantly downloadable, you can have it in your hands in minutes at any time, day or night, without leaving your home.

You'll be getting the secrets that have literally changed the lives of countless couples who had a 'going nowhere' future.  Like you, they didn't know how they were going to handle the "Retirement Crunch".

You deserve to be happy and to have a satisfying retirement.  All you need is the right information and the willingness to use it.

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God Bless You!

Don Seibert

P. S.  Remember, your Retirement plan will dramatically improve if you make an honest effort to apply my simple suggestions or YOUR MONEY BACK anytime up to 8 weeks after your investment in the Amazing Retirement Formula - GUARANTEED!

Every technique and idea in the book is a proven winner - a strategy that I've used successfully in real life situations with many retirees for many years.  They are the same strategies that I use every day in my personal retirement and on my on line website to help countless others achieve their retirement lifestyles,

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OK, Don!

You inspire me to trust you for the next 60 days with my faith in your book.  I'm willing to try your suggestions with the understanding that is I fail to:

   *   Learn How to design my dream retirement lifestyle

   *   Learn about Retirement Nest Egg Busters

   *   Learn How to ensure my retirement finances

I will have every right to demand my money back anytime up to 60 days after making an honest effort to follow your tips if they don't deliver amazing results.

I am willing to get the Amazing Retirement Formula based on your IRONCLAD GUARANTEE of my money back if the prospects for my retirement do not improve as a result.

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