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Are you tired of being a "struggling" small business owner?

"All You Need Is Our Step-By-Step Business Building Process To Skyrocket Your Business!"

Bizology.Biz --"the science of building thriving businesses"

From: Donna Price
Re: Bizology.Biz

Dear Colleague,

Are you a small business owner wondering why you went into business, how you are going to make it and when?

Why Do Small Business Owners
Struggle to Make it?
They started their business because they were passionate about the product or service but didn't know the ins and outs of running a business.
2. They failed to create a focused plan and get off track and distracted by the day to day operations. 3. They spend most of their time in "worker bee" mode and not as the CEO or Business Owner focused on building the business for the long term. 4. They spend their valuable time putting out "fires". 5. They market their business in a haphazard way without a clear plan and without a means of tracking what they are doing.
With these challenges, how on earth can you succeed?

Bizology.Biz gives you the STRONG foundation your business needs in the three critical areas: Strategy, Operations & Marketing


Donna Price’s impact on Jennie Traill Schaeffer’s business. I am a local artist who met Donna through ISBOG, a local networking group. Donna has nurtured a relationship with me to a point where she has devised a mentorship program for artists with my help. Currently I am working with Renie Garlick, another local artist, in developing our business visions and marketing plans. Being so early in the program, I can’t find any specific measurable growth in my business. However, I do see that my direction is getting more focused and I’m becoming more aware of where I want to be and how to get there. Donna’s approach is very encouraging and rewarding. She is non-judgmental and has an excellent method of gently moving you toward more concrete ideas. I am certain that at the end of our four months together, I will have achieved goals that were simply dreams.
Jennie Traill Schaefer http://www.traillworks.com

Bizology.Biz is all about results.  Helping you put all of the pieces together that your business needs in order to thrive.  We give you a simple format for focusing your time and energy each week on growing your business, building your business effectiveness and succeeding.  Some of the things you will realize are:
Increase in the number of goals you achieve because you will have a focused vision of your business and a clear and compelling plan
2. New Clients and Customers because you will have a comprehensive strategy for generating leads and you will know what to do with them once you have the lead.  The cards WILL NOT sit in a box! 3. A Highly Effective Plan for Following Up with EACH Lead and Converting Leads to Clients/Customers 4. A more efficient and smoothly operating business that impresses your clients and your customers because you took the time to develop your operating system and it gives your business the refinement it needs to operate smoothly and efficiently 5. Action Plans that You Can Follow 6. Marketing Actions that Take Your Business To New Levels

Having Donna for a Coach has helped my organization, the Holistic Mentorship Network, grow exponentially with a tenacious spirit to keep my eye on my “Vision’ and my core values intact. It has contributed to my personal growth in both my confidence and self value, and has been my “paridigm to “ see that I am way more than enough”, and to shift that paradigm by taking the plunge to “Lead by example”.

Linda Mitchell http://www.holisticmentorshipnetwork.com

Bizology.Biz gives you incredible lessons each week that are enough and not too much. We work on the three critical pillars of your business:


Pillar #1: Vision & Strategy
Pillar #2: Implementation
Pillar #3: Marketing
Pillar #4: Operations  

Vision & Strategy (I have found in all my work with clients that this is the best place to start.  What is the vision of the future?) Strategy (I will guide you through putting together a simple to use strategic plan for your business.  This gives you a clear framework to work from)

Implementation (This is where so many small businesses fall short.  Great ideas, great plans and lack of follow through. You will learn ways to make sure you are following through on your plan)
  Marketing (We will cover many marketing areas and in each area you will create your business strategy)  Some of these topics include:How to generate leads for your business How to put together an effective follow-up system so that those leads convert to business How to create an effective web presence and what that presence should be How to set up your own newsletter How to build yourself as an expert How to use articles and press releases (how to write press releases and building a press release calendar for your business) What to do with articles and press releases that you write How to set up a customer appreciation program that keeps your customers coming back AND sending you more business! and more....

Operations (I will give you templates for building effective systems within your business) Each business needs to have it's own unique way of doing business. It is part of your brand, part of who you are.  By creating operational systems you document that part of your business.  This in itself makes your business more valuable.  Even if you are a one person show you need to have operational systems.

The Bonus Pillar: What we are all working for--
Life/Work Balance (Do you have good life/work balance?  We will work to improve that balance with you.  By building a business that is thriving, that has good systems in place it becomes easier to attain the life/work balance piece)

Is your business standing on a strong foundation with massive pillars supporting it?  If not then you need Bizology.Biz.

Bizology.Biz helps you produce results fast.  The membership is short term-- 4 months.  We deliver to your mail box weekly lessons that contain your business building strategies for the week.  We have put coaching tools into an easy to use membership.  Everything contained in Bizology.Biz is information that I have used with clients and in my own business.  It is more than information -- it's an action plan, that you customize to meet your needs.  And, it's delivered to you each week to keep you on track and moving forward.

Weekly Lessons in PDF Format with Audio (most weeks) delivered to you via email.
Each week you will receive a lesson that is to the point, short and gets you moving on your business.  Each lesson includes action plan, resources and worksheets for you to use in your business.  The focus of the lessons is to move your business forward, to accelerate your success. At least 3 lessons per month include an audio guide as well.  It's like having me right there with you.  The audio guide IS NOT me reading the lesson.  It is me talking with you about the lesson.

2 Each Lesson Includes An Assignment To Complete and Action Plan
The lessons include assignments.  They aren't magic pills, you have to do some work, but they guide you through the work.
The Lessons Build As You Go.
The lessons all build on each other across the four pillars.  You don't have to use each lesson, but each lesson will be valuable for you.

The Program Gives You The Tools To Succeed Long-Term.
The program is focused on your business succeeding and thriving, despite a weak economy.   I give you tools and resources you can use in your business.  I also will be including additional bonus lessons, reports and tools throughout the program.  Don't miss out on these.

5 Helps You Make Real Progress Because You Are Working On Your Business Consistently Each Week.
Part of what makes this program so successful for you is that you are receiving lessons each week.  You are working on your business in meaningful chunks and not trying to get everything done NOW.  That's what gets overwhelming.  And then, once you are overwhelmed you stop the work.  This program gives you the information bit by bit, guides you through action and then gives you the next bit.  There is no need to be overwhelmed. 6 Gives You Strategies To Create More Time, More Money, More Balance in YOUR life.
I don't know about you but this is one of the main reasons that I went into business.  I was tired of the long hours of my JOB and the lack of freedom.  In my own business it has taken alot of work to get to the point that I have freedom, but I have always had more flexibility and control.  The goal of Bizology.Biz is to give you the tools to that freedom, time, abundance so that your business is fun.
Each weekly lesson is designed to be "to the point" and immediately actionable.

Here's an example of some of what is included in Lesson #1:

Lesson #1 -
You'll learn why having a clear vision, written down is important.

You'll learn how to create a compelling vision story that motivates and inspires you and keeps you on track.

You'll learn what to do with your vision once you have completed it.
  Your action plan will get you moving into the future of your business -- a more successful future....

A workshop overwhelms you with information that you can't and won't use.  Bizology.Biz gives you relevant tools and techniques that you can put to use with a little bit of effort.  With live mentoring and coaching you will be able to make changes in your business results. Each month you will have live access to me, to ask questions, get feedback and hear other people's stories and successes!  These calls are incredible as they really motivate, inspire and give you more content with more ideas.
This program was designed to provide you with vital business operating information in easy to use lessons that give you action plans each week to move your business to greater success. I pulled all of the learning I have done together into these lessons.  We start with a Quick Start in weeks one and two and get you moving fast.  The lessons aren't too much, but just the right amount of work.
Investing in you and your business:

Bizology.Biz is priced for the small business owner, to be affordable, so much so that you will wonder "what kind of quality could this program be at such a low price?"

Here's how much it costs and why it's worth so much more.

Membership is limited to 300 people and Charter Memberships offered right now are limited to the first 100 members.

Your Money Will Be Returned By Clickbank At The Click Of A Mouse Button If You're Unhappy

Listen, here's the deal: I am selling these memberships through Clickbank, which means I have to play by their rules, which is no problem because I usually offer a guarantee anyway! Their rules state that I've got to offer you an 8-week, money back guarantee. I'm fine with that. I stand behind my materials completely and know you'll be completely thrilled with the content and, more importantly, the results.

However, for your peace of mind, know that a refund is available anytime for the next 8 weeks by simply emailing me or Clickbank if you are dissatisfied for any reason.

The value is unbelievable:

Weekly lessons with 20-40 minute audio programs and a monthly live coaching call
(even the audios aren't too long and cumbersome)
Since we are in BETA I am launching at: $34 per month for the first 100 people. Once we reach 100 the price will go up to $47 or $57 or.... 

Since it is BETA I have a couple of additional bonuses for you:

I am requesting each BETA member to provide an evaluation of the program at the end of the 4 months.  As I develop additional lessons you will have the chance to stay as a charter member at the $34 per month.  The regular membership rate right now is planned for $47, $57 or $67 per month.  I haven't totally decided yet.  With that evaluation, if you provide a testimonial you will receive a link from my site to yours.  Now you might be thinking, yeah that just helps you, but actually, it helps you too.  Links to your site help your site.  It's all in the program.  Learn more about it. 

Join at the BETA level -- be a Charter Member.

What will be the value to you?
If you add one client have you paid for the program?
It's less than the cost of a new TV!! Actually, it's about the cost of two cups of GOOD coffee per week. And, this program will help you make more money!

We will talk about pricing in the program.  It is definitely one of the biggest challenges out there AND, you will learn that this program is WAY UNDER priced.  Jump in now.  I want to get it off the ground with a great group of people and then go back and figure out what the pricing should be.  Based on all that you will be receiving -- it could be in the hundreds of dollars per month, but right now, that's not what it is.  I want you to feel you can add this great value program and it's not going to hurt your budget or bottom line to do it.  In fact, if you download each lesson, listen to each lesson and do the action plan I know you will see changes in your business.  It might be just one action that makes a significant difference for your business.  What is the value of a new client?  What if they become a regular client?  What is their long term value to you? Have you paid for the program? I bet, if your business is like mine, then one new regular client more than pays for this.

Special Time Released Bonuses!

Time released bonuses are bonuses that arrive throughout the program.
 They are sent to you in conjunction with corresponding lessons and work.
1 Bizololgy.Biz Special Report: 101 Great Tips for Success: In this special report you will receive incredible information for staying focused, moving your business forward and accelerating your success.  We even have tips on how to use the information so it's not just some other special report.  $47 2 Bizology.Biz Special Report: Press Releases: Making Them Work in Your Business
We all we know we should do press releases regularly.  In the Bizology.Biz program you are going to learn how to put together a press release AND how to develop your customized PR calendar.  This 60+ page report gives you additional in depth insight into press releases and their value in your business.  I see my business grow with each press release we do. $67 3 Bizology.Biz Special Report: Working Headlines: Secrets and Tips to Writing a Compelling Headline You know that headlines affect you but do you know how to write a headline that draws people in, gets them interested and involved?  This special report outlines different types of headlines, how to put together an effective headline and how it compels action. $47 4 Special Tele-Class Recording with Terri Levine.   Terri Levine is the founder and President of the Coach Institute, The Abundant Living Institute and Comprehensive Coaching U.  She is recording a special class with me on selling based on her excellent program: "Selling without Selling". $97 5 Bizology.Biz Special Report: Time Management: Creating Gold Time in Your Life Couldn't you use more time.  I know that I could.  This special report helps you put gold time back into your life. What is gold time?  It is the time focused on building your business, balancing your life and creating more time for play. Golden 6 Bizology.Biz Special Report: 101 Incredible Money Saving Tips These are tips for you, your family and your business.  Just good ideas that are easy to put to good use. $17 Yes! There will probably be a few more time released bonuses that get added along the way!  So far the value of the bonuses is greater than that the total cost of the membership. $275 + Gold Time


Don't miss the Charter Membership.  It is limited to the first 100 members and there are a total of 300 memberships.

Yes, ... I want to order now.
I want to be a Charter Member!!
at $34 per month for 4 months

[ ](http://1.compassros.pay.clickbank.net)

(Even if it's 2:00 AM on a Saturday)

You will receive...your first lesson after you check out and register for the program.  It's an easy 3 step process:

click the link above and go to the order form

complete the order

register to start receiving your lessons (don't miss this step or there will be a delay in your receipt of lessons and I don't want that to happen!)

You will be billed $34 today and then $34 each month for 3 additional months.

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When you spend time each week working ON your business instead of In your business you are working in GOLD TIME.  To grow your business you have to work on it and not just in it.  To create a thriving business you have to build a strong foundation that is supported by foundational pillars of success.  Focused energy on vision & strategy, marketing, operations & life/work balance will propel your business to new levels.


All the best,
Donna Price

P.S. The content of this program is comprehensive and incredible.  If you follow the lessons, action plans and implement -- you will see results in your business.  It will become more profitable, with smoother operations, more valuable and more fun for you!  You will have greater sense of success and accomplishment and you will have more time in your life.

Weekly Lessons - Each week you will receive your lesson. The lessons are typically between 5 and 10 pages.

PDF Lesson & Workbook - Each lesson is outlined in a short PDF document, usually less than 10 pages, with spaces for you to do the work. Worksheets you can use.

Audio Lesson - At least 3 lessons each month are accompanied by an audio supplement. I mentor you through the lesson, give you additional ideas and resources. The lesson isn't just read to you. It's a mentoring audio that will get you thinking about your business.

Assessments, Inventories, Templates - Each month you will also receive additional resources such as templates to use in your own business, personal development assessments and other resources.

Resource Lists - At least monthly you will receive a resource list that outlines good sources, businesses or people for you to go to for your business

LIVE Monthly Coaching Call - Each month there will be a live coaching call where you can call in and ask your questions, get on the hot seat and receive live coaching or listen and learn from others on the call.

Other Goodies - I have many, many other things I will share with you, free reports, etc.



What will you get out of this membership?a clear and compelling business strategy a marketing strategy operational strategy
What on earth does all of that mean?

Smoother, Easier Operating Business that you are enjoying, having fun with and the results just keep improving!  That sounds just like every other sales letter.  Let me tell you that this course is real.  It's not a bunch of Internet Marketing Hype.  We are going to work on real aspects of your business.  Throughout the program you will be evaluating your business against your vision of success.  As a result you will be able to craft an effective plan.  The best part of the program is that with the weekly lessons you don't fall behind, you don't feel overwhelmed.  It comes in reasonable pieces 

P.S. Remember, I am limiting Charter Membership to the first 100 members.  Charter Members will receive the introductory rate of $34 per month, quarterly bonuses AND special member's calls.



Don't miss the Charter Membership.  It is limited to the first 100 members and there are a total of 300 memberships.

Yes, ... I want to order now.
I want to be a Charter Member!!
at $34 per month for 4 months.

[ ](http://1.compassros.pay.clickbank.net)

(Even if it's 2:00 AM on a Saturday)

You will receive...your first lesson after you check out and register for the program.  It's an easy 3 step process:

click the link above and go to the order form

complete the order

register to start receiving your lessons (don't miss this step or there will be a delay in your receipt of lessons and I don't want that to happen!)

You will be billed $34 today and then $34 each month for 3 additional months.

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Charter Memberships are limited to the first 100 subscribers.  Charter Members will lock in their membership at $34 per month.  Membership rates will increase to $47, $57 or... per month within a few days or possibly a week or two. We totally expect our memberships to sell quickly and want you to be one of the Charter Members Club.   Copyright

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