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Are You Addicted or Know Someone
Who is Addicted to Alcohol or Drugs?

Is the Addiction Out of Control?

Here are a few facts that you should know about
drug  addiction and the addicted that just may save
your life or the life of a loved one.
The first stage of drug addiction is to develop a
personal relationship with their drug of choice.

The second stage involves courtship, where the
addicted person falls in love with the drug.

The third and final stage is marriage. At this point the
drug addicted person is married to their addiction and
is now inseperable.

The danger of any addiction is to be in denial of it

I was personally addicted to crack-cocaine for a total of 12
years. For me it was the most difficult time of my life. I tried
everything to break the chains that held me hostage to my
addiction, but nothing worked.

I successfully completed a rehabilitation course with Norcotics
Anonymous (NA) and within one week of my graduation I was
once again smoking crack.

The drug had completely ruined my life. I lost everything that I
esteemed to be of any value to me. My two houses, my
automobiles, my family suddenly became the property of

The way of escape for me came by way of spiritual help. I was
instantly delivered of my addiction and have maintained my
sobriety for the past 13 years.

My name is Eric Dunbar and I have written the e-Book, "The
Face of a Demon." to help those who would like to experience
freedom from their addiction, whatever it may be... You can

The Face of a Demon is a self help book based on real life
occurences and if you work the principles outlined in this book
you too, can experience freedom from addiction.
     It's 8:30 p.m. in Any City, USA. While most hard working Americans
are settling in for a quiet evening with their families, neighborhood
streets are coming alive with action. On almost every corner prostitutes
solicit their bodies to anyone looking for sex. Less than six blocks away
a young man lies unconscious in the streets. He is another victim of a
drug deal gone sour. He is suffering from a gunshot wound to the head.
    One mile away at the area hospital a young girl in labor sits in an
emergency waiting room. She cries out in agony, hoping that her
screams will somehow relieve her pain. She has no family and is all
alone in her crisis. As the nurses prepare her for childbirth she can't
help but wonder if her expected baby will be born in good health.
Addicted to crack-cocaine, she gives birth to a beautiful eight pound,
six ounce, baby boy. Born with an addiction to crack-cocaine, four
days later he is diagnosed as a "crack baby."
     On the other side of town what once was a happy family is now in
disarray. Viewed as a model family by all of their friends, Jim and
Angela have been happily married for more than fifteen years. There
was once a time when Jim brought everything he earned home to his
beautiful wife Angela and their three children. They regularly went on
family outings and their lives were full of bliss. Now Jim steals
everything that is not under lock and key away from his family to
supply his increasing drug habit. His family is destroyed.
     Three houses down there has been a violent altercation.  Nick and
Lisa have been living together for five years and plan to be married
soon. They have a two-year-old son Kenrico, who has asthma. As a
result, all of their extra money, which isn't much to begin with, must go
towards his medication. An argument arising from a disagreement over
a twenty-dollar bill has turned deadly. Kenrico needs the money for
medicine and Nick wants it to buy drugs. Nick and Lisa argue and in
the heat of anger Nick shoots his girlfriend Lisa because she would not
give him the money. Lisa dies while Kenrico looks on. His father Nick is
convicted and sentenced to life in prison. With his mother dead and his
father incarcerated, and with no other living family members, Kenrico is
forced to spend his childhood life as an orphan in a state facility.
      These are not scenes from a movie. They are real life
occurrences that are happening across America daily. Outside of what
is reported by the news media, people who live sheltered lives have no
idea that real people like you and me with friends, family, and feelings,
actually live and die this way.
     This is my story. It is a true story about drug addiction, its victims,
and the living entity that controls the lives of millions of people. I know
that this entity is real because I have seen his face. I was in a
relationship with him for several years and now I understand the way
he operates. I know that he sets up relationships in much the same
way as we do.
     The first step to the beginning of a life of misery is the
acquaintance. A one on one relationship, which leads to courtship, and
finally the marriage, follows this. In any type of relationship with the
drug demon your freedom of choice is non-existent. The drug demon
takes complete control and he alone sets the agreement and
standards of the marriage.
     In America most marriages are based on Christian morals and
values. Therefore, as a whole we view marriage as a life long
commitment, a commitment that is binding until one partner dies. In a
marriage with the drug demon, only one partner ever dies, and you're
that partner!
     This book is designed to help those who are seriously pursuing
freedom from this demon. I have concluded that he is a relentless
enemy, but he can be overcome. However, he can only be overcome
provided there is knowledge of his strategies. I consider myself
fortunate to have lived with him and remain alive with my sanity still
intact, and also to be afforded the privilege of telling my story of how I
escaped his prison camp.
     If you or someone you know is addicted to drugs, the knowledge
contained in this book will certainly be of value in the quest for
freedom. For those who have lost loved ones to this enemy there is
hope and comfort in these pages.
The Face of a Demon
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251 Pages
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